How some oversmart Sikhs misguide young generation on Operation Bluestar for their vested interests in India?


SUPREME COURT ADVOCATE HS PHOOLKA IS ALSO AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THIS FORUM. He is requested to issue a statement if he too calls Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala and his followers Terrorists and whether he also approves army attck on Golden Temple as called ‘to flush out terrorists?’

It has been learnt that a so-called ‘Sikh forum’ at Hemkunt colony in South Delhi is appreciating govt. of india and approves the attack on Harmandar sahib in June 1984. This forum consists some veterans generals from indian army who misguide the ignorant Sikhs who are unaware of the facts of Operation Bluestar in June 1984.

We posted full account of this attack on this social website continuously for 28 days in month of May and June 2014 to shed light on facts and betrayals by Indian govt.You can read them on this blog in previous posts.Our mission is to enlighten Sikh youths, the generation born and grown up after 1984 how every attempt was made to eliminate Sikhs in India in 1984 by Indira Gandhi and than his son Rajiv Gandhi. both of them were decorated with BHARAT RATNA for their merytorious achievements. If Sikhs are there in India, its because of militants who sacrificed their lives to save our pride, our culture, our new generation, our religion and the Turban of a Sikh. The congress govt. left no stone un-turned to eliminate us.



It was really disheartning to hear and read the views of 30 year old Sikh group ‘The Sikh Forum’ where they have expressed there views via Seminar n Souvenir that” Army Entered Sri Darbar Sahib to flush Armed Militants who were disgracing the shrine.”

When we were informed of their these misguiding views, we sent a brief email to aware them on some facts and have asked themsome questions which we are going to share with our readers as follows;

Dear sir,

Waheguruji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh.


 It was really disheartning to hear n read the views of your only 30 year old Sikh group ‘The Sikh Forum’ where your honorable members have expressed their views via Seminar n Soevenier that “Army Entered Sri Darbar Sahib to flush Armed Militants who were disgracing the shrine.”

In this regard, i would like to keep some facts before i go on lengthy discussion on this issue. I shall be highly obliged if you please answer few questions given below;

*Would any of your honorable member reveal why the army was giving training to its soldiers 18 months before the attack in Chakrata hills in Doon valley, 90 kms away from Dehra Dun? Whereas I am aware Sant Jarnail Singh had not moved to Akal takhat by that time. He shifted his base to Akal Takhat in end of 1983.

*The attack was to take place regardless Sardar Gurdev Singh, District Magistrate at Amritsar until shortly before the invasion, is on record (letter addressed to I.K.Gujral, dated 26 January 1996, published in Abstract of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh, October-December 1996, pp. 106-111) as having assured the Governor of the state that he could arrest anyone in Darbar Sahib at any time. When Sardar Gurdev Singh told Governor Pandey that if the object was to arrest Bhindranwale, there was no need for the Army to act and that he could do it; the Governor is said to havereplied: “That is not the point”. And when Gurdev singh refused to sign and approve military action, history books and the SGPC’s own whitepaper recorded that Ramesh Inder Singh, an IAS officer was brought in as Amritsar deputy commissioner (DC) just before the launch of the military assault on Sri Harmander Sahib after his predecessor Gurdev Singh Brar was made to proceed on leave when he refused to sign and approve military action. Yet, following Operation Bluestar, Ramesh Inder was appointed CM Badal’s principal secretary when he came into power in 1997 and then became the chief secretary when the SAD returned to power in 2007. After retirement, he was appointed the chief information commissioner (CIC) of Punjab.

Why was the GOI not interested in arrest of any wanted person from Darbar sahib complex? Why was it keen to kill all Sikhs inside Darbar sahib?

*If you approve the attack by saying that Army Entered Sri Darbar Sahib to flush Armed Militants who were disgracing the shrine, please why ‘Surya’ Magazine revealed the secret as following;

An incredible story based on exclusive information provided by ! the officers of the RAW (research analysis wing / indian military intelligence agency / Indian state terrorist agency) was published by the ‘Surya’ in its issue— of September, 1984. It revealed the story a bout a super intelligence agency called the ‘Third Agency’. It noted : “We focus pre-Blue Star Punjab. The Third Agency’s assignment was to mid and abet the murders and killings in Punjab. The Third Agency kept the supply of lethal weapons flowing into the Golden Temple. The Third Agency allowed 47 railway stations be blown up. The Third Agency incited violence in Punjab. And for their gallant roles, senior officers of the Third Agency have been rewarded with police medals and prize foreign postings.” (Source: INDIA COMMITS SUICIDE by G.S.Dhillon. 1992)

*whetehr at the time of the attack, was there any court case or summons pending against Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale.? And if not,  Is it reasonable for a government to send in the Army to devastate a religious place because it is allegedly controlled by a person against whom it has no legal charges?

*Is it criminal to be popular? Should a person and all his associates be condemned to death for this crime? We need to ponder over it.


*Former General VK Singh, chief of army staff revealed in his book ‘Couarge and Conviction’ that Indira took a political decision to attack and flush out the militants and army had to compromise.(By: General VK Singh with kunal Verma Aleph book Company. Rs. 595, PP 363).

But question arises whether Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale and his followers were terrorists? If so, who and when declared them terrorist? Was any warrant pending against Sant Jarnail Singh or whether he was wanted by any Court of law or Indira Gandhi levelled him a terrorist just for her vested interests to see Congress rule in Punjab? What is the criteria to call one terrorist in India, whether any popularity of a person makes him throne in eyes of PM and Ministry of home affairs that they just defame a saint person as a terrorist?

Who will answer them?

*But if General VK Singh is believed on planning of attack in end of May 1984, then why Genral SK Sinha revealed in his book ‘Last resort’ as the army was giving training to it’s soldiers in Chakrata (Doon valley) 18 months before the attack?  But we believe the version of attack being political and the specific day of operation on martyrdom day of fifth Guru of Sikh religion to give a cover to army personals in complex to reach safely and take possession of Sri Akal Takhat which failed. General Sunderji had assured that the army will take over the control within no time but it was stopped for 72 hrs to cover a distance of only 200 meters. The army was compelled to use heavy Arty and Armor to demolish the historical building of supreme and temporal seat of Sikh religion and to kill the last 14 Sikh militants.

*The Generals of Indian army had assured the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi that they will get control of Akal Takhat sahib within just half an hour only. And shall arrest Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwala dead or alive. Indira Gandhi had given such orders to General Vaidya, the Commanding officer in chief of Indian army as; “I don’t give a damn if the Golden Temple and whole of Amritsar are destroyed, I want Bhindranwale dead.” (Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister, communicating with Gen. Vaidya during “Operation Blue Star”)



*Sant Ji never ordered murder of any innocent person and he consistently condemned violence against innocent people. However, he did name certain police officers who had been guilty of torturing and killing innocent people whose only crime was that they belonged to the Bhindranwale Jatha. In this context, please permit me to quote from my book “Struggle for Justice” my conversation with I.K. Gujral in 1987 by a Sikh scholar Ranbir Singh Sandhu.

“Hindu leaders were content to go along with the Government or indeed to demand more strict action against the Sant. They paid no heed to the Sant’s complaints of violation of human rights in Punjab. Typical of this attitude was a statement by Gujral who said, in the course of an eloquent speech, that the Sikh struggle had been peaceful but was taken over by violent elements. This writer (Ranbir Singh Sandhu) asked him if he was referring to Sant Bhindranwale as the violent elements’. He agreed. This writer reminded him that Sant Bhindranwale, in one of his speeches, had mentioned that over 140 persons had been killed and another one thousand crippled in police torture up to that date and that the Sikhs had tried persuasion with the police, legal action in the courts and appeals to the national leaders and the press but that nobody had made any effort to stop the torture and the killings in custody, and that the Sant had then gone on to ask the public as to how long the Sikhs should continue to quietly suffer without defending themselves? This writer asked Gujral as to whether, in his opinion or according to his information, Sant Bhindranwale was lying and if not, what did leaders like him do about the killings and torture by the police and what should the Sant have done in the face of this oppression? Gujral replied that he had never thought about the problem from that point of view.”

Incidentally, RS Sandhu sent Gujral a copy of the above with a request that he may correct him if his notes of the conversation were not correct. he did not get a reply.

*It is well referenced that the then Rajya Sabha member and prominent leader of the BJP, Mr LK Advani wrote in his subsequent memoirs that:

“On May 3 (1984) Atalji, along with Charan Singh, led a contingent of demonstrators the next day. I raised the issue in Parliament, charging the government with abdication of its responsibility in the face of unprecedented challenge to national unity and rule of law… the Prime Minister was ultimately forced to use the military to liberate the Golden Temple from its anti-national occupants.”


Then why did the President of Bhartiya Janta Party persuaded Indira? There are may be many reasons behind it but there is no doubt that he fuelled in fire just because of his biased thoughts of anti Sikh views. The effect of Sant Jarnail Singh was noticed upon Sikh youths, they dropped use of intoxications and followed true path of Sikh religion by embracing Sikh religion through Amrit initiation. Thousands of youths flocked for Amrit initiation daily in Sikh Gurudwaras, it increased tension on fanatic Hindu organization—the Rss (Rashtriya Swaynsewak Sangh) because it wanted to merge Sikh religion as sect of Hinduism, and because the conflict between true (Radical) Khalsa and Brahminic Hindus (high class Hindus) was on high esteem, both are against each other. The Sikh religion de-recognize its high class status in society and opposes idol worship. Hence these fanatic Hindus found their grip loosing on Sikh youths. Thus the Lal Krishan Adwani got a golden opportunity to avenge from Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale and incited Indira Gandhi to invade on greatest Sikh shrine —-the Golden Temple by Indian army.

However, it must be admitted that he was a devout Sikh and baptized thousands of  people into manifold of Khalsa.


“The Sant’s following grew as he successfully regenerated the ‘good’ life of purity, dedication and hard work by reviving these fundamental values of the Sikh religion’s way of life.” (Vandana Shiva: The Violence of the Green Revolution, Research Foundation for Science and Ecology, Dehra Dun, 1989.)

I hope I have made clear that Sant Bhindranwale did not get involved in politics. He was a simple preacher and had no political ambitions. On the other hand, it was politicians who surrounded him and, in killing him, also destroyed all the good work he had done in his parchar. I understand that today Punjab leads every other state in India in consumption of alcohol and drugs. Sant Bhindranwale was a scapegoat dubbed as Congress agent by the Akalis while he lived and eventually killed by the Congress government along with the revival he had so ably led.

*Even his critics admit that. Tavleen Singh tells us that he preached ‘Nashey chaddo, Amrit chhako, Gursikh bano’. (to drop usage of drugs, initiate Amrit to be pure Khalsa and be a true Sikh of Guru).


And Sd. Khushwant Singh writes: ‘Bhindranwale’s amrit prachar was a resounding success. Adults in their thousands took oaths in public to abjure liquor, tobacco and drugs and were baptized. Video cassettes showing blue films and cinema houses lost out to the village gurdwara. Men not only saved money they had earlier squandered in self-indulgence, but now worked longer hours on their lands and raised better crops. They had much to be grateful for to Jarnail Singh who came to be revered by them as Baba Sant Jarnail Singhji Khalsa Bhindranwale.’

*All above why were the pilgrims shot, it’s revealed that 1200 bodies were found with their hand tied at their back with their turbans. Any answer if you could give?

*In the end ……One family relayed what they had witnessed on June 6, 1984 after finally receiving special permission from the Army to take their elderly father’s body to a crematorium: “stench of putrid and burning flesh… bodies had all been brought there by dust carts and from the number of carts; the attendant estimated some 3,300 had so far been cremated.”

But an estimated ten thousand never returned to claim their shoes from the entrance to the Harmandar Sahib. Though the exact number of civilian casualties remains unknown but the people wearing these shoes never returned. These were those pilgrims/devotees who went inside the periphery of Harmandar sahib but thousands were those who wore their shoes and moving/residing/stayed inside the complex. They too were killed so I can estimate the death toll of civilians nearly 15,000 in all.

India Today opined, “Never before were the champions of civil liberties in India in such dire need of liberating themselves from the clutches of the law.”

In June 1984, even as the government closely orchestrated the return of foreign journalists a fortnight later for a special tour of the Darbar Sahib after a hurried clean-up, a young Associated Press journalist, who had managed to stay in Punjab during the attack, had already filed at least 1200—twice the government’s number—deaths in Amritsar city alone, killings by close-range shots of Sikhs with their hands still tied behind their backs, and subsequent dumping of bodies into garbage trucks.

A year later, in 1985, Indian civil liberties group Citizens for Democracy and distinguished jurist V.M. Tarkunde published findings of “sadistic torture, ruthless killings…calculated ill-treatment of women and children.” As the Government banned the report and arrested its authors and publishers, India today opined, “Never before were the champions of civil liberties in India in such dire need of liberating themselves from the clutches of the law.”

I could fill the pages but in brief i m compelled to wake you up from dilemma and the fast sleep you are in. Just do some research and then you will agree with Petty grew who said ….”“The army went into Darbar Sahib not to eliminate a political figure or a political movement but to suppress the culture of a people, to attack their heart, to strike a blow at their spirit and self-confidence.”

I hope to get a prompt reply anticipating a healthy discussion to prove me wrong. Please feel free to see the betrayals of GOI through Operation Bluestar at Voice of Sikh nation, every day a post was pasted on this blof for full month. You may kindly view which is even hardly 60% to 70% is published. I habe written a book which is ready to go to press. I hope soon it will clean the mist and show the clear sky to ignorant.

My warm regards and Guru fateh.



Ajmer Singh Randhawa.



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