Indian Courts allow alleged mass murderers of 1984 Sikh genocide to die their natural death, not interested to punish them.

My agony as Indian Sikh. Jusice has been served to them but by denial.

Congratulations to Indian judiciary– what a bold decision it took? I really wonder but appreciate the judges for giving acquittal to perpetarors and mass murderes of 1984 Sikh genocide once again. No justice should be given to Sikhs, they are warriors and capable to do justice themselves.

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No doubt the future of judges is thus secured after their retirement. They will certainly get good rehabilation and high profile job, foreign settlement to their kins and endless facilities.
Now after waiting justice for the last 30 years to Sikh nation, it appears to me as they are all thugs in special costumes and creating illusions to mislead the gullible public, they are all integral part of ruling class, we should now give up hopes of justice from Indian judiciary, no possibility of any justice to Sikhs in India.

Keep on doing such great work. let the perpetrators also enjoy their lives under ‘Z’ security, allowing them to die natural death, not interested in any punishment to them and let the victims suffer who attend every given date in courts for the last 30 years in the hope of justice which is impossible to deliver in their life time.

Sikhs are the most foolish people who do not know that Indian judicairy is part of Indian administration. How could they go against it?

I myself filed a petition in Delhi high court which was turned down to be accepted on flimsy grounds with a remark that petition is filed late. Whether gravity of offence dilutes if a petition is filed may be after 20 years in the cases where accused can be sent to gallows or to life imprisonment or imprisonment for over 3 years?
Ajmer kesri
Ajmer Singh Randhawa

2 Responses to “Indian Courts allow alleged mass murderers of 1984 Sikh genocide to die their natural death, not interested to punish them.”

  1. charanjit bajaj Says:

    1984 was nasoor a wound that’s uncured. ..and more over such injustice. …dhikkar hai….

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