Harassed by Punjab Police, Sikh youth sits on FAST UNTO DEATH in Delhi

Jagjeet singh
Jagjeet Singh seen with team of United Sikh Mission.
A young Sikh Jagjit singh aged 29 has come to delhi and set on fast to death a.t Jantar Mantar.
I may remind you that 12 second video shot by him had gonr viral on social sites last year in the month of March.He was taking video shots in a wedding at a banquet hall when some Policemen were seen beating a Sikh girl. He turned his camera and recorded the incident. This video was later on posted on youtube for evidence against those Policemen.
Punjab police cops beats a woman in public place, caught on camera.
This video was put on facebook too, i myself made it my Cover photo to promote it. Both these policemen were suspended.
But the police deptt. took it as humiliation and all their anger birst open on this photographer. he became a VICTIM OF STATE TERRORISM.

His life was made hell, he was threatened for life and so on. All means of terror were applied on him, ultimately he went to Court and asked for his security. He was provided security by Court but the policemen deployed on his security two security personal were from Punjab Police other then one from Chandigarh Police.

They again made his life hell, they forcefully occupied one room of his house out of his two room house, they used to eat, bathe and pass their time inside his house. His work was affected, he lost his income as he was always seen under cover. The time came when he became hand to mouth, he sold his HD camera but then forced to come to Delhi to draw attention of higher authorities as he could not get any help from administration in Punjab.

He said that he sent letters to Badal for help but his request was turned down. In Delhi somehow he approached UNITED SIKH MISSION and then he was assured by Directors that the mission will take responsibility of school fee of his daughters, shall pay him for ration and provide financial help to stand him at his own feet (to restart his business) if Punjab govt. doesn’t accept his demands and help him.

Today i went to see him.I had the message that Prof. PS Chandumajra shall visit him and he needs a person to put his demands on his behalf as he was feeling uneasy and weak. I was given this task by USM. Whole day i kept on waiting but he didn’t arrive, in the evening i got the message that he wants to meet us at his residence. I went to his residence along with the team of Zee Punjabi and Sikh channel UK.

Chandumjra met us nicely, assured all his help to this youth. He called Badal to sort out his problem but for two hours, he continued to contact Badal but everytime phone was busy and he couldn’t have any word with Badal.

I requested him that he could solve this problem forever by reminding SSP, Taran Taran and stop harassement to this youth. Let him feel comfortable and allow him to earn his bread and all above he is badly broken, he needs some financial assistance and they should compensate or to say, pay him some help from govt. So he wanted to talk to senior badal but unfortunately, he couldn’t get through. I don’t know if it was deliberately done by Badal’s PA or we were unfortunate or tried to give impression of falsehood but one thing is sure that the Law and Order in Punjab is so worst that this poor boy had to run from Taran Taaran to Delhi for help. This gives a real picture of present Punjab. I didn’t want to malign this image so i was interested in a permanent solution of his problem.
His main demand consists;
* To remove security provided by Punjab police, instead he may be given security of Chandigarh police because he is suffering on hand by Punjab police itself,
* He may be given financial help as he is gone hand to mouth due to his suffrings from security, his business was badly affected by presence of security,
And his these demands can be solved by any Govt.
Ajmer kesri
Ajmer Singh Randhawa

But the agony of Punjab and its people is not over.

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