If India pierced a dagger at our back this day in 1984, some stitched the wounds, sanity thus prevails.

To-day was the day when this nation India became thankless and stabbed at the back of their most trusted community, their saviors, their own brothers who always stood on front line and sacrificed before enemy could touch them.

How can we forget this day when brotherhood of centuries was murdered?
But if there were killers from Hindu community, there were saviors too. On the top of them the name of Bajrang Singh shines like Dhruv star, it shall always remind us to sacrifice our lives for others and help the needy even by playing risk of our own lives. Kudos to him and his family.

DSGMC has rightly announced to engrave name of these saviors on Shahid memorial being constructed at Gurudwara Rakabganj . I request Manjit GK and Manjinder Singh Sirsa to search for his family and honor them.

Another honorable person is Sh. Ved Parkash Jaiswal from Shahdra. I have mentioned their names in my articles several times. He is alive and can easily be contacted. They stood like wall when we were being pushed to death by our own administration. We – the Sikh nation shall always be obliged to both of these great personalities.

Please know about them as follows:

Sh. Bajrang Singh

                    Transporter Bajrang Singh      
Mr. Bajrang Singh was a rich person and was a transporter by profession. At that time he owned 19 buses. When he saw killing of innocent Sikhs on streets, and women crying with orphans on roads, his heart cried and this god fearing person immediately gave shelter to all Sikh women, children and youths who could be seen on road, provided them food and shelter to live in his own house. His wife and son in law, his daughters, every member of the family came forward to save the Sikhs from death squads of Congress. He dressed their wounds, provided available medicines means to say he and his family served the Sikhs by all means. How could the Congress top brass bear it when it had orchestrated the genocide itself? So it started harassing the honest and god fearing person by framing him in fabricated charges and harming him financially.
First it’s Jat driver left  their jobs, his son in laws came forward and drove the buses to search the Sikh families on roads to save their lives and bring them home. His buses were hypothecated from banks and thus govt gave him only one month’s time to pay back the loans. How could he pay back loans of his so many buses in just one month? Then his buses were confiscated by Banks and he was left alone to die with hunger but this angel didn’t lose his mission of service. Despite all odds, he continued. His wife sold her ornaments to feed the starving Sikh families. Great is the mother who gave birth to such a deity person.

To-day he is not in this materialistic world but his family feels proud of him, they do not regret though they were made penniless by congress govt. but none of his family member ever regrets. We should all learn a lesson from the life of  honorable Sh. Bajrang Singh ji. We should always remember preaching of Sikh gurus who gave us the message, “ MAANAS KEE JAAT SABHAI EK-E PAHICHANBO !!” MEANS ALL THE MANKIND SHOULD BE ACCEPTED AS ONE. We pray the almighty Waheguru to rest his soul in peace and give strength and prosperity to his family so that they may always live with pride and honor. We also pray the Lord to be kind upon us so that we may also be able to serve the mankind without any discrimination of religion, race, caste, color or creed.

The untold story of Sh. Ved Prakash Jaiswal of Shahdra is almost all the same. He too brought many Sikh families at his home and served them in need of hour at their critical time. His son Rajiv Jaiswal is a practicing Chartered Accountant and have good relations with Sikh families. We the whole Sikh community is grateful to Jaiswal family.

Ved Prakash Jaiswal

Mr. & Mrs. Ved Prakash Jaiswal
The only signs of courage and initiative in an otherwise ominous landscape were demonstrated by those Hindu and Muslim neighbors who helped Sikh families in the affected areas. We came across a large number of Sikh inmates in the relief Camps who told us repeatedly that but for these neighbors they would have been butchered.
In a makeshift camp opposite the Kalyanpuri police station on November 3, we met a Hindu family, whose house was burnt down by the miscreants because he had given shelter to his Sikh neighbors.
A postal employee living in Bhopal told us how his house was damaged and partly burnt because he helped two Sikhs. With army assistance he moved the Sikhs to his village in Faridabad.
Members of a voluntary organization traced two Sikh families who were given shelter by Hindus in Khichripur on November 3. Defying a belligerent mob that stood at the entrance of the lanes, a local Hindu youth led the members to the house and rescued the families who were being sheltered by a poor Hindu family. The next day, the volunteers following a request by a mother in a relief camp went to trace her daughter in Trilokpuri who was being looked after by a Hindu family. The latter restored the daughter to the volunteers, kept with them two other Sikh children whose parents were still traced.
“It is our responsibility to look after them”, they said.
Near Azadpur, a Hindu factory owner hid a Sikh inside the factory premises. When the Hindus surrounded the factory demanding that the Sikh be handed over to them, the factory owner persuaded the Sikh to shave his hair and beard have him a cycle which helped him to pass through the crowd and escape.
On the GT-Karnal Road, Hindus saved a Gurudwara and a Sikh doctor’s clinic from being burnt down. In the same area, from November 1 to 5, Delhi University teachers and students kept vigil around the entry point to lances where Sikhs lived.
Hindus from Munirka village and residing in Munirka colony provided protection in their own homes to ten Sikh families.
Thirty Sikh families residing in Mayur Vihar were guarded all through the period by young Hindi neighbors who resisted attempts by outsiders to raid the compound.
According to a rough estimate based on information gathered from different sources, at least 600 Sikhs were saved by Hindus of Trilokpuri. According to an army officer posted in Shahadara, of the Sikh families he rescued from different parts of the area, at least 70% were sheltered by Hindus.
It is these acts of courage, however, few they may be, which reassure us that sanity still prevails in our country.
Ajmer kesri

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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