Is it a co-incidence or attempt to divert attention of Sikh nation from FAST UNTO DEATH of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh to Jodhpur(Taran Taaran)?

Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji
                           Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji
I see a foul play in arsoning at Gurudwara jodhpur near Taran Taaran in which sarup of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was also torched in flames. My first reaction was that who else could do it other then followers of Noor Mahliye (Bihari Ashutosh’s followers or his goons) but question is why would they take a risk and invite trouble for them when the stiff resistance by followers of Sant Rampal at Satlok Ashram, Haryana with Police they had seen?
We very well know that in previous scuffle at same place, these Noormahliye goons fired on eminent Sikh personalities. Bhai Amrik Singh Khalsa was also injured of a bullet fired by these goons. This sect is well protected by Badals for their vote bank.
Bhai Gurbax Singh Khalsa is on humger strike for the last 20 days. Last time he was assured by Jathedar Akal Takhat on behalf of Badals (Punjab govt.) that they will make all efforts to free the Sikh political prisoners and that Bhai gurbax singh should have ended his fast.
His this request was cheerfully accepted but than the Akali govt just threw the demand in dustbin. they just forgot it. Ultimately Bhai gurbaksh Singh was compelled to sit on fast unto death again for the release of these unfortunate Sikh prisoners who have completed their awarded jail term but not released due to negligence or deliberately by Indian authorities.
To draw intention of these authorties and world media on discrimination with Sikhs in jails, Bhai Gurbaksh Singh has compelled Sukhbir Badal to take serious note of his demand. He has demanded immediate release of seven Sikh prisoners but in his on statement Sukhbir Badal, deputy Chief Minister of Punjab has numbered them 100. Sukhbir, in his words had assured to write a letter to home minister Rajnath sikh for the release of these Sikh prisoners.
But on the contrary the Punjab govt. is diverting attention of Sikhs from Bhai Gurbaksh Singh to Jodhpur. The incapability of Punjab Police to take action against Noormahal is talk of media though on another issue of cremation of Ashutosh who dies in january this year and whose body is kept in a freezer in ashram. the unlucky master of sect couldn’t even get cremation and his corpse waiting for the last rights to be performed and funeral.
It seems that both these incidents are not co-incidence but a conspiracy,a political move to divide Sikhs as main Sikh organizations of Sikhs are kept busy at Taran Taaran, they may not be with bhai Gurbaksh Singh to support him. The Sikh leaders should take note of it and at the time their prior attention should be to support bhai Gurbaksh singh, the matter of disrespect to Gurdwara and arson can be handled after that also. Our priority should be release of our brothers first.
Every Sikh organization and Sant samaj should issue a statement in favor of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh with a clear warning to govt that in case of his death, the whole responsibility will be of state govt and Akalis will be directly held responsible. Election is not far in Punjab. Break up of Akali dal and BJP alliance can be made any moment, both parties looking for base and to woo Sikh votes in Punjab. they should encash this opportunity, get united, show sollidarity and then success will be yours.
Ajmer kesri
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

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