June 1984, Light of Trurh – 19.

Operation Bluestar – 10 days. June 1984-timeline.

Operation Blue Star and targeted massacre of Sikhs must never be forgotten.

The Muslims including Mughals and the Christians like the British ruled India from the 13th century Ad to 1947 Ad. They were foreigners. Indo-Aryans, who had in¬vaded Indian subcontinent in the middle of the second millennium B.C. and thereafter established their rule here. were also foreigners. The present day Hindu rulers are the remote descendants of those Indo-Aryans. They made India their homeland and so did the Muslims. The Christians (British) were the only exception.

The Sikhs fought against the Mughals and other Muslim rulers of India but the Mughals never attacked the Golden Temple or Harmandar Sahib though they com¬mitted horrible atrocities on them. The British, too, did not hurt the religious feelings of the Sikhs by attacking Golden Temple though they had fought three wars with the Sikh rulers of Punjab. (edited as ; Abdali attacked Golden temple in 1761 and razed it to ground as he was irritated on release of 22,000 Hindu women and youths from his caravan, being taken as slaves to Kabul by Sikhs in Malwa region of Punjab under command of Jassa Singh Ahluwalia).

Strangely it is the Hindu rulers who claim that the Sikhs are their integral part and yet they have invaded Golden Temple Complex by sending Armed Forces, equipped with the Main Battle Tanks and heavy Armor and vengefully destroyed the Akal Takht, the holy shrine of the Sikhs.

Prior to this, in the early eighties, peasant revolts engulfed large parts of India, as the negative consequences of the so called Green Revolution started impacting on their livelihood. The areas in which this green Revolution had maximum impact — Punjab, Haryana, Western UP, parts of Rajasthan and Karnataka — witnessed widespread peasant struggles. The working class too was waging major battles following the Emergency, in defence of its rights, in the major industrial centres of the country — Mumbai, Faridabad, Delhi, Chennai, Kanpur and so on. In Punjab, the struggle became intense. To crush this revolt of the workers and peasants, to divide and disorient them, the Indian state with the help of its agencies deliberately fomented divisions on the basis of Hindu and Sikh. The people of the Sikh faith were portrayed as anti national — enemies of national unity and territorial integrity. The working class all over the country and peasantry outside Punjab was called upon to line up behind the state to crush the “enemies of the state”. During the 1982 Asian Games in Delhi all people of Sikh faith — from retired and serving Generals of the Armed Forces to ordinary Sikh workers – were typecast as potential terrorists.

Following Operation Blue Star, the army organized Operation Woodrose, unleashing a reign of terror on people in the rural areas of Punjab and attacking rural gurudwaras. Thousands of innocents were killed in this operation.

The day of attack, 3rd June 1984, which was being observed as martyrdom day of Guru Arjan, was intentionally chosen by Indira Gandhi and her Hindu govern¬ment mainly for two reasons. Firstly, she wanted to show indignity to the religious heritage of the Sikhs and challenge their faith. Secondly, she wanted to entrap and massacre as many Sikhs as possible, because they had assembled there in large numbers to have a holy dip in the Sarovar and pay obeisance on that memorable day. On 3rd June the Sikhs pilgrims gathered in thousands and thronged the Golden Temple Complex. They came to observe the martyrdom day from every nook and corner of India and even from abroad. As such, choosing of this auspicious day by Indira Gandhi to take military action was a monstrous crime against humanity which no civilized nation could have thought of much less to carry it out. However, the government in the White (Lie) Paper published in July 1984 naively tried to justify the timing of military action-under the protect that Sant Bhindran-wale had instructed his followers to massacre the Hin¬dus on 5th June, To give credence to this white lie Indira Gandhi alleged to have intercepted such a message having been sent by Sant Bhindranwale to the Sikh peas¬antry. On what date the alleged message was sent by Bhindranwale and when it was intercepted by the government is still a mystery. If for sake of arguments it is admitted that such an absurd lie was true Indira Gandhi could have advanced the timing of the savage attack by a few days although even then such an attack could not have been considered justified b\ any reason. This dis¬information and lie was spread only to camouflage the monstrous plan of Indira Gandhi and her government. But as an army observer I reveal the intention of making strategy by army HQ to attack on this day while large congregation was expected, was beneficial to army. Its soldiers could take cover of Sikh congregation and move safely in their cover to capture Akal takhat. (The army generally takes cover of animals and soldiers takes cover to move forward safely) same  strategy was applied here but it was failed as attacks was heavily repulsed by Sikh youths.

It is non-the-less crystal clear from the actual fact that Indira Gandhi and her government had intention¬ally chosen the martyrdom day of Guru Arjun for launching savage military attack on the Golden Temple Complex simply to challenge the Sikhs and their religion and force them-to surrender (themselves before the Hindus. Whether or not she succeeded in her sinister design to subdue the Sikhs is yet to be evaluated.

1st June 1984

The para military forces had already fortified their positions in the privalf buildings surrounding Ihp Golden Temple Complex. The Hindus voluntarily vacated and offered their residential and commercial buildings which the para military forces considered strategic for mili­tary action and the Sikhs were forcibly pushed out of their buildings which were required to facilitate the attack. These para military forces, equipped with modern and sophisticated weapons, started unprovoked and sudden firing at Guru Ram Das Langar building where Sant Bhindranwale and some of his followers were present on the terrace. Their aim was to kill Bhindranwale but he was escorted by his body guards downstairs. The CRPF started firing at twelve forty mid-noon and continued it till seven O’clock in the evening. The dauntless militant Singhs. trained and positioned by Major General Shahbeg Singh, an expert in guerrilla war fare. did not return fire for strategic reasons although a dozen of innocent pil­grims were killed and more than 30 bullets hit the Golden Temple. The main purpose of attack on the Golden Tem­ple Complex by the CRPF was to probe positions taken by the defenders of the Complex as well as to exhaust their ammunition if they retaliated. The para military forces failed in both their objectives as the defenders’ guns remained silent.

When the CRPF opened fire the army officers were present beside them with a view to observing and study­ing the positions of the defenders of the Golden Temple Complex. But they could achieve little except hitting the Golden Temple and Guru Ram Das Langar building where Bhindranwale held his daily congregation.

Courtesy : THE GALLANT DEFENDER by Sh. AR Darshi

http://www.bhindranwale.net/sikhismbooks/the-gallant-defender.html  A R Darshi



 AS Randhawa

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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