Do the Sikhs not have a right to defend their religious places in India and their distinct identity?
Muslims hoodlums attacked Gurudwara at Kishanbagh in Hyderabad on provocation by local MP Asauddin Owaisi but rule of Jungle raj applied and 23 Sikh were arrested, some other are absconding in fear of Andhra Police. What the SGPC and DSGMC in doing in this regard or what Akal Takhat did is a mystery. I am aware of the letter sent by DSGMC to Andhra govt but whether a team was sent?
The DSGMC leadership should follow up the case and provide legal help to arrested/alleged Sikh youths who defended their religious place, Gurudwara fromm attacking Muslim youths. Why Andhra police booked Sikh youths? Is it not under influence of this communal Owaisi who is not arrested despite his provocation and hatred speech?
RSS active member Gajanan Krishna Maharaj is responsible for the killing of innocent Muslims in Hyderabad.
Butwe have the evidence that a Hindu Gajanan Krishan Maharaj, an activist of Hindu fanatic irg RSS was seen shooting and killing Muslim youths. That means it was a preplan by RSS to provoke Sikhs against muslims and disturb peace and harmony between two peace loving community.
Kindly see the evidence;————— 23 arrested for Kishanbagh violence
Hyderabad, May 15: The Rajendranagar police on Thursday arrested 23 persons for their alleged involvement in the communal violence in Kishanbagh area on Wednesday. The police had registered five separate cases for unlawful assembly, rioting, attempt to murder, Arms Act and other relevant sections.
Rajendra nagar inspector Kushalkar told INN that two cases have been booked in connection with the police firing. However, he clarified that the cases were not against the police officials, but against those who pelted stones and indulged in violence that led to the police firing. He said that the Magisterial Enquiry ordered by Governor ESL Narasimhan would deal with the role played by the officials in police firing which killed three people and injured seven others. Speaking to media persons late on Thursday evening, Cyberabad Commissioner CV Anand informed that 23 accused have been identified and arrested.
“The accused have formed into an unlawful assembly and in order to provoke religious hatred towards other community, they attacked the local residents, their houses and properties and caused severe injuries and damage to property. They also tried to terrorize the members of other community,” he said.
Are these hoodlums Sikhs who are pelting stones?
Or these who are defending their Gurudwara behind security forces?
And see in above two pictures whether Sikh youths pelted stones or the Muslims? Whether Sikhs are not seen behind security personal defending their religious Gurudwara from attacking Muslims or were they defaulters? If not then why were they arrested? Why no legal action is taken against Muslim leader Owaissi who provoked Muslim youths by his hatred speech.
Anand said that some more victims have to come forward to lodge the complaints. He said special teams have been formed to arrest the absconding accused at the earliest.
The accused who were arrested on Thursday are: Dayal Singh (54), Nanak Singh (41), Jaswanth Singh (64), Charan Singh (41), Maninder Singh (17), Havinder Singh (18), Hari Dayal Singh (24), Tharanjith Singh (21), Sukbinder Singh (23), Sathpal Singh (25), Jithender Singh (25), Manpreeth Singh (27), Govind Singh (16), Ranjith Singh (14), Gurmith Singh (15), Devender Singh (28), Maninder Singh (15), Rajbeer Singh (28), Ranjith Singh (28), Narendra Singh, Bachan Singh (50), Babun Singh (32) and Haribajan Singh (16).
All are residents of Sikh Chavni. They have been remanded to judicial custody.Anand also informed the curfew in Rajendranagar PS limits has been extended till 10 AM on May 17. He said the situation was completely under control. According to sources, the BSF have fired 100 rounds on the crowd on Wednesday.
Although the Governor has ordered a Magisterial Enquiry, the senior officials are reportedly trying to find out as to who went overboard and resorted to open firing which claimed three lives. Further, the case is being investigated from various aspects including the larger conspiracy theory.
About two days prior to this violence, some unidentified persons have allegedly placed beef near a temple to incite communal hatred among Hindus and Muslims. Investigations by the police revealed that this was done by one of accused named in Wednesday’s violence. The police are yet to register a separate case in this regard.
 Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


  1. jaswant kaur dhillon Says:

    very bad situation,needs serious thought to be given by Govt.and ‘sarb-dharm’organisations.

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