June 1984, Light of Truth – 10.


          Punjab govt. had issued a circular soon after India got independence in 1947, (circular was issued in October 1947) with the consent of trio—the Jawahar Lal Nehru, Gopi Chand Bhargava Chief minister of Punjab and Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel the Home Minister of India and declared Sikhs as with criminals history (Jarayampesha) and district Magistrates of Punjab were ordered to deal with Sikhs strictly. This needs to be remembered that just a couple of weeks before Sikhs were compelled to leave their fertilized lands and flourished businesses, their homes, their movable and immovable properties in west Punjab due to partition of India. Nearly Ten hundred thousands were killed out of total population of 350 million of India. These rich people were made penniless and homeless, starving of hunger but instead of any help, these homeless, migrated Indians were called Refuzee and then criminals. It was a great humiliation to whole community which had contributed a largest share in India’s freedom being one percent of total population, their contribution was 93%. All this described in detail further in this book.

Now the daughter of this Prime Minister Nehru—the Indira Gandhi (who was also sworn in as PM of India) has expressed her enmity and hate with Sikhs in these words. According to these words…. “whole of Amritsar are destroyed but …” means without any concrete evidence against Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala, she wanted to kill this holy saint and for that purpose she could destroy whole holy city which is the center of Sikh religion, it’s base, where Sikh gurus preached the religion, where Sikh Gurus spread message of equality and love to all human race without any discrimination of caste, religion, race, creed or gender?

By having bias thoughts to destroy this holy city, either this lady was a crook or mental or she couldn’t hide her enmity and hate with Sikhs. To destroy whole city of Amritsar meant to eliminate Sikhs then before she could repeat any such drastic act in future, it was better to get rid of this mad woman to save their religion and nation and then Sikhs took an unpleasant decision to kill her —-no doubt , they took a timely correct decision.

The other most famous personality of Congress known as Father of nation —- Mohan das Karamchand Gandhi had also taken to save Muslims in Calcutta at the cost of lives of Hindus of this nation, see this historical evidence;

Before this Mahatma Gandhi had spoken the similar words in favor of Muslims in 1947 …….written by Richard Beniar “(with courtesy from The Gandhi nobody knows, March 1983, commentarymagazine.com —— I shall be not amazed if whole of Calcutta sinks in blood, for me it will be like offering the blood of innocents by myself ——— see even then …. This man is called Mahatma.”

Through this we get a glimpse of  Indira Gandhi’s stubborn nature, but she was also a figure among ciphers. It was revealed by none other then by President of Bhartiya Janta Party in his book, ‘ My country my life’ as…. “He persuaded Indira to attack on Golden temple”


Sant Ji never ordered murder of any innocent person and he consistently condemned violence against innocent people. However, he did name certain police officers who had been guilty of torturing and killing innocent people whose only crime was that they belonged to the Bhindranwale Jatha. In this context, please permit me to quote from my book “Struggle for Justice” my conversation with I.K. Gujral in 1987 by a Sikh scholar Ranbir Singh Sandhu.

“Hindu leaders were content to go along with the Government or indeed to demand more strict action against the Sant. They paid no heed to the Sant’s complaints of violation of human rights in Punjab. Typical of this attitude was a statement by Gujral who said, in the course of an eloquent speech, that the Sikh struggle had been peaceful but was taken over by violent elements. This writer (Ranbir Singh Sandhu) asked him if he was referring to Sant Bhindranwale as the violent elements’. He agreed. This writer reminded him that Sant Bhindranwale, in one of his speeches, had mentioned that over 140 persons had been killed and another one thousand crippled in police torture up to that date and that the Sikhs had tried persuasion with the police, legal action in the courts and appeals to the national leaders and the press but that nobody had made any effort to stop the torture and the killings in custody, and that the Sant had then gone on to ask the public as to how long the Sikhs should continue to quietly suffer without defending themselves? This writer asked Gujral as to whether, in his opinion or according to his information, Sant Bhindranwale was lying and if not, what did leaders like him do about the killings and torture by the police and what should the Sant have done in the face of this oppression? Gujral replied that he had never thought about the problem from that point of view.”

Incidentally, RS Sandhu sent Gujral a copy of the above with a request that he may correct him if his notes of the conversation were not correct. he did not get a reply. (Full detail is given ahead in this book).

It is well referenced that the then Rajya Sabha member and prominent leader of the BJP, Mr LK Advani wrote in his subsequent memoirs that:

 “On May 3 (1984) Atalji, along with Charan Singh, led a contingent of demonstrators the next day. I raised the issue in Parliament, charging the government with abdication of its responsibility in the face of unprecedented challenge to national unity and rule of law… the Prime Minister was ultimately forced to use the military to liberate the Golden Temple from its anti-national occupants.”

Then why did the President of Bhartiya Janta Party persuaded Indira?

There  may be many reasons behind it but there is no doubt that he fuelled in fire just because of his biased thoughts of anti Sikh views. The effect of Sant Jarnail Singh was noticed upon Sikh youths, they dropped use of intoxications and followed true path of Sikh religion by embracing Sikh religion through Amrit initiation. Thousands of youths flocked for Amrit initiation daily in Sikh Gurudwaras, it increased tension on fanatic Hindu organization—the Rss (Rashtriya Swaynsewak Sangh) because it wanted to merge Sikh religion as sect of Hinduism, and because the conflict between true (Radical) Khalsa and Brahminic Hindus (high class Hindus) was on high esteem, both are against each other. The Sikh religion de-recognize its high class status in society and opposes idol worship. Hence these fanatic Hindus found their grip loosing on Sikh youths. Thus the Lal Krishan Adwani got a golden opportunity to avenge from Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale and incited Indira Gandhi to invade on greatest Sikh shrine —-the Golden Temple by Indian army.

However, it must be admitted that he was a devout Sikh and baptized thousands of  people into manifold of Khalsa.


“The Sant’s following grew as he successfully regenerated the ‘good’ life of purity, dedication and hard work by reviving these fundamental values of the Sikh religion’s way of life.” (Vandana Shiva: The Violence of the Green Revolution, Research Foundation for Science and Ecology, Dehra Dun, 1989.)

I hope I have made clear that Sant Bhindranwale did not get involved in politics. He was a simple preacher and had no political ambitions. On the other hand, it was politicians who surrounded him and, in killing him, also destroyed all the good work he had done in his parchar. I understand that today Punjab leads every other state in India in consumption of alcohol and drugs. Sant Bhindranwale was a scapegoat dubbed as Congress agent by the Akalis while he lived and eventually killed by the Congress government along with the revival he had so ably led.

Even his critics admit that. Tavleen Singh tells us that he preached ‘Nashey chaddo, Amrit chhako, Gursikh bano’. (to drop usage of drugs, initiate Amrit to be pure Khalsa and be a true Sikh of Guru).


And Sd. Khushwant Singh writes: ‘Bhindranwale’s amrit prachar was a resounding success. Adults in their thousands took oaths in public to abjure liquor, tobacco and drugs and were baptized. Video cassettes showing blue films and cinema houses lost out to the village gurdwara. Men not only saved money they had earlier squandered in self-indulgence, but now worked longer hours on their lands and raised better crops. They had much to be grateful for to Jarnail Singh who came to be revered by them as Baba Sant Jarnail Singhji Khalsa Bhindranwale.’

There is no clear indication as to who killed Avtar Singh Atwal. Possibly, if the confidential files of Punjab Police and of the Home Ministry at New Delhi become public, we might learn more about the tragic murder. 

Atwal’s murder has routinely been included in the list of killings attributed to Sant Bhindranwale and his men. In this context,  we might find the following information useful.

  1. Sant Bhindranwale had good reason to disapprove of Atwal’s conduct at the Mehta Chowk arrest on 20 September 1981 and some other incidents. Atwal was the SSP on duty that day and had ordered the firing that killed eighteen persons [I have been told that he did this under direct orders from the IG Police]. Also, Sant Bhindranwale mentioned his role in a case of a girl being stripped and paraded. According to the Sant [A conversation with Surinderjit Singh Bains of Vancouver, Canada, January 1983]:

“In the Ghall Khurd Police Station, a daughter of poor Sikh whom we sometimes describe as Jheoor, from Dauke village situated on the border in District Amritsar, was stripped naked and Swaran Singh the D.S.P. held her by her breast and paraded her through the village. A Commission was set up [to inquire into the matter]. The Commission submitted its report that he was guilty. The S.S.P. of that time, Avtar Singh Atwal, said that it had been done under his orders. Let us accept that he [Swaran Singh] was set free, why was Atwal not questioned? The punishment Atwal received for stripping a poor Sikh girl was that he was promoted from S.S.P. to D.I.G. of Jalandhar Range.”

  1. When Atwal was killed, Sant Bhindranwale condemned the act. However, it is worth noting that in March 1983, 19 year old Hardev Singh and some of his companions traveling in a jeep were killed by the police. The real target was the Sant himself who was scheduled to make the trip but canceled it at the last moment and sent Hardev Singh in his place. Atwal was conducting an inquiry into the deaths. His murder was in highly suspicious circumstances and some people believe it was carried out by Government agencies who thought Atwal had warned the Sant about the plan and was acting as his informer. India Today published details of the suspicious circumstances at that time. Atwal was killed in the Darbar Sahib Complex so Bhindranwale could be conveniently blamed because of the background explained in 1 above.

Who actually did what is unknown and we should not rush to judgment. 

Ranbir S. Sandhu


On the contrary the Akali Dal in Punjab was also on conflict against Sant Jarnail Singh. Though it’s leader Parkash Singh Badal was weaker against Sant Jarnail Singh but he is a shrewd politician. He brought ahead the religious leader Sant Longowal and proposed Gurcharan Singh Tohra as next Chief minister of Punjab. Now Sant Longowal and Gurcharan Singh Tohra had become the functionaries of Badal.  Badal played several malicious moves to down the increasing popularity of Sant Jarnail singh ji Bhindran among Sikh masses.

(By AR Darshi, ex-joint Secretary Punjab in his book, ‘The Gallant dDefender’).


Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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