Fake ritual (pakhand) under nose of task force and management at Darbar Sahib but none dared to stop it.

It has been reported that a girl was seen doing DANDOTE BANDAN) doing parkarma at Darbar Sahib, (taking circles of Darbar sahib in periphery by covering the distance by lying position with folded hands). This is a Hindu holy practice to bow before their deities and worship them.

Fake ritual

That is the evidence of increasing influence of RSS and Hindu lobby in holy Darbar Sahib. The silence of President of SGPC, Avtar Singh Makkar questions his integrity and loyalty to Guru Ghar. Why the deputed sewadars of task force not stopped that girl? Was she belonged to so influential family that her this anti-Sikh act ignored? If she was Hindu, than certainly this is a threat to Sikh customs and Sikhs should prepare themselves to witness these stupid scenes again in future.

But its more to condemn if she was a Sikh girl because every Sikh should attach with sabad guru, these fake rituals are not accepted by guru.


Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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