DSGMC organizes trip to USA to its members, exp. to be covered by Guru di Golak.

It has been revealed through internal sources of DSGMC that a the committee is taking a group of 18 to 21 members ona holiday trip to USA at the cost of sangat’s money very soon. All the preparations are made and members selected for honeymooning. It will be trip for almost 10 days and all expenses to be bore by DSGMC.

May i know which purpose are they going to solve in US or they are going to attend any protest in front of UN against India(which they can’t dare), than what for? Is there any panthik masla in US which this team needs to sort it out? Why Manjit Singh GK and Manjinder Singh Sirsa always make programes to spend the money donated by Sikh sangat? Does the golaks mean to be emptied for honeymoon trips of members?

If this team visits US, the Sikhs in US should question them the purpose of their visit. Such high expenses to appease the members was also never made by Sarna, he went abroad but generally alone but Manjit Singh GK allows visits of members at the expense of Guru di Golak.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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