Daily article on Sikh genocide 1984, how it was planned, organized and implemented all over India by Govt. Of India ?

To-day is 30th Sep. The sad anniversary of Sikh genocide 1984 is just one month ahead. I reserached a lot and tried to collect every information on this holocaust. It took me 2-3 years and now i have full information and hopefully abe to answer any querry. How it was organized, planned and implemented, its outcome, benefit to govt and loss to entire nation.

Sikh genocide 1984
The innocent Sikhs were killed or their movable and immovable properties were either set on arson , destroyed or looted, their helpless womenfolks were raped but the brave community has come out of this sadness and controlled its emotions but whether Sikhs only paying price for this genocide or the whole nation?

The distrust on brotherhood, injustice and faith lost on Indian judiciary by Sikh community, the protection to chief organizers and perpetrators by Govt. of India has put a threat of division to India. Sikhs will get their homeland one day due to in-discrepancy, in-discrimination, injustice, Police atrocities, fake encounters and continuos humiliation in every field shall be the grounds of new nation which may emerge soon on world map.

Then this ruling govt of India shall be responsible for this division not the Sikh community as Sikh community decided to live in India since 1947 but the ruling Congress always discriminated and called Sikh nation as CRIMINALS whereas the Sikh community faced the brunt of division, it was compelled to migrate by leaving flourished businesses, fertilized lands, well built homes, nearly one million people lost their lives, 10 millions migrated and they were made refuzee in their own motherland? But never complained, Connnected their future with India whereas the better and lucrative option was there to join Pakistan with all reservation at the ratio of 60%-40%, sacrificed their lives for this nation, that ratio alone is 93% but what we got in return?

Yes we were paid the price, we were humiliated, our state was never given states on its Punjabi language and when given, its maximum areas were taken by false informations on areas of language spoken, the state was made very small and that also without its waters and electricity keeping the biased views in mind that if Sikhs do not live with India and gets separated, it will be a paralysed state without resources? This state never given its capital whereas Haryana occupies its land in Chandigarh without paying any rent since 1966. Why would he vacate and make its own capital when getting all facilities in Punjab(Chandigarh was built on Punjabi speaking areas of Punjab)?

So from tomorrow the 1st October, i shall paste daily an article on SIKH GENOCIDE 1984. Those who wants to collect information as records may save it. I shall post daily till i paste each and every information i have. It will be published on wordpress and the link will be shared here on facebook.
Keep watching.

These daily articles shall be excerpts from my unpublished book as i am servant of Panth and its my duty to keep aware my Panth.

Ajmer kesri
Ajmer singh Randhawa


One Response to “Daily article on Sikh genocide 1984, how it was planned, organized and implemented all over India by Govt. Of India ?”

  1. Harpreet Singh Says:

    Hello Mr Ajmer Singh.

    I appreciate your work. I too feel bad for all the atrocities that we sikhs have faced, but to do something we have to be united and what i see these days is not a pleasant view. we are having so many internal issues.
    I would recommend you to do Sikhi Prachar as i guess you have a bigger audience.

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