Racial attack on Sikh Truck driver by Police in Madhya Pradesh, India

In the notice of CM & DGP Madhya Pradesh state of Indiahow the Police carry atrocities on Sikh drivers in Madhya Pradesh? What action are you going to take against guilty policemen on pulling beard and removing the mandatory holy signs of a Sikh Truck Driver or shall we the Sikhs all over world may take it a as a routine in your state?



This is not the only example but we see an increase in such brutal action since BJP got the power. I am not sure if such racial attacks are done deliberately to defame Modi Govt. or to show might of majority to minorities in India but why such blacksheeps are not arrested? The truck driver sent the information from his mobile, he is expected to reach his hometown in Punjab tomorrow.
It seems some anti-social and anti-national agencies got suddenly active and making all attempts to harm the peace and harmony in India. They have their reach in Police force also, else it was the duty of Policeman to honor the religious signs and his personal identity whereas he(the Sikh driver) himself disrespected?
It’s not only a matter of shame but a brought a blackspot on the name of entire Police force of Madhya Pradesh. If these policemen not arrested, the Sikh samaj shall be compelled to protest on roads to maintain it’s religious identity and the honor.

We want to ensure that such racial attacks shall not be repeated in your state and every citizen may feel secured and free to follow his religion.
By:- Ajmer Singh Randhawa


3 Responses to “Racial attack on Sikh Truck driver by Police in Madhya Pradesh, India”

  1. Mayank Says:

    This is highly irresponsible. You are blowing an isolated incident out of proportions. Lakhs of Sikhs live in madhya Pradesh including amritdharis and they never had problems with the police. This guy could have some other ulterior reason for alleging atrocity by the MP police and needs to be investigated thoroughly before publishing such sensational article.

    I am not saying that a policeman may not have done it. But how you can hold the whole state responsible for an act (yet to be investigated and confirmed) of an individual? We do not know even the name of the alleged perpetrator policeman forget his religion but you have blamed the whole majority community for it! How about the Sikh policemen violating Hindus’ and other minority faiths rights in Punjab everyday? Have you have every bothered to write about even one such incident? Shall we hold the whole Sikh community responsible for such acts?

    • asrandhawa Says:

      I never accused whole of police administration but as we are facing discrimination and injustice all over india since 1984 or more to say since independence, i invited attention of Sikh nation all over the world.
      No police man has any right to pull the beard and remove turban of a Sikh. The police man needs to protect the person and respect his faith but here he himself violated. Whether any action taken against this guilty Policeman? If we do not stand with the victim, the administration shall crush of helpless people. Its for the betterment of society to take immediate action against guilty, the culprit how high high post he may be enjoying, only then the govt. can win the trust and rule hearts.

    • asrandhawa Says:

      The Punjab police is already defamed for their brutalities agInst Sikhs than hindus, see the daily reports before you falsely allege if it carries any atrocities upon Hindus in Punjab. Don’t propagate false allegations against Punjab police or state of Punjab on discrimination on religion. They suppress sikhs only with consent of State govt.

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