How GK books in India give wrong information on Sikh history?


Mr. Binay,

Lucent Publication,

D N Das  lane, Bengali Akhara,

Langartoli, Patna – 800 004.

Contact number of accused Binay karna:- 0091-612-230-1238.

Co-accused:- Sanjiv 0091-98011 29674


You are a fake writer and have no knowledge of Sikh religion but dared to disrespect 10th master of Sikh religion Guru Gobind Singh ji and an accused to distort Sikh history deliberately to misguide the learners in your book published on General knowledge. I would suggest you to improve your own general knowledge before you guide others.

In fact these stupid writers hide the facts that Lord Rama committed suicide by jumping in Saryu river and Lord Krishana was murdered by an arrow shot by a Bheel (tribal man). For evidence they may see their own mythological books called Ramayana and Mahabharata.


You write Banda Bahadur as successor of Guru Gobind singh ji, there is not any successor to him. He bestowed the Guruship to eternal Guru Granth sahib Jii at Nanded. Banda Bahadar or Gurbaksh singh was only one of his commander or general who was given charge to attack on Sirhind and punish Wazir khan.


Secondly it was Wazir khan who provoked these pathan youths to kill Guru to revenge death of their father. They were already in service and beloved of Guru. There father was killed by Guru ji in a battle. Even then Guru ji was very kind upon them and took care of them since their childhood. The Guru’s wound was immediately stitched by the Emperor’s European surgeon and within a few days it appeared to have been healed. The injury had been contained and the Guru had made a good recovery. However, several days later, when the Guru tugged at a hard strong bow, the imperfectly healed wound burst open and caused profuse bleeding. It was again treated but it was now clear to the Guru that the call of the Father from Heaven had come. He prepared the sangat (holy congregation) for his departure; instruction were given to the immediate main Sewadars and finally he gave his last and enduring message of his mission to the assembly of the Khalsa.

He then opened the Granth Sahib, placed five paise and solemnly bowed to it as his successor, GURU GRANTH SAHIB. Saying ‘Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh’, he walked around the Guru Granth Sahib and proclaimed, “O beloved Khalsa, let him who desireth to behold me, behold the Guru Granth. Obey the Granth Sahib. It is the visible body of the Gurus. And let him who desires to meet me, search me in the hymns.”

He then sang his self-composed hymn: “Agya bhai Akal ki tabhi chalayo Panth Sabh Sikhan ko hukam hai Guru manyo Granth Guru Granth Ji manyo pargat Guran ki deh Jo Prabhu ko milbo chahe khoj shabad mein le Raj karega Khalsa aqi rahei na koe Khwar hoe sabh milange bache sharan jo hoe.”

Translation of the above: “Under orders of the Immortal Being, the Panth was created. All the Sikhs are enjoined to accept the Granth as their Guru. Consider the Guru Granth as embodiment of the Gurus. Those who want to meet God, can find Him in its hymns. The Khalsa shall rule, and its opponents will be no more, Those separated will unite and all the devotees shall be saved.

“Third false claim that Guru Gobind Singh was murdered. Could you kindly tell who witnessed his body lying in pool of blood and who cremated him?  Where was his horse NEELA whose descendents are still loved and taken care by Khalsa at Nanded?

His body or his horse NEELA was not found as he prepared a pyre and along with his horse, he entered in this pyre and left to heavenly abode with his horse.

But Guru was again seen at MANMAAD. Guru Gobind Singh ji who went to heavenly abode (Sachkhand) on 7th Oct 1708 at Nanded (Hazoor Sahib), reappeared from heaven rescued and brought two royal prisoners from Satara Fort by air route to MANMAD by holding the stirrups (RAKAAB) of his horse. The names of those prisoners were Balarao and Rustumrao respectively ?

This is in records with heirs of those kings (The ruling family of Satara-Maharashtra) The names of those prisoner kings were Balarao and Rustumrao respectively ?

In fourth order of distortion, you write that the 9th guru was captured by Aurangzeb? Here you deliberately tried to ignore the prayer of Kashmiri pandits in the court of Guru to save Hindu religion. Read this story why guru chose to give sacrifice of his own life  to save Hindu religion and sent a message to Aurangzeb that “He (the Guru) is master and representative of Hindus. If he gets converted into Islam, all the Hindus of this nation sahll embrace Islam.” And then Aurangzeb called him Delhi. Guru chose the route via Agra from where he was taken into custody. He offered himself for the sacrifice, not captured like criminals. Mind it.

I tried to call at these given numbers but Binay’s phone was informed out of service whereas Sanjiv didn’t dare to receive my phone.

This is an example how the boook publishers, and RSS mind is working to distort history and stealing the martyrs by calling them hindus as they themselves have nothing to decalre, there own Savarkar apologized from British by writing a letter (MAFINAMA) by writing a letter to British and got released from Cellular jail of Andman Nikobar, also known as KAALA PAAANI.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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  1. sunil kumar singh Says:

    lucent publication

  2. How GK books in India give wrong information on Sikh history? | Voice of Sikh nation Says:

    Eryn Civils

    Mr. Binay, Lucent Publication, D N Das  lane, Bengali Akhara, Langartoli, Patna – 800 004. Contact number of accused Binay karna:- 0091-612-230-1238. Co-accused:- Sanjiv 0091-98011 29674 You are a fake writer and have no knowledge of Sikh religion but…

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