LG products in India are sold with low quality material, hardly covers guarantee period

Freinds do you buy LG products?

If planing to purchase any product of LG, my sugestion is to change your mind to buy any other product.
The reason is……..
LG products are not life long but hardly covers the guarantee period only, it may be AC or any other product.
These products are made with cheap materials, light weight and incapable to work long time, i can say not durable.
Earlier I purchased window AC, it got defected soon after its guarantee period was over, just after 15 days of expiry. My many friends have complaned me that there ACs gave troubes just after one year and for your kind information, the AC is not used whole year. Its usage is counted from 4 months to 6 months time only.
Yesterday i purchased a washing machine amodel P-9562, 8.5 kgs.
When unpacked, i found it has no moving wheels. I mean only two small moving wheels are provided and it could move empty only and by turning 45 degree horigentally. But if water is filled and you want to move, you can’t move an inch.
It appears to me that LG is not sure whether its products are capable to carry the load, its plastic may not get crack so they do not provide wheels to allow the machine fully loaded.
Then what’s the use of such products with branded name? When called LG customer care, i was given a contact number of its senior officer. She (Pooja Mathur 9811354152) refused to provide any help as i wished to change the model.
The difference in prices are also seen in its show room. I was demanded 1600-17000 for this model in Rohini and Ghaziabad (P 9562) but one dealer at Bhajanpura demanded the genuine price Rs.13800/- with Rs.220/- extra for freight charges to deliver the machine at my home. I purchased it from this dealer without any bargaining.
So be careful, in the name of LG products, you can be looted by both – the LG and its dealers.

Ajmer kesri

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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