June 1984, Light of Truth – 25.

7th June 


The main military operation ended in the morning of 7th June. The day followed with setting afire the li­brary building which had preserved invaluable histori­cal works, manuscripts of the Sikh Gurus and other reli­gious scriptures like Guru Granth Sahib. The army set afire the library building on 7th June deliberately. It is a white lie to say (hat it caught fire accidentally by cross firing between the Army and the militant Sikhs. And it is an absurd and a vulgar lie to add that when the Indian army tried to put down the fire the Sikh militants had fired at them and prevented them from extinguishing the fire. Who would himself destroy invaluable religious scrip­tures of their own faith written by their Gurus9 This very idea looks absurd and obnoxious. 


Brutalities committed by the Indian Army on the Sikhs during Operation Blue Star. were shocking and ter­rific. Innocent Sikhs old, young and children, were mer­cilessly slaughtered. Women were raped by the soldiers. Valuable articles like T.V. sets. VCR. refrigerators and other electronic gadgets, besides ornaments of gold and diamonds, were looted and usurped by the Army. Not less than 4 quintals of gold was seized and usurped by the Army from the Tosha Khana and the Complex. 


This gold comprised the offerings and gifts pre­sented by the devotees. All soldiers and some officers of the Indian Army carried away everything and anything which they happened to lay hand at. 


It has been mentioned earlier that the army dia­bolically massacred the Sikhs. The total number of Sikhs killed including the pilgrims could not be less than five thousand. The buildings around the Golden Temple Com­plex destroyed by bombardment were nearly seven hun­dred. This is the most conservative estimate of casual­ties. 


The dead bodies were lying scattered everywhere. The soldiers did not lift the corpses. Instead the Army asked the Municipal authorities to employ their sweep­ers to remove the dead bodies but the latter refused to oblige them. They. however, willy nilly agreed to lift the dead bodies only after accepting bottles of rum. The sweepers were also allowed to remove wrist watches, gold rings and other ornaments from the dead bodies. They then loaded the corpses in the trolleys like gunny bags which were then taken out side the city. They piled up the corpses and burnt them together. No formal rituals were performed. This was the shabby respect shown by the Indian government to the dead bodies.

No proper postmortem of the dead bodies was con­ducted. However to give an impression that postmortem was done. about a hundred bodies were carried to the mortuaries where doctors from the neighbouring districts had already been summoned. The doctors completed the formalities on the papers. Some of the doctors whom I later contacted confirmed that some dead bodies had their hands tied behind their back. and some bore marks of ropes and turbans on their arms. Still some dead bodies had their turbans tied around their hands but knots be­hind their backs were opened. One doctor told me that he found a young Sikh still breathing and yet he was brought by the army for postmortem. The doctor explained to the officer in-charge deputed for the purpose that the youth should be taken to the operation theatre for imme­diate treatment. The army officer of course took away the breathing young man, shot him dead and brought the corpse back any told the doctor “Look here. he is dead. The doctor was shocked as he had heard the gunfire out­side the mortuary.


Could the acts of devils and monsters be more cruel and brutal than the ones committed by the Indian Army? Yes of course the soldiers and officers of the Army sur­passed the monsters. Some of the senior army officers naively tried to justify such savage and barbaric acts by arguing that the soldiers had lost their temper because of unusually heavy casualties they had suffered at the hands of the militant Sikhs during the operation Blue Star. How shameful the argument is ! Had the army not killed thousands of Sikhs including innocent pilgrims? 


It is a white lie published in the White Paper by the Indian government that the army did not kill any woman, child, or innocent Sikh: and that no bullet was fired at the Golden Temple, sanctum sanctorum. To fur­ther justify monstrous acts committed by the Army the government shamelessly accused that the militant Sikhs during Operation Blue Star had also committed brutali­ties on the army personnel. How ridiculous this proposi­tion looks. The victors always write history in their own favour and depict their adversary in dark.




Dr. Davinder Sharma (PCMS) who had conducted the postmortem of Sant Bhindrawala turned out missing a few days later. According to the postmortem report. Sant Bhindrawale died instantly. He had written on his report, ‘In my opinion that is due to shock and hemmorhage as a result of a massive head injury accompained with multiple fractures which was sufficient to cause death.” The doctor had timed the postmortem at 8 pm and that according to him, Sant Bhindranwale died approximately about 5 pm on June 7, 1984. The police in the medical records did mention the cause of death as a result of firearms injury.



“The continued resistance from the ground floor and the basement of the Akal Takht was tackled during the night of June 6-7. When this resistance was “finally” over¬come the troops commenced a thorough search of the ground floor and the basement. The bodies of Shri Bhin¬dranwale and Amrik Singh were found among 34 other bodies on the ground floor of the Akal Takht.”

The word “finally” used in the second sentence is very important as it clearly indicates that the fight in the ground floor and the basement of the Akal Takht was continuing in the morning of 7th June or continued even later. Here, testimony of captain Harcharan Singh, brother of Sant Bhindranwale, is very significant. He said that body of his brother, which was lying on the ice slab insi’de the main entrance, of Golden Temple Complex was shown to him by the military authorities at about 3.30 P.M. on 7th June and that it was beyond recognition. The statement of the doctor who had prepared the postmor¬tem report of Sant Bhindranwale corroborated the testi¬mony of Harcharan Singh by saying that the deceased’s right face was so badly iniured and disfigured by bomb-blast that it was beyond identification or recognition.

Time of postmortem mentioned in the postmortem report is 8 P.M. whereas the body was taken to the mor¬tuary at 7,30 P.M. It means that the alleged postmortem was conducted after 8 P.M. But this fact, too, stands to¬tally falsified by the statements of the Deputy Commis¬sioner, Superintendent of Police ofAmritsar district, and Director of Health Services Punjab government who were present at the time of cremation of Sant Bhindranwale. They categorically stated that the cremation had taken place much before the sunset on 7th June. Hence it can be concluded that actually no postmortem of Sant Bhin¬dranwale was conducted and only formal report was pre¬pared by the doctors. The doctors had later confirmed this fact. The Sant had sustained more than a dozen bullet injuries all over his body besides having his right face blasted off. It is, therefore, amply proved that he had at¬tained martyrdom while fighting the Army in the Akal Takht some times after 8 A.M. on 7th June 1984. There¬fore. the rumours spread or assertions made by some cynic Hindu Press reporters or writers that the Sant had sur¬rendered himself before the army on the 6th or 7th June and then he was shot dead are all rubbish and absurd. Such mischievous elements have maliciously tried to de¬molish and belittle the heroic sacrifice of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

Inspite of the proven fact that Sant Bhindranwale had attained martyrdom I thought it advisable before writing this book to seek advice from Baba Joginder Singh. father of the Sant. He emphatically said that the Sant was in “Charhdi Kala”. that is “he was alive and in high spirits.” Similar was the assertion made by Baba Thakar Singh. Acting Jathedar of Dam Dmi Taksal. Their mystic expression perhaps reflect their firm belief in immortality of the soul and also that a martyr never dies. he lives for ever and ever. Therefore im¬mortal soul of Sant Bhindranwale will dwell in the hearts of the Khalsa and will inspire them to live with dignity and die with honour.





After 22 years of Operation Blue Star, an eyewitness to the cremation of Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala has came forward with an account of the cremation performed on the night of June 7,1984. Sikhs observe June 6, the day of the operation, as Genocide Day’ all over the world on June 6 to observe the day.

Sikh leader Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was killed in the military assault conducted by the Indian army on June 6, 1984. Sant Bhindrawale’s dead body was recovered on June 7 and was cremated the same night at Amritsar. For about 20 years, the Damdami Taksal had kept telling people that Baba Ji was alive and safe. Attached is a post mortem report of Sant Bhindranwale.

On the night of June 7, when Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala was cremated past midnight, an eyewitnesses hiding there had seen at least 750 dead bodies of Sikhs brought to the cremation ground. Besides others, the then Deputy Commissioner Ramesh Inder Singh was present at the site of cremation till the body of Sant Bhindrawale was confined to flames.

Bhai Budh Singh alias Bhai Baldev Singh who had once formed the Khalistan Brigade has told the Sahara Times of India in an exclusive interview that Sant Bhindranwale’s body was cremated in the cremation ground, adjouning Gurdwara Shahinda Baba Deep Singh near Chati Wind Gate on the morning of June 7, 1984. He claimed that he was present in the cremation ground at that time in the guise of a mentally retarted person.

Bhai Budh Singh accompanied this correspondent to the creamation ground and pointed out the spot where the Sant’s body was cremated in the presence of senior district civil personel and police officers. He said that a police officer who had performed ‘ardas’ ceremony before the cremation was still alive and he identified him. He further said that the bodies of Gen. Subeg Singh and Bhai Amrik Singh were also cremated in the same cremation ground.

Bhai Budh Singh said that the then Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar Mr. Rameshinder Singh along with other officals had collected the ashes of Sant Bhindranwala at 10:00 am on June 9. He claimed they were immersed in the Satluj River at Kiratpur Sahib and an entry there in the name of Baba Jarnail Singh is there as a matter of record. He said that he knew some other eyewitnesses who had seen the ‘dead body’ of Sant Bhindrawale.

Bhai Budh Singh said that his house was adjacent to the cremation ground. He added that he had so far kept mum to avoid any controversy in his name. He said that he had counted that about 750 unidentified dead bodies were brought by the police to the creamation ground during a period of two days. The body of Sant Bhindranwale was taken to the mortuary at 7:30 PM on June, 7.

Bhai Budh Singh claimed that Baba Jarnail Singh had come out of the Akal Takht at 8:45 a.m. on June 6 and was shot to death near the Nishan Sahib. He added that his dead body was carried up to darshani deori on ghanta ghar side under the supervision of D.S.P. Apar Singh Bajwa who had since been retired. He said that these facts were based on a report of his sources in the complex. He said that Sant’s brother Harcharan Singh Rode had identified the body in the darshani deori itself.

Bhai Budh Singh claimed that he had a long association with Sant Bhindrwale and was hurt when Damdami Taksal declared the Sant alive and raised an unnecessary controversy over many years. He said that he was also close confidant of Mr. Jagjit Singh Chauhan, head of the ‘Khalistan’ government-in-exile’, and stated that he had installed and operated the transmission of Khalistan radio near Amritsar.

He said that he was staying in the dera of Sant Charan Singh of Bir Sahib Thathikhara in Amritsar district till the day when police whisked away Sant Charan Singh about two years back. He added that the where abouts of Sant Charan Singh were not known till date. He continued on saying that he had started construction of a Gurdwara in the memory of those 13 Sikh ‘Martyrs’ who were killed in the Sikh-Nirankari clash but that due to financial problems only the foundation had been built.

No prayers stir the silence under golden dome of the Golden Temple. There are no priests left to intone them. They are all dead or missing. The musical instruments, which at all times drummed out the tones and rhythms of worship are quiet for the first time in centuries. There are no visitors, only soldiers. The Sikhs Holy Bible is closed, covered by a blue cloth. There is no one to read its scriptures. It is like the Vatican without a Pope. At the other end of the causeway that links the Temple to the Akhal Takhat, the second most sacred shrine in Sikhdom, the quiet is more permanent.”Ross Benson of the Daily Express, London, June 19 1984.


 Ajmer Singh Randhawa.




4 Responses to “June 1984, Light of Truth – 25.”

  1. Anupreet Kaur Says:

    thank you so much for all this information. although we are nothing in front of the martyrs but knowing about them always raise to the high spirits.. hats off to you for collecting and sharing everything..

  2. Amarjot Says:

    Thank u sir for posting this and I also think that the Indian army use the chemical weapon in the akkal takat

    • asrandhawa Says:

      No, any chemical weapon was not used in Darbar sahib or its complex but a report reveals as ……. “Grenades and poisonous gas shells were thrown at the men, women and children, who had locked themselves in the rooms, bathrooms and toilets of Guru Nanak Niwas, Guru Ram Das sarai and Teja Singh Samundri Hall. Those who tried to come out were pierced with bayonets and shot dead. Some soldiers caught hold of small babies and children by their feet, lifted them up in the air and then smashed them against the walls and thus breaking their skulls.” ~ Harvinder Kaur; Blue Star Over Amritsar (Delhi, 1990) ”It was a virtual massacre. A large number of women, children and pilgrims were gunned down.” ~
      (As reported by The Guardian on 13th June 1984). 

  3. jagga singh Says:

    Hero sikh worries

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