June 1984, Light of Truth – 09.


Demolished Akal Takhat by Tanks in June 1984.

Now the Generals were sweating as their all strategies were failed. The fight which they imagined to be finished within half an hour had been continued for 72 hrs. and not stopped. Leave the humiliation or defeat, the casuality army suffered was very heavy. The Generals had assured Indira to capture Akal takhat within half an hour but their was no end to it.  Therefore the Generals now sent a request to use heavy armor and artillery to attack, than  in the wee hors on 6th june, the permission to use tanks was given. As per reports given by Mark Tuli (BBC correspondent) there were only 14 Sikhs in the Akal Takhat at that time but the infantry had been so frustrated and weak that they surrendered. It was not possible for them to continue fight with these last 14 valiant Sikh youths.  Therefore in the end these Generals of Indian army took the decision to use the Tanks to get control on Akal Takhat. They fired 80 shells on Akal Takhat and demolished this highest temporal seat of Sikh religion and blew it off this sacred historical building. All the brave 14 Sikh youths thus martyred.

All the world was stunned on this tyranny. There were tears in eyes of Sikhs but not flowing, dried due to disgust, unbelievable on demolition of Akal Takhat. It seemed as there was no blood in veins of Sikhs. They were just amazed, had no words to condemn. If it had been in their hands, they would have formed their own nation on that day. Sikhs all over the world were very angry upon Indian army, Indira Gandhi and They had fired 80 shells on Akal Takhat and destroyed this highest temporal seat of Sikh religion and blew it off this sacred building. All the brave 14 Sikh youths thus martyred.


The Helicopters and planes of Army and Air force were also used for s the DIVERS FROM THE INDIAN NAVY . This battle was at PAR WITH THE BATTLE OF CHAMKOR fought under command of 10th Guru Gobind Singh ji with his 40 followers against mighty one million strong army of Moguls.

Then in disgust and anger, Sikh nation took a sad decision.

Now it was the turn of Indira Gandhi whose end was finalized by the Sikh martials.

Before this attack, Sikhs were also a part of Indian army. In both the previous world wars, they fought in Italy, France, Malayaisa, Africa, Burma etc (In whole of Europe, middle east and south Asian countries) and proved their valor. Even now memorials are built in these nations to commemorate their memories. 83005 Sikhs were martyred and more than one hundred thousand got wounded.

There was a majority of Sikh soldiers and officers in Indian National Army (INA), they formed 60% of INA.

The contribution of Sikhs in India’s freedom struggle can not be ignored. Hindus may form majority in this nation but their own contribution in it’s freedom struggle was very low, almost outnumbered, this is a bitter truth which was also accepted by the ruling Congress party published in it’s magazine. This was published by Maulana Abul Kalaam Azad. (Book source: “History of Indian National Congress” )

Kindly see the figures provided by him as follows;

Punishment Suffered 




Imprisoned for life (KALA PANI)   


Killed at Jalianwala Bagh  


Killed at Budge Budge Ghat 


Killed in Kooka Movement

91…………. NIL…………..91

Killed in Akali Movement 


Grand Total  

3697………   1074……..4771


 By:- Ajmer Singh Randhawa                                     


Being a part of Indian army, the Indian army could never realize the valor of Sikhs. It never had any opportunity to face might of Sikhs before operation blue star in 1984. The enemies of this nation have faced and penned down the valor of Sikhs in their own words in books.


Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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