Complaint with

Dear friends, after succefully posting on wordpress for the last one year, i opted for a website domain on my name as b ut while working on it, i faced a biggext problem to sort it out i spent more then two hours but found no option. When tried to send any feedback, i found no option on their site. I am compelled to bring the issue in open here.
My tool bar missed somehow and i couldn’t locate it. If it can be adjusted and brought back by wordpress team, i shall be grateful otherwise i may have to drop ideas of posting on my own site.

wordpress annual report
I want to remind team wordpress that they appreciated me for my postings but it seems i may have to close writing further on this website if problem not solved.

Now wordpress may decide whether it wants to sort it out or not, i am fed up.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


3 Responses to “Complaint with”

  1. asrandhawa Says:

    To day is 28th january and time is 08.30 pm but so far wordpress didn’t help to sort out the problem. No tool bar appears so i can’t post any heading and other usage of tool bar. All gone waste by getting a website domain on wordpress.

  2. asrandhawa Says:

    Thanks team of wordpress. my problem is solved. You have done an excellent job. God bless you. I have no complaint with you people now but hope your kind co-operation in future too.
    My regards.
    Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

  3. Bioshock Gameplay Says:

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    Complaint with | Voice of Sikh nation

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