Yes ! I am pro-Khalistani but why?

Champion genocidal maniacs

I have no intention to get induldged in an unpleasent debate with silly persons but for your kind informtion, i reveal the truth about me and my otherlike minded people.

Yes i do support Khalistan or whatever name you give it. But why?

Because the continuous suppreesion, humiliation, fake encounters of Sikh youths, rape of Sikh woem not only in 1984 but continued by policemen in Punjab, other then the invasion of Indian army, to disrespect Sikh gurus on social media and in general in various parts of the country, justice denied, not delivered to Sikhs in last 30 years, discrimnation continued since 1947 on large scale with Sikh community, Sikh youths lodged behind bars without trails or not released even after their awarded jail term is over, deliberate attempts to eliminate Sikh nation twice in India compelled me to think safety of my people and the coming generations. What shall we the elders giving them before leaving this world?

I am not any political leader. Had i been, i would have compelled Indian govt to finalize a deal forever in the interest of my people and this nation but as Indian govt always betrays, i do not trust it. In fact i have lost faith in Indian judiciary also which seems to me paralyzed, impotent, inaffective, sold out or under influenece of high ups in center.

If India just take action on nearly 100 culprits honestly, and punish them including some police officials of 1984, KPS Gill, Sumedh saini, Izhar Alam etc. in Punjab and then the chief organizers of Sikh genocide, mainly Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish tytler,Amitabh Bacchan, Kamal nath etc and few perpetraotos , only then we the Sikhs may feel and realize re-attachement with India otherwise we are just born here, calls ourselves Indian but we are landless nation. Our mainland is suppressed by India and we hope one day we must get it liberated.

It was only one person in last thirty years Arvind kejriwal, who assured justice and shown regard to Sikh nation, i am grateful to him only, who inherited sense of love to this nation in our veins and helped to realize us that this nation also belongs to Sikhs, others only just talked but none so serious to talk from heart.

Why should we not hope of our own homeland where justice may be delivered to all without any discrimination? If we can serve food to more than a hundred thousand people daily free of cost and in an equal manner without any disrimination, why won’t we look, consider and honor every one equally in Sikh homeland, where one may live without fear of state terrorism?

 Ajmer kesri
 Ajmer Singh Randhawa

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