Death of 39 Punjabis in Iraq by ISIS confirmed, Harjit Masih -the loan survivor discloses.

I feel very upset on disclosure of death of 39 Punjabis in Iraq on hands of brutal ISIS. Harjit Masih – the lone survivor has disclosed this very sad truth at the residence of Bhagwant Mann.
I remember bhagwant Mann had assured that he will bring back these punjabis safely to india, he made efforts too but Indian govt, saved only Nurses of Kerala and left our children on mercy of ISIS to be killed.
Indian govt. is fully responsible for their brutal killing as no effort ever made for their safe return. The animosity which was soown by Nehruvians with Sikhs is continued till deat despite change of rule from Congress to BJP. The face is changed but not the system like British transferred power to majority Hindus and our status remained the same, we were slaves in British rule and again we are slaves as majority rules.
Sushma Swaraj. indian minister of foreign affairs too lied with Punja and kept the nation in dark on the hostage of punjabi boys. She kept assuring the families of these hostage youths of their safety. It shows all her (govt. of india’s) intelligence failed or deliberately kept away from this issue.
I can only condemn Modi and his cabinet and curse them from depths of my soul that they may feel thuis agony in near future, only that may heel our wounds given by irresponsible cabinet of Modi.

Ajmer kesri

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

See the disclosure report as follows;

India did nothing for these punjabi hostages and left them on their fate and mercy of ISIS. They liberated Nurses of Kerala but Punjabis were left to die.

All Punjabis dead, claims survivor

The fate of the Indians remains unknown almost a year after being kidnapped by ISIS ultras
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First-person account
Harjit Masih, Iraq survivor
On abducted youths
I along with other youths was kidnapped by ISIS militants near Irbil in Iraq on June 11. We were blindfolded. They kept changing our location. After four-five days, they took us to some hilly area and shot at us. A bullet brushed past my leg. I posed as if I was dead. It was a horrifying sight. I can still hear the shrieks of my friends who were shot. I could see any of them alive.

Bhagwant Mann and Harjit Masih                MP Bhagwant Mann and Harjit Masih-the loan survivor.
His escape from ISIS
I kept lying among the bodies for more than an hour. Later, a car carrying some youths from Bangladesh rescued me. They told me to tell everyone that I am a Muslim from Bangladesh. I stayed with them for a few days and then approached the company I worked with. I was later handed over to Indian Embassy officials who brought me to India in July.
‘Detention’ in India
On my return, I was not allowed to meet anyone. They (officials) made me talk to my family over a mobile phone, which they took back immediately. I was kept in Greater Noida, Gurgaon and other places in and around New Delhi I was recently sent to Dharamsala in Himachal.
His ‘second’ escape
I escaped from Dharamsala and reached my village, but did not announce my arrival to anyone. The officials repeatedly kept calling at the mobile phone of one of my friends, who knew about the entire episode. They told him to bring me back to Delhi. I then approached Bhagwant Mann,Aam Aadmi Party MP from Sangrur.
Also in this section…/all-punjabis-dead-…/80554.html


Sushma Swaraj


Refuting survivor Harjit Masih’s claim about the killing of Indian hostages by the Islamic State, family members of Jalandhar residents ­ who are missing in Iraq since June 2014 ­ said they were sure about the well-being of their kin.

Usha Rani, wife of Surjit Mainka, said, “We are in New Delhi. Union external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has assured us that according to her sources, all 39 Indians are safe and constant efforts are being made by the government to evacuate them from the war-torn country. We have faith in the government. Masih is lying.”

Manjeet Kaur, another local resident whose husband Dawinder Singh is stuck in Iraq, also refuted Masih’s claim. “I have faith in God and my prayers. I know that my husband is fine. The minister has given us an assurance.”


HOSHIARPUR: Parwinder Singh, whose brother Kamaljit Singh is among the missing men, said, “We are devastated. We do not know whom to believe. The external affairs minister assured us on Thursday that the men are safe and the government was making efforts to trace them. But Masih is claiming otherwise.”

Parwinder took part in the sit-in at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to press the government to step up diplomatic efforts. Kamaljit’s wife Harwinder also refused to accept Masih’s claim, saying that she would not lose hope till she got concrete evidence that her husband was no more.

Masih’s revelation, however, has shaken the faith of Jaitpur resident Anita Rani, who has not heard from her husband Gurdip Singh since June 15 last year. “I do not want to believe him (Masih), but a part of what he said on TV appears to be true,” said a sobbing Anita, a mother of two. “We are living in the hope that one day the government will trace our kin, but it is dwindling now,” she said.


AMRITSAR: Gurpinder Kaur, whose brother Manjinder Singh is missing in Iraq, said, “I have heard what Harjit Masih has said on TV, but I will comment only after I meet him. I want to first meet Masih immediately and hear the entire sequence of events.”

On what she expected from the Union government now, Gurpinder, who has been leading the fight on behalf of various families, said, “I will talk about what the government should do only after meeting Harjit.”

Manjinder Singh hails from Bhoewal village in Amritsar district.

Who is responsible for their death if not india for it’s negligence?


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