BBC Asian Network interviews mass murderer Amitabh Bacchan without asking his role in Sikh genocide 1984

The mass murderer Amitabh Bacchan recently visited BBC and interviewed by a novice journalist Noreen Khan who instead asking question was pleased to interview as a fan. This was yellow journalism.

He was actually promoted and highlighted instead asked his alleged role in involvement of Sikh genocide 1984?
So what if he is a celebrity?
So what if he appealed for blood of Sikhs?
So what if more then 20000 innocent Sikhs had to lose their lives on his incitement?
So what if he was the first person to appeal for blood of Sikhs on TV other then those dogs who lead mobs to kill Sikhs in their constituencies?
So what if he spread violence all over India?
So what if his celebrity was en-cashed by Rajiv Gandhi?
So what if he was used and the gun to kill Sikhs was fired from his shoulders?
So what if Delhi High Court refused to hear the petition against him?
So what if he is honored by Govt of India?
So what if BBC too played a role of paid media to increase it’s TRP?
So what if BBC ignores views of it’s audiences?

BBC One was sent information on Amitabh

But is not a mass murderer?
Does his celebrity gives him immunity and no action in any Court of law?
Is he above the law?
Why no action against him if law is equal to all?
Whether the gravity of his crimes reduced by delay in action against him?
Why this double standard by Indian judiciary?

But the TV channels shall continue to interview for their own publicity and increase their TRP. They are not concerned if a large number of innocent lost their lives due to this big scoundrel. the voice of victims is always unheard. They are not given justice because they are Sikhs not Hindus. Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara is chased and arrested in Thailand, Dawwod can be chased in Pakistan but this man can not be interrogated for his hate crimes against humanity in India.
Is it honor for India or a national shame?

Ajmer kesri

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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