Ban on film QAUM DE HEERE exposes nexus in between BJP and Congress, both anti-Sikh in nature

Qaum de heereQaumi heere

Indian media asking how could these assassins of Indira could be HEERE?

How could the Indian media come to know this fact until it gives honor to mass murderer and tyrant Indira who was responsible for attack on Darbar Sahib and killing of thousands innocent Sikhs of all ages-the pilgrims?

Sikhs do not forgive their enemies who dare to attack on their religious places. The attack on Gen. Brar in London is the chain reaction of this hate to these responsible people. Sikh nation can never forget the atrocities it faced in India, the hate to Indira is on the lips of every Sikh child.


Ex-Minister of Punjab Laxmikanta Chawla (anti-Panjabi).

As revealed, Home Minister Rajnath Singh received a letter from BJP leader and former Minister of Punjab Laxmikanta Chawla (who is well known for her anti Sikh views)which expressed release of this movie could be a threat to peace and harmony in Punjab. So Rajnath Singh talked to PS Badal on this issue and than a ban was imposed. It seems the consent of Badal was also there.

Satish Katyal, producer of the controversial Punjabi movie ‘Kaum de Heere’, has said that he suspects political pressure behind the withdrawal of the censor certificate of his movie by the Censor Board.

The movie is reportedly based on the assassination of former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

Katyal said, “It is an unethical practice by the Censor Board. On the 29th of May, the Censor Board gave us clearance after watching the movie four times. Then, on 17th of August, officers from the IB, MHA and the Censor Board watched the movie, and after watching the movie, they didn’t tell us anything.”

He said, “We were all set to release the movie on Friday, when at 7 pm on Thursday, we were told that they have some objections to the movie.”
“What I want to ask is that when they watched the movie on the 29th May and on the 17th August, there were no objections, what happened during these four days that now they have objections to the movie, and they have also withdrawn the censor certificate. Was it some political pressure”

He also asked that if the objection is due to political pressure, then how can politicians stop the movie without even watching it.

When asked what his next step would be, he replied, “We will reapply for a censor certificate because the Censor Board has withdrawn the certificate and not banned the movie. If things don?t work out, then we will approach the court.”

Earlier, Katyal had said that his film on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination is based on the life story of Satwant Singh and Beant Singh and does not contain any controversial stuff.

How can the Sikhs forget that Badal, Ramoowalia, Longowal. Tohra etc were all party in inviting Indira to attack on Darbar sahib in 1984> The letters/correspondence clips can be seen on net.

But the last question if Indian govt objects calling these martyrs as HEERE, would the coming generations or the Sikh history shall forget their sacrifice and valor to which they avenged? One should not forget that a call to Sikh nation was made from Akal Takhat to avenge this attack and to kill Indira gandhi. How could Akal Takhat disown the responsibility now? It should issue an official statement in honor to their martyrdom at the earliest.

She paid the price en. Vaidya was also chain reaction to operation bluestar.of invasion, the attempt on life of patit Brar was also a chain reaction, the assassination of Gen. Vaidya was also result of invasion.

These jewels are legends of Sikh nation and we are proud of them.
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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