Warning to Sikh Panth on turning Delhi Gurudwaras into SIKH RELIGIOUS BUSINESS CENTERS

Warning to Sikh Panth;

Delhi Gurudwaras [under management of Manjit Singh GK (DSGMC) under patronage of Sukhbir badal, Deputy CM, Punjab(SAD-Badal)] are turning fast in SIKH RELIGIOUS BUSINESS CENTERS:

Last month I reported on irregularities in Gurudwara C-Block Vikaspuri where the management forced me to shell out late fee for arriving late (Rs.600/-) in gurudwara for Anand karaj. They charged Rs. 200/- more for issuing the marriage certificate. Before this my one daughter and a son got married, they were issued the certificates without any charges as the marriages were solemnized in gurudwaras and they were bound to issue the certificates without any extra charges. Then why Cheema ji (8375934481) the President, Gurudwara of of C-Block Vikaspuri charged this amount? Whether C-Block Gurudwara Vikaspuri, New Delhi not inviting other gurudwara managements to introduce these charges to be imposed for monetary benefits as a malpractice in future?
And to-day I got another shock when I was informed that gurudwara at Rajouri garden performed an Akhand Path, did Ardas, had a hukamnama of Guru, Keertan done and then Langar served for the salvation (peace) to the departed soul of a Dog owned by Tuli, a close friend of Harmanjit Singh, President of said gurudwara on 2nd May 2015. (Harmanjit Singh’s picture is attached herewith)

Manjit singh GK and Harmanjit singh                                    Manjit Singh GK and Harmanjit Singh
During this Akhand Path, arrdas, keertan and other religious duties, a picture of demised Dog was displayed as generally the tradition is to keep a picture of the demised person by his family. I don’t know if anybody objected to it or not but sangat attended the path, ardas, keertan, and had langar for the peace of the departed soul of beloved dog of Mr. Tuli.
Hearing this drama, I called Harmanjit singh at his telephone no. 9891299929 (You are requested to call at this given number and curse him) and confirmed of this defamatory deed. I directly asked him if such defamatory act is downfall of Panth or an attempt to its high spirit (Chardi kalaa)? (Judge yourself). He didn’t answer my question but replied coolly, confessed his mistake but very smartly. He replied that a person visited the office and said his son is expired and he wanted to perform an akhand path for the peace of the departed soul. Path was booked and when they came to know the truth, they called somebody from SGPC and Jathedar Akal Takhat who allowed with a warning to not to repeat in future and that he was regretful and sad on the defamatory incident But ……
In fact he lied to me and sangat. Akal takhat was not contacted. To become a member of DSGMC/SGPC doesn’t give a certificate of knowledge of Sikh religion to an elected member but he gets elected to serve the Panth and given this humble duty of service where present management fails. Tuli was well known to him and his close friend. How is possible if son of his friend aged only 16 passed away and he not informed? He knew it but the path was performed deliberately and knowing well with the prayers for a better life in his next birth. I am told by some friends in rajouri Garden area that Harmanjit singh is very closed to Tuli and now Harmanjit singh is also an elected DSGMC member.
Gurudwaras are built with marble by money received from sangat and now the same sangat is being looted by both hands by management. These gurudwaras are doing lucrative business against proving religious services to the needy Sikh sangat. Only few like me dare to object or raise their eye-brows.
The conclusion is …..just pay their required fee and get any thing done in the name of Panthik sewa or religious duty.
The marriage certificate is issued with reference to 1909 Anand Marriage act passed by British, whose draft was prepared by Maharaja Ripudaman Singh of nabha also known as Tikka Sahib.
See how truthfully it was drafted in the interest of Sikh nation:
Even though, there had yet been no case where the validity of such marriage was contested in a law court, the Lieutenant-Governor recognized the force of Tikka Sahib’s argument that “the object of the proposed legislation is to avoid the uncertainty and the expense which the process of obtaining a judicial decision would entail.” Moreover since the ceremony was “a simple and less expensive one than that ordinarily in force among Hindus,” it was also suggested that the proposed bill be “introduced in the Imperial Legislative Council as it was to apply to the whole of British India.”
Giani Gurbakhsh Singh, Manager of the Golden Temple Works. Amritsar, put forwards the following arguments in support of this claim of the reformists:
Guru Granth Sahib strictly prohibits idol or element worship, but in the Hindu marriage ceremony the worship of nine constellations of the stars is necessary element and Agni (fire) is set up as witness god. So how can monotheists like Sikhs follow such customs? Again, our scriptures say! “do not pay any heed to the auspicious-ness or otherwise of the constellations; there is one God above all these;” but the Hindus have to wait for months and years for the auspiciousness to these occasions. Again, as a reward of conducting the marriage ceremony, the officiating Brahmin priest receives some money in charity; but our scriptures say: “Oh, priest, the jajman’s daughter is thy daughter. By accepting this money thou spoilest thy chance of salvation.” Again, we find in a commentary on Shikh customs, “whoever accepts any reward for conducting marriage ceremony is an infidel.”
17- That the Anand form of marriage was an old ceremony among the Sikhs and not an innovation of the reformists has been described above. The supporters of the Bill quoted several instances from Bhai Santokh Singh’s Suraj Prakash, then considered the oldest and the most authentic complete record of Sikh history, to show that this form of marriage was introduced by the third Guru. Since the Anand composed by the third Guru and the laawaan, i.e., ties composed by the fourth Guru, the sine qua non of the Anand ceremony, were embodied in the Sikh scriptures, the reformers put this forth as an irrefutable proof of the ceremony having been enjoined by the Gurus. While the Government was still getting reports both for and against the Bill, an obstacle appeared in the way of carrying out the proposed lesgislation. Tikka Sahib’s term of office as a Member had expired and the Government on its part had allowed the introduction of this Bill on the clear understanding that it was not to take any part in the debates or voting on the Bill. However, the Government of India facilitated the measure by specially nominating Sardar Sunder Singh Majithia to the Legislative Council. The original draft of Tikka Sahib underwent some changes in the Select Committee and the Bill was passed on 22nd October as ‘Anand Marriage Act, 1909.’
He convinced Viceroy Council that the Anand Kaaraj is the cheapest method comparing expenses made in marriages of Arya samaj or other faiths and that the couple has not to wait for months for constellation of nine stars but now I can definitely say that Sikh marriages are getting very expensive and lavish comparing the marriages held in Arya Samaj or a Church. The Sikh intellectuals and Akal takhat should take a stern note of this post and do the needful in this regard before it gets too late and poor Sikhs are lured by other faiths. Gurudwaras are made for convenience of sangat, not to do business, this should be the purpose and motto of management. If I am wrong whether the Cheema ji of C-Block Vikaspuri or other gurudwaras in delhi shall declare their Bank status, balance and assets/property in the name of gurudwara?
Panth da das:

Ajmer kesri
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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