June 1984, Light of Truth – 15.

The above statement is given by Mai Harinder Kaur herself and she exposed how Indian army and Punjab Police rape the arrested women. This was approved in July 2004 when in Manipur,  a border state with Myanmar, more than 100 local women striped themselves and gave a call to to Indian army to rape them. They were provoked by rapes on local women by army so this extreme step was taken by them. They protested in front of army camps totally naked.  Kindly view this newspaper report.


IMPHAL (Manipur),  July 19, 2004 – After torching government buildings and parading naked to protest the suspected custodial rape and killing of a woman by federal soldiers, women in Manipur vow to intensify their fight against frequent atrocities in the restive northeast Indian state.

An indefinite curfew is in force in Manipur, bordering Myanmar, to quell the uprising, with troops bursting teargas shells, water cannons and firing rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of women trying to break prohibitory orders.

At least 100 women were injured in police attacks since violence broke out Thursday, with some having to undergo surgeries to remove pellets embedded in their bodies.

The action follows violent protests by women in Manipur after the bullet-riddled body of 32-year-old Thangjam Manorama was found on July 10. Witnesses say Manorama was picked up by soldiers of the paramilitary Assam Rifles from her home on alleged charges of links with separatist rebels.

Hours later, her dead body was reportedly found four kilometers away from her home in the state capital Imphal, with multiple bullet wounds, besides torture signs. Several women’s groups called a 48-hour general strike the day after Manorama’s body was found, bringing normal life in the state to a grinding halt for two days until July 12.

On Thursday, hundreds of women had stormed the Assam Rifles headquarters in Imphal, with at least 40 parading naked and holding placards that read: “Indian Army rape us” and “Indian Army takes our flesh.”

Authorities imposed an indefinite curfew fearing more protests. But women in hundreds started defying the curfew from Friday night by taking to the streets, prompting the police to resort to force to keep the protestors at bay.

On Sunday, protestors torched at least half-a-dozen government buildings, making authorities cut short a curfew relaxation. “We want to punish the soldiers involved in the brutal killing of Manorama and so we are demanding handing over the errant soldiers to us,” says Memchaoubi Devi, president of the women’s rights group Porei Lemarol Meira Phaibi Apunba Manipur.

She adds, “It is better to protest naked than allow the soldiers to kill and rape our women.”

A total of 32 women’s groups have come under one platform to protest the killing. Women in Manipur are known for taking up cudgels against social issues.

“This protest is not going to die down until and unless the guilty soldiers are punished. Even if someone is involved in militancy, he or she should be brought to the court of law and not just killed or raped,” lashes out Leirik Devi, president of the Kangla Mei, another powerful women rights group.

She vows, “We are prepared to shed blood but cannot allow the soldiers to outrage the modesty of our daughters. This protest will intensify.”


These were the reasons that the blood of innocent Amritdhari Sikhs was shed in Punjab just to crush the popularity of a religious figure Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala, his followers and the general Amritdhari Sikhs in Punjab.  Army generals had no mission other then to suppress Sikhs and crush the voice of justice raised by Sant. What was his fault other than he gave a call to follow the tenets of religion, have faith in their Gurus, be always in high spirit and to follow path of truth as shown by Sikh gurus. Yes he filled the spirit in Khalsa to raise their voice against oppression by Indian govt. as Punjab is the only land of Sikhs in this Indian sub-continent where all the malicious moves were being taken out to submerge the Sikh religion into main folds of Hinduism with behest of ruling political parties. Sikh religion is not a sect of Hindu religion but a sovereign religion with a distinct and independent identity. Sikhsism challenges Brahiminic rituals and rejects them. The Indian rulers mostly belongs to this class of Brahminic society. It couldn’t be tolerated by them and was taken as a revolt and all efforts to crush this revolution (People’s voice) by misuse of Indian army were used. Due to these mis-happenings in Punjab by Operation Blue star, operation wood rose and the past several incidents where Sikhs youths were killed but no justice was given to them, lead Punjab on edge of division of India. Sikhs have lost their faith in Indian judiciary, Indian govt. and demand a separate nation of them due to atrocities being faced by them for the last 30 years since 1984. A number of Sikh youths arrested on fabricated charges are languished in jails for more then 20 years but they are not released. The Indian constitution doesn’t allow to give a rigorous punishment to juveniles. The maximum punishment to them can be given is only three years in jail but a Sikh child Major Singh was arrested in the age of 14 years old only, no juvenile status given to him, he was booked under terrorist activities and was compelled to pass his 23 years in jail. He could  only be released by the kind efforts of some Sikh human rights activists and organizations.

Sometimes I wonder what did India got benefit by this attack in Amritsar? Thousands of innocent citizens (Sikhs) killed, Indira herself had to pay the heavy price by her life, General Vaidya too had to pay for crimes and atrocities by army in Golden temple by his life. The general KS Brar was recently attacked in Britain after 29 years though he luckily escaped but it proves that the hate against responsible persons for the attack, for operation Blue star and Woodrose are still alive and fresh in Sikh minds and they hate with them. The lust of power by India was the only reason, she wanted to rule India like a dictator in the cover of democracy. The biggest example of his intention is evident from the historical verdict against her in 1975 by a Chief justice of Allahabad High Court—Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha who banned her to fight any election for six years but next day she imposed emergency in India and refused give her arrest. No Poice officer or authority could dare to arrest her and follow the orders of High Court. Was she not showing her powers by refusal the verdict? Why media is silent on this issue so far? What example was set by the Prime minister of India when Law is equal for all? Where was the law then?

She didn’t stop her atrocities in Punjab, the list of crimes by army and Police is very long. Thousands of Sikh youths were arrested and killed in fake encounters. Police had been given such permission to eliminate Sikh youths. A complete young generation was thus wiped out in Punjab. Those who survived sold their lands and escaped to western countries, few got asylum, others too managed to live there legally or illegally but they saved their lives.  A human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra, who was also Secretsary of Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee collected information on death of unaccounted, undeclared dead bodies in different funeral grounds in every districts of Punjab. He was surprised to note the information from registers of funerals, he revealed 25000 such funerals of unclaimed dead bodies in just one district of Punjab. Then DGP of Punjab KPS Gill picked him up and killed him after torturing him brutally in a police station but no action is taken against this butcher police officer as he had the orders from center. He is still shielded by center and gets postings on senior posts after his retirement.

Now Indira was sure that she will be avenged for these attacks on a holy place by the brave Sikhs so she planned a diabolical plan to get rid from Sikhs forever and to suppress them. She discussed this plan with her senior bureaucrats, politicians, Army generals and trustworthy people. She prepared a plan to attack the border districts of Punjab in the coming month of November 1984.  She had in her miond to kill two birds with one arrow, one—by attacking on Sikh dominated districts in border of Pakistan, she could kill thousands of Sikhs, two– She could blame her rival Pakistan for this air attack and win sympathy of public to start a war with Pakistan once again after 1965 when she defeated Pakistan and a new nation as Bangla desh was created. So she was in a dilemma this time again to crush Pakistan and Sikhs both. But……..

This plan was leaked by her several trustworthy high profiled people to save their close friends. A Sikh woman was requested by the Principal of Modern School, Connaught Place, New Delhi to take her children abroad for few days and when normalcy returns she should come back.  Police Inspector Beant Singh, who was close to these officials and was having good relations got this information so he took an extreme step to stop this defamation and killings of his community by this mad lady. He got the opportunity just hardly one week before this plan could be implemented by Indira. He killed her on 31st October 1984, just eight days ago.

This is not any myth, just search on Google about “OPERATION SHANTI”, you will find enough information about this plan. She meant to kill Sikhs and suppress the remaining but she forgot Khalsa is known as army of the almighty, neither they suppress anybody nor they try to be the oppressor. Sikhs play mockery with death and have a courage for martyrdom. History of India is evidence of their sacrifices for the nation and their religion. Indira and govt. of India made a mistake to misjudge them and their capability. If Udham Singh could kill General Dyer in UK for his crimes in India after 20 years, the brave Sikhs shall leave no opportunity to avenge  until they and their enemy is alive.  The credit to keep the territories of Ladakh, Jammu-Kashmir and some western parts of Punjab and Rajsthan goes to Sikhs only as they conquered them, controlled the Khyber pass in early 19th century and sent a message to invaders that the Sikhs have the capability to strike in their homes in Afghanistan and all over North West Frontier Provinces so better they may not dare to attack India. Since then they never dared to attack otherwise history shows that all attacks on India by these tyrant moguls were made by it’s western sector which is fully secured now.

And Indira dared to teach a lesson to Sikhs and tried to suppress a martial nation. Ultimately whole nation paid the price aftermath assassination of her on 31st October when her successor, her own son rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as Prime minister by ruling Congress Party to win sympathy by false propaganda against Sikhs and their defamation. He orchestrated pogrom in Delhi and other parts of India by misuse of Administration, army , police and para-military forces. This mass murderer was also awarded by highest civil award Bharat Ratna in linage of his mother and grand father Nehru whereas the right place was for him the gallows in Tihar like Nazis who are responsible for elimination os Jews in gas chambers.

Now we will discuss the pogrom in Delhi and some other parts of India aftermath assassination of Indira, how the massacre was orchestrated, who were responsible and who were the chief organizers, about Court proceedings against them as mockery to justice in India and incapability of Indian judiciary to punish them. Our efforts are to reveal the hidden truths of these perpetrators who were protected by Indian govt. Maximum information is collected from different websites as well as from eye witness accounts also. The writer too was a witness to these crimes and have watched them in his life. There is nothing hearsay mentioned in this book other than facts only.  But if some information is missed and recollected, we shall add it in next publications. We are sure that the readers shall get a clear view of these pogroms orchestrated by Congress party, Rajiv Gandhi and his kitchen cabinet and request you to please never create any such conditions to any community anywhere in world but we request you to maintain love, peace and harmony in all the communities. The govts. Are prone to use these tactics, orchestrate killings of their own nationals to remain in power but it becomes the moral duty of all citizens to have faith in other communities and fellow citizens to avoid such communal clashes. It’s very painful and the results are always bad and unforgettable for many decades. Time even do not heal them up. So please do not play in the hands of these politicians just for your vested interests or to fulfill your evil desires of hate with another community. One day we will have to pay for our deeds, remember it.

So the fate of Indira was also written the day Indian army attacked on the Golden temple. Sikh people can forget everything but can never forget  that attack on their places of worship or disrespect to their Guru. Thus Indira had signed herself her own death warrant by order of this attack.

DSP Apar Singh Bajwa’s eyewitness account about identification of Bhindranwale’s body and about his cremation was one of the major evidences before which Taksal leadership had to finally accept the truth. Recalling the turbulent traumatic days of the summer of 1984, Bajwa had said: “The Army officers in-charge ordered me to go home and I remained there until the morning of June 6 when I was summoned early in the morning. When I reached the kotwali [police station] near the temple, I saw the dead bodies of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Gen. Shabeg Singh, Thiara Singh and Amrik Singh lying there…I was asked to identify the bodies because I was familiar with all the dead men having often interacted with them as part of my duties as a police officer. The Army then requested me to arrange the cremations. We performed these, according to Sikh rites, at the nearby Gurudwara Shaheedan…A large majority of those who died inside the Golden Temple during Operation Bluestar were common devotees who had come to the shrine on June 3 on the occasion of the fifth Guru’s Martyrdom Day…Apart from Bhindranwale’s armed followers, I counted a little over 800 dead bodies inside the temple complex. My men and I were also tasked with clearing and cremating these bodies. Army and municipal officials helped transport them to the local cremation ground. While many innocents were killed in the crossfire between the Army and the militants, it is also true that the soldiers deliberately gunned down several devotees. You see they actually believed that anyone inside the temple was the ‘enemy.’ The soldiers had no notion of how they should tackle an unprecedented situation like the one that had developed inside the Golden Temple.”

Bajwa was also on record as saying that no attempt was ever made to identify the civilians killed. “This would have only been possible if the Army had involved the state police. But then at that time the soldiers were in a hurry to mop up and quickly withdraw from the temple complex. It was because of this haste that scores of distraught families not only lost their loved ones but spent months in a futile search for their dead relatives.”

Eyewitness to 1978 Nirankari episode dies

AMRITSAR: An eye witness to the 1978 bloody Vaisakhi Nirankari episode and a victim of it, Bapu Harnam Singh, is no more. Nearly 90 year old Bapu Harnam Singh’s last few years were spent in relative obscurity as he lived with his son at Gurdwara Pipli Sahib at Putlighar in Amritsar. It may be recalled that Bhai Amrik Singh, later martyred, and Bhai Rachhpal Singh, PA to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, had pulled out Bapu Harnam Singh from the Nirankari pandal in 1978 and the Sant had hailed him as a ‘Zinda Shaheed’ (Living Martyr). Bapu Harnam Singh was cremated on Wednesday at his native village in Bhikhiwind. Significantly, Bapu Harnam Singh was brother of Baba Kartar Singh.

Apar Singh Bajwa, in his own words:

“What I saw shook me emotionally. Half the Akal Takht was devastated and bodies lay all around in the parikrama of the Sri Harmandir Sahib. There was deathly silence. As a policeman I knew how to overcome my emotions. I controlled myself and went to the Darshni Deodi.

Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Bhai Amrik Singh, General Shubeg Singh …lay dead. Bhindranwale’s face was swollen and blood was oozing from the wounds in his bullet-riddled body. My job was to identify Bhindranwale’s body. The man who lay dead was indeed Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

I was entrusted with the task of removing the bodies from the temple complex in view of the impending visits of then prime minister Indira Gandhi, and President Giani Zail Singh. When I returned in the evening I started working on removing the dead, which included women and children. We removed 800 dead from the complex and other buildings in the vicinity.

What made me sad was that many innocent lives had been lost which could have been saved with a bit of effort…Post-mortem reports later confirmed that some of those who had been killed had had their hands tied behind their backs.


AS Randhawa

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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