India 1984 – when it backstabbed & betrayed with Sikh nation (Part-10)

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He has further stated that there was a meeting between the Lt.Governor himself and Major Gen. Jamwal, GOC Delhi area, in the afternoon. Maj. Gen. Jamwal had informed him that he did not have enough units and he would be able to cover only two contiguous districts i.e. districts adjacent to his Headquarter Delhi Cant. On his suggestion Mr. Jamwal agreed to deploy one in Central District and one in South District. He has also referred to the attack on Gurudwara Rakabganj and his having gone there. He has stated that when he reached there firing from inside the Gurudwara was under flames so he had jumped into Gurudwara ground and prevailed upon a leader to request the persons on the terrace of the Gurudwara not to fire any more. He has also stated that he  had brought out from the Gurudwara three Hindu servants with their wives and this had the desired effect of satisfying the mob outside that no harm was done to them. He has also referred to the presence of Shri Kamal Nath and stated that he was helping the crowds to disperse. He has stated that at that time Additional CP/Range New Delhi had also arrived there and he along with the DCP of the area had kept the crowd under check. He has referred to his various meetings with Lt. Governor and a meeting with the Home Minister in the evening of 1-11-84……..

He had come to know about the massacre in Trilokpuri at about 6 p.m. and had directed Addl. CP/Range Delhi to proceed to that place and make necessary arrangements. He has stated that as the Station House Officer of that Police Station was found negligent in protecting the Sikhs he was arrested and suspended immediately (you can found him moving scot free…). He had thereafter personally gone to Trilokpuri and given necessary instructions for protection of the remaining persons and their safety. He has stated that the situation had eased considerably from 4-11-84 onwards. According to him he had so many received instructions from the Home Minister either on 31-10-84 or till the evening of 1-11-84.


 Gawai statement

He has stated that on 31-10-84 he had not received any intelligence report regarding any plan to attack the Sikh community or their properties (I.B.’s bastards were not all that moron to give advance information). Nothing unusual was brought to his notice by the Addl. CP, CID on 31-10-84 or on 1-11-84. Till then he had not received any report about the serious violence that was going on in East District and West District………….

“He (Narsimha Rao) Hid Like A Rat”

An Interview by AJMER SINGH

Padmakar Gavai was the Lt. Governor of Delhi during the anti-Sikh pogroms of 1984. The following is the text of an interview he gave to journalist Ajmer Singh of Tehelka in 2005.

Did you ask Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi about the need to deploy the army?

Yes, I did. Why the hell did I go to him – to impress upon this only. After that the only thing we could do was to approach the Home Ministry under which the police really works.

What was the Prime Minster’s reaction when you asked him to deploy the army?

What do I tell you now about my meet with Rajiv? Jagdish Tytler and Dharam Dass Shastri were sitting there. He told me there was a delay in summoning the army. I told him I don’t want to argue with you, you are grieving. But I know what the outcome will be.

Does that mean some people ganged up against you?

All these people, Tytler, Shastri, ganged up against me. They had poisoned Rajiv’s ears about my handling of the situation. What force does a Lieutenant Governor have? Tytler couldn’t tolerate that a dalit had become a Lieutenant Governor. I was told ‘Gavai, this man is working against you’.

Who do you think is responsible for this?

In a broad way I am trying to share my feelings with you. Home Minister chuhe ki tarah chhupey rahe. Mujhe hidayat di, log phans gayen hain aap zara madad kariye, mere dost hain. Par uske siwaye koi madad nahin. Yeh kya batana chahte hain? Yeh sab chor log, bole saale ko scapegoat banao na (The Home Minister [Narsimha Rao] hid like a rat. He asked me to help his friends. The others did not matter. These rogues have made me a scapegoat).

Was Narasimha Rao hiding like a rat?

Yes, out of sheer fear. He was hiding like a rat. [A close confidant of both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, he later became Prime Minister.]

 Who else was responsible?

Jamwal. Yes, he refused to meet the Police Commissioner [S.C. Tandon]. He wanted to meet me. But, I told him not to waste time and act immediately. These are the two people who should have met. I had asked Tandon about deploying the army. When I complained about the army to Gen. Vaidya [Chief of Army Staff], he said casually that these things take time. [Major General J.S. Jamwal was Commanding Officer of the Delhi area in 1984.]

You had earlier talked about a meeting.

This meeting was convened by Dr. P.C. Alexander [Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister]. A lot of time was wasted. In the meeting also, I told them about deploying the army. Everyone agreed with me.

But Alexander has denied such a meeting.

Yes, I know. But he presided over the meeting. The Home Minister was also there. I was asked to go on leave. In exchange, I was offered the chairmanship of UPSC [Union Public Service Commission]. I told him in such circumstances a Lieutenant Governor does not go on leave but resigns. It is a matter of shame. What was Alexander doing? Just writing letters. I was left all alone.

You have talked about Home Minister Narasimha Rao’s role. What about the Prime Minister’s role?

They showed to the world that was everything under control. But, the Lieutenant Governor was asked to take care of everything.

Did the Prime Minister leave everything on you?

Rajiv’s advisors were party to this. A lot of time was wasted.

[Courtesy: Tehelka]

It gets clear now by this interview that Rajiv Gandhi, General AS Vaidya, PC Alexandar , home minister Narsimha Rao and his minister —- means all were responsible for the killing of innocent Sikhs. The whole administration of govt India was negligent and in-efficient and had bowed before Rajiv Gandhi and other Congress leaders, the administration waste the precious time deliberately and allowed the situation to get worst. No efforts were made to control the situation. Sikhs were handed over to killing squads. They were hunting the Sikhs in every street and killed them. The officers of Indian administration had gone to a sound sleep. Neero was blowing his flute while Rome was on fire but here in Delhi was not only on fire but was compelled to roll down its tears after the centuries passed since the massacre by invader Taimur lang. It could not differentiate in between Taimur lang and Rajiv Gandhi. The blood was all around, innocent were being killed and Rajiv was thus mourning assassination of his mother. He had no concern with agony of others. What was being faced by other citizens, was not his concern. Which family was on mourn of  its member’s lost, he had nothing to do. He was busy in his own world —-his mother had gone but as a heir he got the kingdom, the mourning was just to show others and to allow crocodile tears to be flown.

Army was not called by Narsimha Rao but to pacify the critics, some troops were called from nearby Meerut which is at a distance of 65 kms from Delhi, as there was no army in Delhi? It takes just one hour to cover this distance. These army troops were stopped before Ghaziabad because it was found that some Sikh soldiers were also among these soldiers. There were no guidelines given to army even after curfew was imposed or the news of deployment of army and shoot at sight orders were aired. Police had not given any co-operation to army.  No joint committee of Police and army was set up to co-ordinate.

Our enquires made at various quarters ranging from the affected localities to army sources led us to two questions. First, why was there a delay in calling out the troops ? Second, even when the army was called in, why were they not effective in imposing a curfew and curbing the violence ?

 The authorities at the top, including the four Ministers and senior officials of the Delhi Administration were repeatedly informed about the exact situation in the city and its outskirts from the evening of October 31st. prominent citizens, VIP’s and members of the Opposition parties and people from affected localities both phoned and personally went and informed these authorities. Yet during seven valuable hours, between the time of the assassination and the time of the news of the death was made public, no security measures were taken.

 As a senior government servant put it there are standing instructions on dealing with such situations. The SP and DC’s have powers under the Criminal Procedure Code (Section 130-131) to call in the armed forced in aid to civil power. Further, the para-military troops, including the Delhi Armed Force CRPF are always available for such a situation. According to our information one brigade was available at Delhi which could have been requisitioned immediately.

Curfew was declared  but it was not imposed by any officer.  The Police commissioner of Delhi was in his office (Police HQ), the army area commander of Delhi was in Delhi Cantt at Dhaula Kuan, and the Lt. Governor of Delhi was in his Raj Niwas. The Police was not co-ordinating with army whereas the reports received informed of misguidance to army by police. The army was supplied the old maps of 1974 of different areas of Delhi. There was no sign of those JJ (Jhuggi Jhopri) colonies were developed afterwards and suffered the heavy loss of life and property. The army was not called to control the situation in Delhi but  the 3000 soldiers were deployed to safeguard the visiting distinguished guests from all over the world to take part in cremation of Indira Gandhi. These troops were deployed only after the cremation to control the situation whereas they themselves were without any instructions and who had not been co-ordinated by Police. These soldiers were taken to those places which had witnessed the violence so that they could not control the situation. Thus the army was deliberately made helpless and of no use.

Hence the administration was paralyzed, innocent Sikhs were being killed, the power to call army was with Suprintendent of Police and district  commissioner but both didn’t carry their duties to save the lives of innocent Sikhs in Delhi. The result was—the toll of dead crossed more then 10000. The govt. records show only 2733 deaths but the reports which were not registered, or where the whole family was killed or if any member survived who might have gone elsewhere from Delhi, there is not any record of those. During the rule of Bhartiya Janta Party in Delhi, the chief minister Madan Lal Khurana played a key role to re-opening of cases and when the victims submitted the affidavits, the number of these affidavits had crossed more than 6000 but these included names of BJP leaders and activists also which were removed. Therefore the BJP and other Hindu organizations also carry the blackspot on their forehead of killing the innocent.

The army was not called till late in the night of 1st Nov. whereas some distinguished citizens and govt. officers of Delhi visited Rashtrapati Niwas (President’s house) to approach the President Giani Zail Singh and requested to call army and make efforts for peace and harmony. They were assured to consider the request to call the army but the shops and other business establishments of Sikhs in Connaught place area of Delhi were set on fire till late in the night. The police and other para-military forces were just watching as mute spectators and did nothing to curb the violence as these troops had been paralyzed.  It was only the DC of Faridabad who had sent a request to deploy army on 1st Nov. but the troops arrived only on 3rd Nov. Whether it takes three days to cover the distance from Meerut or Agra or whether the administration delayed to send the troops deliberately? It seems the result of a pre-planned conspiracy. The number of hoodlums was on increase as there was no one to stop them. They had been double in number from 1st Nov. to 2nd Nov. The army was sent to Trilokpuri in outskirts of Delhi on 3rd Nov. but for patrolling only not to control the miscreants or to take any action against them.

In this holocaust of Delhi, the congress leaders are alleged to incite and guide the miscreant mob. The victims and other well known Hindus have criticized the role of these congress leaders and have considered them as main accused. Among them Hari Kishan Lal Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, Kamal Nath, Dharm Das Sahstri, Lalit Makan, Arjun Das etc are main accused but there is a long list of some leaders of lower cadre and activists  which is published by a non-govt organization PUCL and PUDF. They had sent their team to every corner of Delhi to find facts and then produced the eye-witness account. The book ‘DOSHI KAUN’ in Hindi and ‘WHO ARE THE GUILTY’ published by these organizations were confiscated immediately by a govt. order but by then it had been sold in thousands. You can view it’s English version at  this website

This post shall continue to reveal the truth of Sikh genocide 1984 on involvement of govt. machinary, its administration, ministers and the Prime Minister himself i.e from Bottom to Top, so please keep watching whole month of October or until it ends in November sometime.

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