If 9/11 deserves a moment of silence then Palestine deserves to keep our mouths shut forever.

I am sure one day our Sikh homeland will be created and certainly in few years we will be stronger than India but whether it will give us any right to kill the innocent as India did with us in 1984?

No. It doesn’t.

We passed through agony of genocide twice in 1984, our holiest place was invaded by army for no reason but the Indira ordered to attack for political gains only. We went in suppression for few days only as there was anger in hearts but soon we controlled ourselves and retaliated by all means through wisdom, pen and Guns too. Now if we walk with our heads high in proud, certainly the Sikh militants deserve this credit.


We are out of agony then how could Israel who faced genocide be so cruel to another race? It should respect the the people of other faith. Muslim nations have enough money, why do they not make their army strong and help Jordan to retaliate Israel? There can not be peace until Israel is not taught a lesson, it may take another 100 years, the brutalities shall go on as i watch for the last 40 years.

The Sikh nation is full of great scholars, there is no lack of wisdom though the political leaders are sold out and media controlled by corporate houses, presently not with us so our voice is not heard but soon our legends, our scholars will fill this gap by their wisdom. We have the capability to answer the dirty tricks of Indian govt. to defame Sikh nation by using our pen.

So Sikh youths should study hard instead of wasting their precious time in clubs or living lavishly, they should know the realities. In future their own nation shall need their services. If they do not work hard now, how would they fill the gap?

So kick out Nashe (drugs) and alcohol but use their mind to study books, literature, history and war tactics. They should know use of weapons. Their is no future if they continue with drugs and alcohols, they should grow hairs and learn Gurbani, be obedient Sikhs. Only then a change in Khalsa can be brought.


Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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