How could Muslims and Sikhs stop terror of RSS in India?

RSS - the common enemy
They should shake hands and get united because RSS is feeded and supported by govt. of India. It has large number of Hindu followers because of their majority and popularity among youths.

There are all three religions mainly active and seen in front in India.

Now make Triangular and name all these three at three corners. RSS has the animosity with Sikhs and Muslims both. If Muslims and Sikhs get united, RSS gets weaken.

RSS is common enemy of both Sikhs and Muslims.

So to face a common enemy, both Muslims and Sikhs should have faith on each other and help each other.
No one should feel sacred of each other.

The Muslims have their support by many Muslim nations, Sikhs do not have other then groups to raise their voice against any atrocity upon them.

So the Muslim nation should give full coverage to all anti-Muslim or anti-Sikh activities to aware the world.

Only then you would be able to defeat your common enemy.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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