June 1984, Light of Truth- 13.

The tales of tyrannies by Indira;

You must have read or heard about tyrannies of Moguls against Sikhs and Hindus. If these Muslims had not forced Hindus to embrace Islam forcefully under threat of life, in that Sikhs could be there but not the amazing Khalsa. Khalsa was created to save Hindus from tyrannies of Muslims and save Hindu religion. The first of Khalsa is to face a tyrant but now here, it was not Moguls but our own —-the  Hindu govt. which was thankless and had a motto to eliminate Khalsa/Sikh religion. 

All of you might be aware with Holwel memorial of Calcutta (Now called Kolkata). This memorial was built by British to commemorate the memories of 122 British women and men who were locked in a small sized room of 10’x10’ by a Muslim ruler in Bengal . Most of them died due to suffocation. We all condemn it and pray for the deceased but do you know such atrocity was also carried out by Indian army in Golden temple? See this eye witness account;

The well known journalist and writer Harbir Singh Bhanwar mentions an eye witness account narrated by his one friend in his book “Diary de panne jo itihas ban gaye’ as……..a close relative of Prof Dhawan is employed in Military camp of Amritsar. He paid a visit in the camp of (POWs) prisoners of war. He has informed that a large number of Sikhs are locked in a small room.  A govt. officer has also approved it by saying that the Sikh prisoners are kept in a small room of newly built school building which has no electricity and water.. Nearly 60-70 prisoners are locked in small room., there clothes are torn off, no treatment to wounds is given, and there is no arrangement to treat them. (page 57) Sun is tremendous, no fan is there, two people suffered from Diaria, they wanted to release them but there is no facility so they came out through a small window to release them. They were immediately shot down by army. They were alleged of escaping from there. Many others too were killed by their hands tied at their back in a similar manner.

Now just compare yourself, Sikh religion is the only religion which serves humanity without any discrimination of religion, caste, creed, color or race. It serves food in a community kitchen without any discrimination but the Indian army only could kill the thirsty, hungry or wounded persons. A Khalsa could never do it.

Just watch out how a major difference is there in both communities of Sikhs and Hindus?

It’s also necessary to mention here that the house of journalist Harbir singh which was situated in the complex of Golden temple was also looted by Indian invading army., The cash and gold ornaments of his wife were looted and stolen by soldiers.

The real invasion (operation) on Golden temple was started on night of 5th June 1984.Sant Longowal and Gurcharan Singh Tohra, President of SGPC were also present in their offices respectively in complex which is situated at Samundri Hall near Guru Ram Daas Saraai. The army started massacre of Sikhs on night of 5th June inside the Golden temple complex.

Gurmeet Singh Cheema, publicity in-charge SGPC, who was present there on that night, informs …..that every Sikh was a terrorist for army. It was to be noted that every soldier was under influence of liquor and out of senses. (Had he  been is sense, he would have dared from god and not killed the innocents, therefore a heavy doze of liquor was given to these soldiers).  They were provoked to attack on sacred Golden temple after they had been given a heavy doze of liquor. A fierce fight was going on in the complex. During this time, Sant Longowal and Tohra ji were present in the room of President and we were in in our office inside samundri hall with some friends. Whole of the Samundri hall and office of SGPC were over crowded by the employees of  SGPC and the devotees.

The fierce fight was going on in the complex of golden temple.  The Samundri hall was covered by army at about 3.45 am by army and fired indiscriminately to terrorize all present inside.  As soon as the army personals came to know that Sant Longowal and Tohra ji were inside, they shouted in a loud voice to inform their senior officers about their presence and said that, “ Longowal ji is here”.

To hear these sounds, Sant Longowal and Tohra came out of the room. One army officer caught hold of them by their arms and took them under his custody.  After this a new chapter of atrocities by army started. We all were searched, our holy mandatory signs were removed, our turbans were also removed and pockets were emptied. All belongings were confiscated.

Then we were taken in the open lounge of Guru Ram Daas Saarai. Nearly one thousand un-armed persons were kept there. It would be about 4.30 in the morning. We might have hardly made 5-6 lines but by that time two grenades were thrown upon us from the top story of Guru Ram Das Sarai. These grenades blasted among the crowed. The stampede was there to be saved from these grenade attack and everyone was running to save his/her life. In between army open indiscriminate firing upon crowed.  Hundreds of people were killed or wounded.


            Have a look on this lounge in an old picture.

Then the remaining people were seated in the corridor sarai (Free accommodation for pilgrims) by army. We were seated there among dead, wounded and crying people. The army soldiers were killing people mercilessly. We witnessed many were asked to run by raising their hands and then shot from behind. There was not any room without dead bodies.  The army to which every citizen feels proud and sense of safety was today seen in a new face.  First a bomb to set fire in room was thrown and then soldiers opened fire on people coming out of rooms. More then eight hundred people were gunned down in saraai.  The people present in gurudwara had not been served a drop of water since 4th of June. There were 35 people in room no five, 31 died of thirst out of these 35.

Can you have any such hope from your own army? This Indian army itself shot those unarmed by bullets instead of saving them. Were they not feel ashamed on killing innocent , unarmed old men, children, youths, girls and women of all ages? These merciless wolves killed them in every room. Was Indira not responsible for killing of these innocents who didn’t provide any opportunity or made no attempt for their safe escape from complex?

If General Dyer who killed the unarmed, innocent Indians in Jalianwala bagh was guilty and Sardar Udham Singh who killed this culprit in England after 20 years was a freedom fighter and held high the heads of Indians to save pride, and was called a martyr then the Sikhs who avenged from Indira and killed her for her crime on attack on Golden temple and to kill thousands of unarmed innocents were not martyrs then what were they? Whether they were extremists? What is the parameter to declare patriotism in this nation? The ruling congress or any other govt in this nation has so far not honored Neta ji Subhash Chandra Bose and he is never called a freedom fighter by Ministry of home affairs? If it accepts —then only to Gandhi and Nehru  or a few other Congress leaders only. Kindly read history of India and know this bitter truth yourself.


Mr. Ramoowalia also sheds light on an alleged execution of some 30 Sikh youth by the army — the certainty of which has always been speculated. Talking about events in the wee hours of 6th June, when the army was combing through the complex, the narrative states that a Major of the 9 Kumaon regiment lined up some 20 Sikh youth and mowed them down with a machine gun. Recalling the incident, Mr. Ramoowalia says, “The captured Sikhs appeared to be from Kashmir and didn’t look like Punjabi Sikhs. An officer waved a handkerchief and they were shot dead by the Army men with bullets which were sprayed on them from left to right and then right to left. I have never seen people being killed like that, with bullets. I have been a farmer and I have cut the crop and made its bundles. The crests of these Sikh youth collapsed similarly. No one moaned or uttered anything. I know my statement will be called into questioning, but 28 years after it happened, I am going on record on this.”

“The Army men were very angry, very abusive, mad with rage. Maybe they had lost their fellow Army men in the battle elsewhere in the Complex. This happened between 3 a.m. and 3.30 a.m., after the grenade blast nearby and after that it was my turn next as a part of the next group of Sikhs which was being queued up for killing. I was also told to sit down cross-legged and said my prayers. By chance, I remembered that I had in my pocket my identity card as an ex-Member of Parliament, of Lok Sabha. I flashed it and raised my hand and said, I am Ramoowalia, a former Member, Lok Sabha. I and all these persons, who are under your custody, belong to Sant Harchand Singh Longowal. We are non-violent people, [have] nothing to do with the armed struggle, we are here, just as a part of Akali Dal’s peaceful morcha.’ He asked me, ‘what is your name?’ I said, ‘my name is Ramoowalia.’ He asked me once again. I told him, ‘I am not misguiding. Not misleading. This is my identity card. Please check it up.’ God knows, the Army man was so angry, he could have just shot and killed me. But he said, ‘stop’. The other Army men lowered their guns. And two to three of them came up to me… and pushed me to a side. Then the officer again asked me, ‘Are you really Ramoowalia?’ I said, ‘I am really Ramoowalia.’ He said, ‘how are you here? You are not supposed to be here.’ I said, ‘why’? He said, ‘you are supposed to be with Sant Longowal.’ I said, ‘Sant Longowal is sitting in the adjoining room. I have come out’.”

Brigadier (retd.) Onkar Singh Goraya, who was then Col Admn in HQ 15 Corps corroborates the incident saying that Bhan Singh the then SGPC secretary also told him something similar. “He said the Army men in Darbar Sahib have done something awful. He said that some Sikh youth were lined up against a wall in the Golden Temple Complex and killed with a machine gun. He also showed me the wall in the Complex which had the bullet marks, when I went back for the second time in the afternoon,” he is quoted as saying in the documentary.


In 2010 the BBC had done a one-hour documentary “1984- A Sikh story”, which was never shown in India. Speaking to The Hindu, Mandeep Bajwa a consultant for the BBC documentary said, “This is the most authentic and credible account yet and I can see that the passage of time has emboldened many eyewitnesses to speak the truth. It exposes many fallacies like the one about arms and ammunition being planted in the temple complex by the Army. Mr. Sandhu from TV Channel Day & Night  has not only provided a rough inventory of the military hardware stockpiled inside but also detailed some instances of how they were smuggled in.”

Another revelation is that Maj Gen Shahbeg Singh (retd.), the disgraced army man who joined Bhindranwale’s group and organized the defences died on the evening of 5th June, before the actual battle began. He was killed by a sniper’s bullet and quoting Balwinder Singh Khojkipur a close associate of Bhindranwale who survived the operation, the documentary states that he was taken to the basement of Akal Takht where he died with his head on Bhindranwale’s lap. His covered body lay in a room there for a whole day until the armymen entered and cleared it the next day.

As for Bhindranwale himself —the Sikh seminary Damdami Taksal that he headed refused to accept his death for many years — he died at 8.45 am on 6th June after being shot at from an armoured vehicle as he was moving towards the ‘Darshni Deodi’ to offer his prayers to Guru Ram Das. His body, contrary to reports of that time, was not identified by his brother Harcharan Singh Rode then serving as the subedar major in 61 Engineers Regiment in Jalandhar, but by the police and army doctors. Says Rode, “This is totally wrong. I did not issue any contradiction because I had got to see him and paid my last respects.”

The Hitler was left far behind if we compare the atrocities upon Sikhs by Indian army, police and other para-military forces. A Sikh woman who was a citizen of Canada, and had visited Shri Darbar sahib along with her 13 year old son and her husband, was also arrested by Indian army and taken to interrogation center. Being a human you will feel disgust upon yourself  when you come to know about her sufferings ——she is still alive and is a witness to that agony which she faced, to meanness and the wilderness of these soldiers which they could do with a helpless person. Whatever agony she faced, might have also been faced by hundreds of other unfortunate Sikh women and girls who were tortured by these rascals.  Only god knows what would have happened with those sisters who could haven’t faced these tortures, either they might be killed or gone insane or they might have committed suicide.

Only god knows.


 Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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