Sikhs for Justice FB page banned by Modi in India in fear of increasing awareness on Sikh referendum 2020 for self-determination on independence.

Sikh For Justice’ Facebook Page in India
Last Updated : 07 May 2015 03:50:03 PM IST

Modi Government banned Sikh For Justice\

 A Sikh rights group here has alleged its Facebook page in India has been blocked in retaliation for its call to hold a referendum for “independence” of Punjab.

11146566_658824124247650_9046114806362073677_nSikhs for Justice (SFJ) said its Facebook page had more than 85,000 followers and cannot be accessed by the internet
users in India.

SFJ alleged that blocking its Facebook page was an attempt by the Indian government to curtail the spread of its message for a referendum in Punjab in 2020.

During the April visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Canada, SFJ had filed a petition with the Canadian Prime
Minister urging him to ask his Indian counterpart to hold an independence referendum in Punjab.

“SFJ believes in and conducts non-violent political activities and only promotes, through lobbying, the Sikhs right to self determination and demand for referendum in the state of Punjab,” SFJ legal adviser attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said.

Being a US-based company, Facebook must comply with the US laws which protect freedom of speech and expression, it

“Facebook?s act of blocking access in India to SFJ’s page is arbitrary and will be challenged through legal action in
the United States,” Pannun added.

Ajmer kesri

By: Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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