Sikh nation-I need your help, please guide me

Please guide me …….

Ajmer kesri

Ajmer Singh Randhawa-aspirant candidate for Jathedar Akal Takhat

Since i decided to become a Jathedar of Sri Akal takhat, i am fighting with these thoughts arises within me. Whether am i right or not is not the issue but whether the fight with my thoughts is OK?

That needs to be answered.

No to constitution

Guru Teg Bahadar ji marched from Sri Anandpur sahib to Delhi as Aurangzeb was ruler of India and he was ruling from Red Fort, Delhi.

Guru ji went there and was beheaded, there was no one to question Aurangzeb but whether Aurangzeb is dead?

I don’t think so.

I still see him, he doesn’t haunt me because being a Sikh of Dasam Patshah, i do not get scared.

Salute to Khalistan

Presently Aurangzeb is in Punjab and rules the state from Chandigarh.

Only this change is seen, rest all similarities are almost same.

This time i may have to go to panjab and present before him. I m sure Guru ji will speak inside me and the fate may be the same.
That’s the fate of every figheter Sikh, so I do not bother.

Only difference is that present Aurangzeb is not Mogul and the victims not Hindus but this time only Sikhs.

Auranzeb was re-incarnated in a Sikh family amd avenges with Sikhs as the animosity of previous life is not forgotten, he laughs out loudly sitting under cover of tight security in his secretariat on removal of turbans and arrests of Sikhs.

Sikh youths face all atrocities, may be prisoned for minor offences or for the offences they never made but not released for many years.

Some unfortunates are compelled to pass their rest of life behind bars even after their punishemnt awarded from any court of law is over.

No consideration at any level, no parole, no treatment or no religious freedom.

Such is the fate of Sikh nation that Paapi reincarnated and continue to do paap again without any fear of almighty.


Ajmer kesri

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


2 Responses to “Sikh nation-I need your help, please guide me”

  1. Harpreet Singh Says:

    I am with you, are you on facebook?

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