June 1984, Light of Truth – 12.


By now the Sikhs and Sant ji had understood the anti Sikh views of Indian govt and then they decided to do justice themselves. Some courageous Sikh youths gunned down Lala Jagat Narayan near Ludhiana on 09th Sep 1981. At last the patronage of killers of 13 innocent Sikhs had to meet his destiny. He was also playing his indirect part in their safe release.  Lala Jagat Narayan was owner of Hindu press, the central govt and the fanatic Hindu organizations gone mad.


Soon after this incident a Sikh youth Ranjeet Singh assassinated Gurbachan Singh in his house with his gun. He was given highest award by placing him as the Chief Jathedar of Sri Akal Takhat  and thus shown their love and honor to him.  The mass murderer met his fate at last.


Sant Jarnail Singh ji was alleged of murders of duo father and son —-Lala Jagat Narayan and Ramesh Chopra but it couldn’t be proved and he was acquitted soon in lack of any witness. He was earlier arrested on these allegations from his traditional Gurudwara of Damdami Taksal at Chowk Mehta but Police had to release him soon. There was uproar in Panjab on his arrest.  The atrocities against Sikhs had thus begun by firing at Chowk Mehta in which many Sikh youths were gunned down by Police.


As part of this harassment, three members of Sant Bhindranwale’s Jatha were arrested on fictitious charges on 17 July 1982. When Thara Singh and Amrik Singh sought to get them released, they too were arrested on 19 July. This arrest became the trigger for start of Sant Bhindranwala protest though he had been advised for a complete rest. After ishnaan in the sarovar, at 5 p.m. he sent a Jatha of about fifty volunteers to “sit on the road” in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s residence. They were all arrested. He came to Darbar Sahib that day even though he was very sick.


The Akalis took over the Morcha on 4 August 1980 and gave it the name “Dharm Yudh Morcha”. Akali leaders, along with Sant Bhindranwale, did an Ardaas at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib for victory. In the Ardaas (prayer), they pledged that they would not withdraw the Morcha till the demands contained in the Anandpur Resolution were accepted and that none of them would go and seek compromise with the Government on this issue.


Sant Bhindranwale’s participation in the agitation was with the sole aim of getting Amrik Singh and Thara Singh released. In August 1983, when they were set free, Bhindranwale’s main objective had been achieved. After that the Morcha was entirely for Akali demands. However, problems arose when the Akalis, fearful of Sant’s rising popularity among the Sikh youth, wanted to end the Morcha and negotiated with the Government in violation of their own Ardaas at Siri Akal Takhat Sahib. Sant Bhindranwale was adamantly opposed to this violation. To get over the situation, there were attempts to assassinate the Sant possibly supported by Akalis and/or the Government.


Sant Bhindranwale did support the demands contained in the Anandpur resolution. This resolution demanded a certain amount of autonomy for Punjab and was not a demand for dismemberment of India. The Sant had not even seen the resolution till the middle of 1983. His support was based solely upon his acceptance of the position of the Akali leadership on the issue. He publicly stated many times that he had no political ambitions and that the Akali Dal was the sole representative party for Sikhs. Later, he opposed Akalis’ softening stand regarding the Resolution on the basis that they had said an Ardaas at Siri Akal Takhat Sahib on 4 August 1982 (the day the Dharam Yudh Morcha started) where they had invoked God and Guru’s blessing and vowed not to accept anything less than the resolution. He took the position that having said that Ardaas, it didn’t behoove them as Sikhs to go against their vows. His opposition was never violent. He only told the public that in case the Akalis compromised on their Ardaas, he would let the public know about it and then it would be up to the Sangat to decide what to do.


In our religion, we have been taught that if everything else fails, it is righteous to take the sword. That is Sikh history. It may not be politically correct but this is what a true Sikh is supposed to do. There are thousands of arm chair statesmen and so called experts, but very few put their money where their mouth is. They are scared for their lives. Nobody likes to face the wrath of the powers that be, by speaking the truth. That is a fact. Bhindranwale was an icon, he fought against injustice and died as a martyr. At the end of the day, as long as the injustice continues, the fight shall continue, that is just history.


Sant Jarnail Singh now had been declared number one enemy of Indira Gandhi and the central govt, on the other side the dharma yudh Morcha started by Sant Longowal was on it’s peak. More then one hundred thousands had been arrested and thousands had been injured in baton charges but their high spirit was continued. Sikhs were looking their future safe by implementing Anandpur resolution only. It was the only reason that this agitation was strengthening in grip to a common ma.  The govt. played a new trick  to get rid of its increasing popularity. So it employed few of it’s trustworthy Punjabi Hindus and deployed them in Police and other para-military forces in guise of a Sikh (Though their religion was not changed). They were given task to kill the innocent Hindus to fail this movement. The only motto was to divide public of Punjab and defamation of Sikhs by failure of this movement,,, a plan to side line Sikhs.


And it happened, many innocent Hindus were killed in moving buses and the killers deliberately shouted Sikh slogans to blame these killings on Sikhs. These killers left behind some signs of their being Sikhs as evidence before their escape in dark.  The indian media too blamed Sikhs without searching any evidence. Thus the Sikhs were unofficially declared enemy of Hindus. This is not any hearsay … but I witnessed it in my family. My one relative (my mother’s brother in relation) narrated me his personal experience. He was a small sized political leader but had approach with high ups. Once he searched a Sikh youth who was whisked away by Sikh extremists but later on he was found in custody of BSF (Border Security Force). The soldiers of this force had picked him up in guise of Sikhs. He had to pay a heavy price (About three hundred thousands during those days) and only he could get him safely released. The Sikh youth and his family migrated from Punjab to other state. My this relative is no more now but he narrated me this true incident.


Tribune newspaper on 11-11-83 printed a report called ‘Discovery of Turbans’ written by Dr. Lalawati & I.S Iyangar thought to believe in this that the passengers “Hindus” were dragged out of the bus and killed was not work of the real Kharku’s (Militants) but work of the non- kharkus who happens to be dressed like Sikhs and were wearing Turbans.  As Darbar Sahib complex was garrisoned along with other Gurudwara’s every person going in and out was searched properly including ration as it was believed that so called Terrorists were hiding in the Darbar Sahib Complex and they would come out and kill innocent Hindus and go back in hiding.  List of 40 Singh’s with proper names was sent to center Govt. and C.R.P, B.S.F & Punjab police along with few intelligence agencies were on the spot to catch these Singh’s but during 18 months of Garrison they failed to arrest or catch EVEN one Singh with so called weapons or Singh’s killing any innocent Hindu.


So now the Question is who were killing these innocent Hindus?  Comrades being revolutionaries yet the ass lickers of the Govt. of India were on the pay roll to provide information of any Singh whom they did not like so for job security they were giving names of innocent Sikh youths who were taken to Police Stations, extorted for money, tortured and eventually killed.  State sponsored Terrorism was at it’s best and to date properties of these Singh’s have been taken over by Police officials and few has been turned into Police Stations or such.  If Govt. of Punjab and Comrades are so pure human being than why human rights organizations were not allowed in Punjab to tell the world truth?  Let’s not forget Shahid Jaswant Singh Khalra a human right’s activist who exposed 25000 deaths of innocents from the cremation grounds by the Punjab Police just in one district of Punjab.  All these boys and their families were extorted for money during repeated arrests, tortured, female members of the family were gang raped, their are living victims who have stated that they were stripped butt naked and were forced to lie down on their father and much more went on and yet these comrades are talking about bringing what revolution with their lies of Kharku’s killing innocent Hindus? Jaswant Singh Khalra revealed how a 3 yrs old boy was also cut open and peppers were stuffed in his wounds and eventually boy died.  And nobody would want to be repeatedly torture to such extend or humiliated so few boys un willingly ran out of their homes and joined the real Kharkus for revenge and gave the hell to the forces of State sponsored terrorism now the deal was handful vs. the whole state funded by A country and they gave the real MATCH for these goons in uniforms. Back to Question how did some of the fake Kharkus that who created them? Sarab Hind Congress i issued a report ‘Conspiracy Exposed’ and was printed in Indian Express dated September 4, 1984 which stated “Pakistani agents disguised as Sikh were trained in Kasur area of Pakistan by brigadier artillery regiment.  These men, in batches of 300 – 400 were given there to four months intensive training.  Most of those trained in these camps & training centers were smugglers, proclaimed offenders and criminals….”  There were other active centers and they were brought in via Rajisthan border.


S.M. Sathananthan Managing editor Transatlantic India on 15-12-83 wrote under article “Hindu-Sikh Conflict in Punjab, causes and cure” in this he writes ‘Sikh leaders claim  that the recent killings of innocent Hindus in the bus, near the border were not committed by the Sikhs, appears to be credible and thought provoking’ May 1985 Magazine Surya on page 42 writes something like this ………….

“Mrs. Gandhi had decided that she was to take on the new role in her life the role of the protector of Hindus…. She had planned that there shall be a conflict between the Hindus & Sikhs, in which the grand strategy was that the Hindus shall be first left unprotected, let them be killed for a while, let them become angry, so angry that they will seek revenge.  The Hindus & Sikhs will then go at each other’s throat.  and then I will tell the Hindus, ‘Look I can only protect you.”


There were few incidents when real Kharkus (Militants) countered fake Kharkus to defame them and they were set to fire alive for doing the evils.  I think there was one incident that real Kharkus’s were hiding close to a village near Batala and nearby house had a wedding and fake Kharkus’s ‘black cats’ landed at the house demanded food and shelter and eventually started to miss-behave with the bride and her brother stepped forward and he was shot down by these agent’s of the Punjab Police at the gun shot real Kharkus moved closer and without any en counter the agent’s gave up and started to beg at this they were brought out of the village given shower with kerosene and set to fire to set an example that who ever will try to defame them with such evil will meet such an end.


Now such false propaganda by few agents of fanatic Hindu organizations forced me to write this and few young singhs have requested to pull out such materials for the sake of humanity to educate the world.


Anyway. Now Sikhs had been declared the extremists. The Sikhs —- once who were known as saviors of women of other religion also, who saved Hindu women/girls and youths from clutches of Muslim invaders were now declared extremists by the descendents of those Hindus in free India.  You may hardly find any such evidence of un-gratefulness and betrayal  by any other community.


Now Indira had begun her dirty game to attack on holiest Darbar Sahib (golden temple). So the Indian army built a replica of parts of Darbar Sahib at Chakrata near Dehra dun (90 kms) which was earlier a hill station before 1962 but to give training to Indian soldiers to fight on high attitude, this hill station was restricted for tourists but converted into army cantt. It’s to be remembered there was not any such political situation had been created in Punjab or at Amritsar before 18 months of the attack in June 1984.  This reveals the dirty bias thoughts in her mind. General S K Sinha has disclosed in his book about training of these soldiers at Chakrata. This general was going to be the next chief of Indian army but when he refused to attack and blow the traditional gurudwara and centuries old religious school —- Damdami taksal at Chowk Mehta,  and replied that by this attack the religious sentiments of Sikh soldiers in Indian army shall hurt and he doesn’t want it.


He was not given the promotion. He had to pay a heavy price as his junior Arun Sridhar Vaidya was given charge of Indian army. He (Genral SK Sinha) resigned in protest. Alas a patriot general was discriminated due to satisfy ego of Indira.


The news of attack in near future on Darbar sahib had been started leak. A Sikh organization warned Indira by their letter written in February 1984 and informed her of it’s far sighted bad results but the stubborn Indira ignored all.


Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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