Power of Amrit (Nectar) which differentiate Sikhs from Hindus;

The 4th June also reminds me the sad incident of Ramleela Ground where thousands of Hindus were agitating with Baba Ramdev. 


                  Baba Ramdev in ladies wear Salwar Kameez.

In the midnight Police stormed them, lathi charged, a number of youths wounded, Police didn’t spare the women also, beaten them with canes. One young woman Raj Bala expired due to this cane charge in hospital. Baba Ramdev disappeaered but he was seen in ladies wear SALWAR KAMEEZ at Dehradun airport.

What happened ahead is part of history, not my subject to discuss here but,how disgusting was to see a leader having millions of followers escaped wearing women clothing in a cowardice manner. 

On the other hand, there was a lion who taught a lesson to Indian army and stopped its advance for 72 hrs. The mighty army couldn’t cover the 200 meters distance in 72 hrs but handful mighty Sikh youths gave such a stiff resistance to mighty army that its Infantry division surrendered and Generals swept. Ultimately they deployed heavy armor and Tanks to kill these handful Sikh youths.

This is not a miracle but power of Amrit initiated into veins of Khalsa by 10th master, all sacrificed their lives defending their faith, none surrendered whereas everyone fled from Ramleela ground including its leaders of bunch of cowards.

And these cowards feel honored by calling Sikhs as part of their religion but leave no stone unturned to defame them or harm them. All the fanatic org of saffron terror are there deployed for this purpose only but none dares to challenge openly and face Sikhs face to face anywhere in Punjab.


Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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