June 1984, Light of Trurh – 20.


Operation Bluestar – 10 days. June 1984-timeline.

2nd June

The Indian army had already completely sealed the international border right from Jammu and Kashmir to Ganga Nagar. At the same time at least seven divisions of army were extensively deployed in all villages of Pun­jab and the troops took up their predetermined positions. Tanks. Artillery and Armed Personnel Carriers (APC) were also pressed into service. By the nightfall media and the press were gagged: the rail. road and air services in Punjab were suspended. All channels of communications in the state were snapped. Foreigner’s entry into Punjab was banned. In short Punjab was totally cut off from the rest of the country and the world. The whole state was completely besieged by the Armed Forces. 


Military Rule was imposed and General Gauri Shankar was appointed as the Security Advisor to the Governor of Punjab. The civil administration and para military forces were placed under the control of the Army. It was actually an imposition of Martial Law in Punjab. 


During the night the Army replaced CRPF and BSF around the Golden Temple Complex and besieged it com­pletely. Water supply and electric connections were com­pletely cut off to add to the miseries of the inhabitants of the Golden Temple Complex. It was perhaps the hot­test month of June in this century.


At least seven divisions of the army are deployed in villages of Punjab. By nightfall the media and the press are gagged; the rail, road and air services in Punjab are suspended. Foreigners’ and NRIs’ entry is banned. The water and electricity supply is cut off.   


Courtesy : THE GALLANT DEFENDER by Sh. AR Darshi





Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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