June 1984, Light of Truth – 17.

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Whether Sant Jarnail Singh and his followers were extremists?  Image                                            Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale

If Sant Jarnail Singh ji and his associating Sikhs were terrorists, could Indian govt. clarify when it’s forces were getting training to attack on golden temple, why the senior political leaders, Press reporters and photographers, journalists were flocked to Darbar Sahib to visit Sant ji and get his interview during that time whose pictures are frequently available on internet. so whether they used to visit  and for interview of an extremist ?

Sant Jarnail singh daily used to sit on roof of Langar hall and then started meeting visitors at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib. Journalists interviewed him to make the headlines of news papers or to air on Radio daily. When he used to sit on roof in open, couldn’t he be shot with any telescopic rifle if he was a threat to nation? If it was so easy then what was the need of an army invasion on Golden temple and nearly 40 other gurudwaras to be desecrated in Punjab? And deliberately on auspicious day of martyrdom of fifth guru Arjan dev ji when thousands flock to religious places to pay their obedience to their Guru?

If Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala was an extremist —- as the Indian govt. propagates then we Sikhs demand an evidence to prove it. The govt. of India should give an evidence to prove it whether Sant ji was summoned to be present in any Court of India and he didn’t or if any warrant issued against him or pending or whether he was declared an offender by any Court where he didn’t present or if the Govt. itself had declared him an extremist through it’s any order or whether the Parliament was also taken in trust to declare him an extremist? Kindly give details if any?

The truth is the Sikh youths were highly impressed by personality of Sant jarnail Singh ji, by his call they had given up the use of intoxicants, drugs and alcohol from their lives and initiated into Khalsa religion. Those who used to shorn their hairs or trim their beards, left it immediately and became Sikhs by initiation with Amrit into Sikh religion.  Many Muslim youths were also lured to be Sikhs, we fine many evidences in history when Muslims initiated Sikh religion. Now with inspiration of Sant ji, many Muslims came forward and offered themselves to be Sikh. They became trus followers of Sant Jarnail Singh. They kept on fighting till their last breath with other Sikh youths to save Golden temple from invading Indian army.

Sikhs do not believe in violence.

Speech by Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranwale

Perhaps she (Indira Gandhi) has forgotten that a Sikh does not believe in violence. Sikh does not believe in destroying life. A Sikh always upholds Nanak Naam Chardhi-Kala Therae Bhanae Sarbat Da Bhulla “Nanak says: God’s Name is glorious; there is good for all in accepting Your will”. The Sikh follows this path. She has started to say so to give us a bad name. Either her CID (Intelligence Division) has given her this impression or she is deliberately being clever.

115,000 Have Volunteered To Die For The Faith. This Is Not A Handful.
There has been an announcement from the Akal Takhat regarding 115,000 volunteers ready to die. Among them I too have come to the stage on two occasions. I too have come to the Guru’s presence. All the mothers and brothers who have come there to the presence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the True King; I have preached at length to them all and got them to make a pledge to become extremists. She (Indira Gandhi) says there is a handful of people. She should carefully note that 115,000 raised their arms.

Government Calls Devout Sikhs- “Extremists”.

We are firm extremists but of what type? Those who act the way Government says an extremist does. Whom does the Government call extremists? A person who takes Amrit (is formally initiated into the Sikh Faith) and administers it to others; who reads Baani (Siri Guru Granth Sahib) and teaches others to read it; who preaches unity and exhorts people to work together; who turns people towards cooperation; who unites them under the saffron Nishaan Sahib (the Sikh religious flag); who unites them with Akal Takhat Sahib and Harmandar Sahib; who is desirous of seeking justice (retribution) for the dishonor to our daughters and sisters, for the spilt blood of innocent people, for the irreverence shown towards Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the True King, and exhorts others to do the same – and we have to get these rights – the present Government has started calling such people extremists. Only Sikhs Of The Guru Have Volunteered. They Are More Than A Fistful.

I had said these things when I asked people to raise their arms. He who is a Sikh of the spinning wheel and the goat, a Sikh of the Radhaswamis and Narkdharias (Nirankaris), a Sikh who waters the pipal tree and sprinkles sandhoor on the Jand tree, should not raise his arm in the presence of our Master (Siri Guru Granth Sahib). He who is a Sikh of Satguru Granth Sahib, is a friend of the Panth (the Khalsa Brotherhood), has respect for the honor of daughters and sisters, has respect for the spilt blood of the innocent and the brave, should raise his arms. This was the pledge I got from the stage. They were 115,000. She should think it over. They were 115,000. (One might say to her): “You are not the form of Guru Nanak that you can include all of them in your fist. Your fist could not even contain Jagjiwan Ram (a former Minister in the Government of India), not even Bajpai (a Hindu leader) and others. They left you and departed. How will you hold 115,000 Sikhs in your fist through mere talk?” She says there is only a handful! From one point of view it is even a good thing. So long as the fist is closed the fist is formed, it is there. When we open the hand, it becomes a slap. Fingers cannot hurt as much as a fist can. When the fingers are closed they call it a fist. You know, in our language, what the fist can do. So, Khalsa Ji, so long as our fist is closed, we are together. We desist from mutual criticism. We are Guru’s Singhs and work together. Let us stop saying “I am a Congressite, I am an Akali, I am Bhindranwala, I am so and so.” Giving these up, one thing should penetrate the Sikh’s mind: “I am a Sikh, I want to live in Hindostan as a Sikh and not as a kesdhari Hindu (Hindu with uncut hair).” When this thing enters our mind (we shall succeed). She says “they are a handful.” One hundred and fifteen thousand have made the pledge here. Some friends have registered their names with me too. Some say: “Why have they registered their names with you?” Some brothers talk like this too. I do not wish to name them, may God give them good sense. I pray to the Guru. I am not angry with them. That’s all the wisdom they have. Friends have registered their names with me too. Who are the people who have done so? These were those who said:
“We are not going anywhere without you.” The President, Sant Baba Harchand Singh Ji Longowal, was asked. A request was made to him:”Baba Ji, some Singhs think like this. You should tell us (what to do). If tomorrow there is going to be a talk that (Bhindranwale is) forming his own Akali Dal, then I shall request these people to go home. But if you so order, I can register them.” He said: “Get them registered.” Persons between sixteen and forty years of age have been registered. We have registered older persons as well but that (list) is separate. In this age group, the count with me is thirty thousand. She says they are a handful! Garja Singh and Bota Singh (Sikh heroes from 18th century who defied the Imperial rulers) were two. It will be good if the Guru has mercy, the Satguru is benevolent, and the job gets completed in peace. We definitely are supporters of peace, but if the train once starts then it will be known whether they are a mere handful or too many even for (enclosing in a blanket) wrap.

A Muslim Police cop Bashir Mohammad was deputed as spy and sent to Golden Temple in disguise of a Sikh. His mission was to collect information on movement of Sikh youths in the group of Sant Jarnail Singh. Though e on govt. duty but he got so much influenced and impressed to see courage and life style of these Sikh youths that he himself appeared before Sant ji and revealed his secrecy and wished to be a Sikh. He was then initiated into Khalsa by Amrit initiation ceremony and a new name given to him as Laxman Singh. He got martyred while defending Golden temple in invasion by Indian army. His wife was pregnant for 8 months. She was picked up by police after martyredom of her husband, she was killed with her foetus in her uterus. We salute all these three and pay our tributes to departed heroes of Sikh  panth.


The Hindu press (Punjab Kesri) had declared these Muslim youths as Pakistani soon after recovery of their dead bodies. The reason was —- to justify attack on Golden Temple by Indian army and to defame Sikhs.  This newspaper group had no evidence to prove but I give a strong evidence here. Kindly view the person in picture pasted below, how a Muslim youth embraced Sikh religion and then became a general of freeddom fighters also;   These Muslim youths were earlier circumcised before they embraced Sikh religion, hence they were declared Pakistanis by Hind Samachar Group whereas dead do not introduce themselves otherwise these dead brothers would have given their introduction of being Sikhs.   Not only Muslims, many Hindus too embraced Sikh religion and participated in fighting to save Golden temple but the Hindu press never revealed this secret. We could hardly receive a picture of Bhai Dula ji who was a Hindu and he too got martyred fighting with Indian army in Golden Temple. We bow our head in due respect to these Hindu brothers also and we Sikhs feel proud on their martyrdom. Image

The brave former Hindu brother, Bhai Dula Singh,who joined Khalsa fauj of Baba Jarnail Singh ji and became a Shaheed fighting for defense of Darbar Sahib in Operation Bluestar. He was just 17 that time. He had a Blue Gol Dastar on his head during the Battle. He was given this name by Santji! Dula means ‘Beloved Son’.

(Right) Hardev Singh(Bhola Pandit) who sacrificed his life fighting for defence of Darbar sahib alongside Khalsa fauj.

The Brave Hindu brother, Bhai Dula Singh,who joined Khalsa fauj of Baba Jarnail Singh ji and became a Shaheed fighting for defense of Darbar Sahib in Operation Bluestar. He was just 17 that time. He had a Blue Gol Dastar on his head during the Battle. He was given this name by Santji! Dula means ‘Beloved Son’.

The Hindu Brahmin brother, Hardev Singh(Bhola Pandit) who sacrificed his life fighting for defense of Darbar sahib alongwith Khalsa fauj.


Neither we can assume without full information to conclude anything nor we can share a detailed account of sacrifice by these Hindu or Muslim brothers. All of these martyrs had joined the movement at their own will to participate in holy war to save sanctity from invading Indian army. Not many articles are written in their praise, no songs of their valor ever sung but even then we salute their martyrdom.

Some facts are received about Bhai Roshan Lal Bairagi. It’s said that he is the first Hindu brother who embraced Sikh religion on inspiration by Sant Jarnail Singh ji. These bairagis are said to be followers of Baba Banda Singh ji. Sant Jarnail singh ji ordered one of his follower Bibi Nirpreet akur to marry him. She was only 16 years old at that time. She bowed  her head to the choice of her groom by Sant Jarnail Singh ji but unfortunately Bhai Roshan lal was arrested in Delhi within 12 days of his marriage and killed on the way when he was being brought to Punjab in a fake encounter by Punjab Police. It was the first fake encounter. Bibi Nirpreet kaur is now indulged in social service to these destitute families of victims of 1984 since then. She has dedicated her life to this mission.

There are some more names revealed by Hindu media who embraced Sikh religion, a few important names are as  …. Pradeep Kumar alias Sher Singh (After initiation amrit), Rakesh Kumar alias Ranjit Singh pappu matyred in 1992, Balwant Rai alias Gurditt Singh Gullu martyred in 1992, Ashok Kumar Billa. Ramesh Lal alias Kabul Singh martyr, Vikas Pandit and his brother Ashok Kumar (Sukhvinder Singh), KC Sharma martyr, Sushil Kumar martyr, Sham Sundar Shastri alias Ranjit Singh Bittu martyred in1992, Bhai Des Raj Des Salem Tabri martyred in 1992, Tarsem Raj escaped from Police and disappeared 1992 and Ram Swaroop Pandit alias Surjit singh martyr 1992.

Bhai Baldeep Singh was that brave martyr of Malwa religion of Punjab who glorified the Babbar Khalsa Organization.

Born in a Hindu family, the son of Vaidya Harbans Lal Sharma and mother Balwant Kaur had adopted the Marxism movement in Budhlada of Malwa under influence of Punjab Students Union,  but later on he joined the Babbar khalsa organization and got martyred on 8th August 1992 in a fierceful fight at village Ramteerath in Talwandi Sabo along with another brave militant Bhai Sukhdev Singh babbar.  On this day the chief of this militant Organization was arrested at Patiala and brought to Ludhaiana before he was martyred                                          

Bhai Baldeep Singh having his roots in Hindu family reminded us the brave past of 18th century when the eldest son of the family was embraced in Sikh region and offered to Guru. To-day when we hear the proud words of his father Vaidya Harban Lal Sharma, we feel proud on the sacrifices of these Hindu brothers who laid down their lives. His father is so proud of his martyrdom that he says that “his son got martyred fighting with tyrant Indian army in his efforts to establish Sikh kingdom”. In a straight forward manner when he knows that the common enemy of the soil of Punjab is Delhi which has suppressed the rights of Punjabis.  He understands that the solution of all the troubles of Punjab is creation of Sikh kingdom, therefore he feel proud that his son sacrificed his life for a great mission of liberty to Punjab.

The younger brother (Harjeet Singh) of Bhai Baldeep Singh was also picked up by Punjab police just after two months from his residence who is disappeared since then like thousands of other Sikh youths in Punjab. We bow our heads in due respect to these martyrs whose family members can not perform any religious rights every year to commemorate their memories or to pray the almighty to rest their souls in peace being poors. But the Sikhs are not thankless, we do at our own and pray every moment for the high spirit and prosperity of their families from almighty Akal Purakh Waheguru ji. This can only be our true homage to these valiant Sikh youths.

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In this picture Sant ji is seen with a group of Hindu girls who visited to get his blessings. Sant ji called them as their daughters and assured them of their safety in Punjab.

In fact , it’s very difficult to give full detail in lack of complete information of these Punjabi Hindu brothers who participated in Dharam Yudh Morcha because the full information is not available. We tried to collect the information from net. We make our best efforts to collect the maximum information about these brave brothers and to share with our readers.

Though the Indian media is silent on their role but there were many Hindu youth who were hurt on attack on Golden temple and by  rejection to implement Anandpur Sahib resolution because this demand of Anandpur Sahib resolution was in the interests of whole Punjab not only in favor of Sikhs. All the residents of Punjab were to be benefited by it’s implementation. Therefore many of these Hindu youths embraced Sikh religion in protest and sacrificed their lives fighting Indian army and other para-military forces by fighting along with Sikh brothers shoulder to shoulder.

The 10th master of Sikh religion had preached his followers that …”Regard the other beautiful women as your sister, mother and daughter” therefore the Khalsa should honor every women irrespective of her religion, cast, color or creed as his mother, daughter or sister.

There were many among these who had received help from Sant ji and were aware of the loss to Punjab by not implementation of Anandpur Sahib resolution. They were also upset on demolition of Akal Takhat by Indian army. They too wanted to pay the debt of their motherland by fighting along with their Sikh brothers, shoulder to shoulder with their common enemy—the Indian army and got martyred fighting valiantly. They were fully aware that their forefathers had earlier betrayed with their motherland but now they had decided to wash this blackspot with their blood.

There is one example when a Nepali Hindu youth embraced Sikh religion and became an active member of Babbar khalsa.



                                       Balbir Singh—Nepali Sikh

The senior Suprintendent of police Balbir Singh revealed that Balbir Singh was a Nepali Hindu and he embraced Sikh religion few years ago. He was arrested in 1996. It was this man Balbir Singh who helped Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara and others to escape from Budhail jail of Chandigarh to Nepal.

Not only this, the Chrishtians in Punjab too participated in this agitation. Khurram Masih alias Manjit Singh alias Kaala alias Akaal was a Chrishtian who embraced Sikh religion. He was also companion of Neeta. He got martyred in Dablehar village of RS Pura of Jammu on 28th December 200. As per received information from police, he was a hitman in Neeta’s gang. This Khurram Masih was responsible for nearly 20 blasts in Punjab, Jammu and Delhi.

I still remember, Sh Jai Prakash Narain had reacted on a slogan given by govt. of India as …. INDIA IS INDIRA INDIRA IS INDIA and said ….”it’s in our constitution ….you say something, we listen, we say something, you listen. The nation can prosper by saying and listening each other but by being everything, one can’t be the fate of a nation.”

But the flatter bureaucrats had called Indira as India but see now India is still there but where is Indira?

It is generally alleged that Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale who launched struggle for the achievement of Khalistan was himself settled at Akal Takht at the time of Operation Bluestar alone.

It is amazing how a lie has been repeated and infinitum to malign an innocent person with his followers and an entire community for respecting him. Many people in India, not having access to sources, have been misled to believe he was a terrorist bent upon dismemberment of their beloved country.

Another Sikh scholar KS Chawla states:

“Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale who launched struggle for the achievement of Khalistan was himself settled at Akal Takht at the time of Operation Bluestar alone. It is amazing how a lie has been repeated amid infinitum to malign an Inocent person with his followers.

“Bhindranwale was heading the Damdami Taksal when he started the campaign for Khalistan.”

Indian Government gave it to the Sikhs, we shall accept it and not repeat the mistakes of 1947.” Apparently, he did not even know that at no stage was Khalistan even considered in 1947.

Second lie is that he started the campaign for Khalistan when he was heading the Damdami Taksal.

The demand for Khalistan was started by Jagjit Singh Chauhan and did not have the support of either Sant Bhindranwale or the large majority of Sikhs. Earlier Sardar Khushwant Singh listed the requirements for survival of Sikhi in his “History” (1963 edition). A specific region where Sikh heritage would be respected and be part of educational curriculum was one of these.

Sant Bhindranwale did support the demands contained in the Anandpur resolution. This resolution demanded a certain amount of autonomy for Punjab and was not a demand for dismemberment of India. The Sant had not even seen the resolution till the middle of 1983. His support was based solely upon his acceptance of the position of the Akali leadership on the issue. He publicly stated many times that he had no political ambitions and that the Akali Dal was the sole representative party for Sikhs. Later, he opposed Akalis’ softening stand regarding the Resolution on the basis that they had said an Ardaas at Siri Akal Takhat Sahib on 4 August 1982 (the day the Dharam Yudh Morcha started) where they had invoked God and Guru’s blessing and vowed not to accept anything less than the resolution. He took the position that having said that Ardaas, it didn’t behoove them as Sikhs to go against their vows. His opposition was never violent. He only told the public that in case the Akalis compromised on their Ardaas, he would let the public know about it and then it would be up to the Sangat to decide what to do.

The third lie in the report is that he had entrenched himself at the Akal Takhat. He lived in Guru Nanak Niwas till, in December 1983, he was challenged by the Babbar Khalsa and asked to vacate the rooms he and his followers were occupying in that building. He never lived in the Akal Takhat building. He occupied a room adjacent to the building. Also, Darbar Sahib was under SGPC control at all times. In fact, in one of his speeches, Sant Bhindranwale complained to the Sangat and asked them if they had noticed that he never spoke from Manji Sahib Diwan Hall (after September 1983). He explained that he had been told not to do so. Evidently, the people who barred his speaking in Manji Sahib Diwan Hall had control of the premises and not the Sant.
Many other lies have been told about him and now, treating these false accusations as facts, any one who knows better and shows him respect is branded an extremist, a militant, and a terrorist.

So the fate of Indira was also written the day Indian army attacked on the Golden temple. Sikh people can forget everything but can never forget  that attack on their places of worship or disrespect to their Guru. Thus Indira had signed herself her own death warrant by order of this attack.

AS Randhawa

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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