India 1984 – when it backstabbed & betrayed with Sikh nation (Part-11)

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Ved marwah on 1984 Sikh genocide report

Ved Marwah—the then Additional Commissioner of Police Delhi was tasked with investigating police inaction in the anti –Sikh riots, days before his report was due, he  was told to wind up the inquiry.

Soon after the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, I was brought back to Delhi police, asked to inquire into the role of police officers and submit my report in three months. I worked day and right to complete the inquiry and examined a number of persons, both in the police as well as outside. I also seized all records of the police stations in whose jurisdiction the killings had taken place. That alarmed people because they realized the scope of the inquiry.

The records could not have been challenged. it was obvious that the men in uniform had vanished from their police stations when Delhi was burning and Sikhs were being killed. According to police rules, all movements of police officers are recorded by the minute in the thana (Police Station) daily diary but I  found that the diaries were totally blank. I also looked at the call recordings and realized that the police had not responded to calls for help.

The other disturbing fact that came to light was that the so-called mob comprised a small number of people groups of 20 to 30, the police could have intervened and stopped them from setting Sikhs ablaze. This is some thing that bothered them.

Then some Delhi police officers, whose names figured prominently, filed a writ against the inquiry in the high court. The court refused to stall the inquiry. Then they used political clout. I had completed my inquiry and only had to write the report when I received and order to stop my inquiry. The then commissioner of police sent me a written order asking me to stop my probe. When I asked him why, he just smiled. but others told me that the ostensible reason was that the government had decided to appoint another commission, headed by Ranganath Mishra.

I should have been allowed to complete my inquiry but te police officers did not want it to go any further. It was extraordinary that close to 3,000 Sikhs were massacred in the capital and the police did not respond to their desperate pleas for help.

Ironically while little or no action has been taken against the police for dereliction of duty. I have been hounded for the last 29 years. A number of cases have been filed against me on flimsy grounds. Summons came to me even when I was the governor of Manipur, in fact, the summons was pasted in front of my flat. This is how a former commissioner of police and governor is treated. So much litigation requires money. The police officers are obviously funded.

Powerful people were obviously against the inquiry. I can’t talk about any other riot, but in 1984 , it would have been easy to get additional manpower. From the complete police control room records I seized, I remember clearly that odd cases had begun taking place on the night of October 31, soon after Indira Gandhi’s  assassination. There were plenty of warnings that an attempt will be made to settle scores with the Sikhs. Even then nothing was done. The army should have been called in but wasn’t. I can’t say why but what I can say is that the scope to the inquiry alarmed not only Delhi police officers, but also some other people.

Some police officers were promoted. If this sort of thing happens in the capital, it sends a very wrong signal. That is why I have been strongly pressing for police reforms, particularly with regard to recruitment, promotions and transfers.A sting operation by Cobrapost on several police officers serving in Delhi during the anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984 allegedly exposes how the police refused to act against the rioters, partly because they wanted to be on the right side of the Congress government of the day, and partly because the police force itself had got communalized.

Based on a series of interviews by an undercover reporter with six station house officers (SHOs) of the time, from areas where the riots took place, the sting apparently brings to light ‘confessions’ by many of them. The interviews of two senior officers, ACP Gautam Kaul and then police commissioner S C Tandon, however, yielded no such confessions.

While Tandon parried all the questions, Kaul claimed that on one occasion when he went to check out reports of rioting near Gurdwara Rakab Ganj, he had to flee since he was alone in front of a hostile mob.

While TOI cannot vouch for the authenticity of the interviews, if they are true they reveal how an entire police force not only failed to act, but colluded with the government of the day to teach Sikhs “a lesson” in one of the worst examples of state-sponsored violence against a religious minority.

The SHOs interviewed were Shoorveer Singh Tyagi of Kalyanpuri, Rohtas Singh of Delhi Cantonment, SN Bhaskar of Krishna Nagar, OP Yadav of Srinivaspuri and Jaipal Singh of Mehrauli. Amreek Singh Bhullar, who was SHO of Patel Nagar at the time, was also interviewed. He had submitted an affidavit to an inquiry commission accusing some local leaders of not just participating in the riots but whipping up mobs into a frenzy.

Among the more shocking revelations is that messages were broadcast directing the police not to take action against rioters shouting slogans of “Indira Gandhi zindabad” and that bodies of victims were in some cases dumped far away from the scene of the rioting to reduce the official toll of the riots.

According to some, while news of arson and rioting poured into the police control rooms, only 2 per cent of the messages were recorded. Later, entries in police logbooks were changed to get rid of evidence of inaction on the part of senior officers.

Senior officers did not allow subordinates to open fire on rioters. Even the fire brigade refused to move to areas where cases of arson had been reported. The police also did not allow the victims of rioting to file FIRs or when they did file FIRs, clubbed many cases of murder and arson from disparate places in a single FIR.

At least three of the SHOs castigated Tandon for mismanagement. Tyagi, for instance, insisted that, “knowingly or unknowingly, he (Tandon) was under the influence of the government. He mismanaged in the beginning and in the first two days the situation went out of control.”

Yadav too accused Tandon of not providing leadership to the force, while Bhaskar said that instead of singling out some SHOs, the police chief’s head should have rolled.

The Ranganath Mishra Commission and the Kapur-Kusum Mittal Committee, both set up to inquire into the riots, held Tandon responsible for breakdown of law and order. When the Cobrapost reporter met Tandon, he refused to comment, saying anything said by him could create a controversy in poll season.

Bhaskar maintained that messages for reinforcement sent by him were ignored by senior officials. Bhullar accused additional CP Hukam Chand Jatav of refusing to act even when the press informed him about murders and arson taking place. According to Bhullar, Jatav was in the control room in Karol Bagh when a reporter passed on the information to him, but he responded by saying he was in the control room and no such thing had happened. “He knew everything lekin wahan se move hi nahi kiya,” claimed Bhullar.

Rohtas Singh, one of the officers indicted by the inquiry commissions, maintained that DCP Chandra Prakash did not allow him to open fire on the rampaging mobs. According to Singh, “he told me, and gave me in writing, that Indira Gandhi’s murder is big enough an event. Now should you make an even bigger event by opening fire?”

Singh insisted that he could have substantiated his charges if only wireless messages had been faithfully recorded. “If those messages had been recorded, I could have proved many things, but not even two 2% were recorded in the log book of the control room,” he said in Hindi, alleging also that Chandra Prakash had changed messages that would indict him.

Singh also admits to the force having got communal. “I have no hesitation saying that our policemen who were drawn from the local men too had become communal-minded,” he candidly observed.

The interviews also reveal how the police tried to put a spoke in the wheels of justice once the rioting abated following the intervention of the Army after three days. First, they did not register cases and when they did, they clubbed disparate cases in one FIR.

According to Bhullar, “The police did not register cases, instead they tried to suppress cases. They knew there were huge riots in their areas, so they tried to minimize, even picked up corpses and dumped them in Sultanpuri, to save their jobs.”

Nehru Family history

                                            Family tree of Nehru family



                                Nehru family history;

Indira Gandhi had her Gangu-Brahmin ancestry confirmed by reference to family records maintained by Pandits at the Mattan Shrine in the Kashmir Valley and the confirmation firmed her resolve to carry on her war against the Sikhs. Not satisfied with the result of Operation Blue Star, she planned another nefarious operation, on a much larger scale, codenamed Operation Shanti. According to Dr. Sangat Singh, the assassination of Indira Gandhi on 31st October 1984 pre-empted Indira’s Operation Shanti all over India by a week

By implementation this plan Indira could keep herself safe from Sikhs and defame them as anti national and clean her image in majority Hindus. Thus she could assure whole India that only she is a patriot and think of prosperity of nation but the Sikhs are traitors and then a large scale holocaust of Sikhs could be organized or the Sikhs would have been cornered by a social boycott appeal.  So this Operation Shanti was prepared which included a war against Pakistan. This plan was to be organized on birth day of founder of Sikh religion Guru Nanak Dev ji which was falling on 8th Nov. in 1984.  This plan was a top secret and had been shared with Chief of Army staff General AS Vaidya and some loyal administrative officers other than her loyal cabinet ministers. Though a high level secrecy was maintained to keep it top secret but it was leaked to some high ups in administration and they informed to their close friends to save their families.

Indira drew a diabolical plan, named ‘Operation Shanti’, to carry out a general massacre of the Sikhs, of genocidal proportions, around November 8, when the Sikhs would assemble in various Gurdwaras for Guru Nanak’s birthday celebrations.

 Cynthia Mahmood on 1984

Please read it at related link (Para-5 at bottom of right column in picture), to genocide of Sikhs in 1984 at this website…  –Sikhs%E2%80%99-Kristallnacht

In October 1984, there was a massive deployment of army at the border and war with Pakistan looked imminent. There was a rumor that the Center had conceived a genocidal intention towards the Sikhs —– the plan was like this: large scale clashes would be raised all along the Punjab border with Pakistan; it would be publicized that the Sikhs had revolted and joined hands with the Pak forces, and then they would be slaughtered and bombed by the Indian army and subjected to loot and massacre all over India.

The Sikhs all over Punjab, especially in Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Ferozepur, Kapurthala and Jalandhar districts were to be subjected to massive aerial bombardment, apart from being slaughtered by army and para military forces. The Sikhs all over India were to be subjected to mass scale massacre, loot, arson and incendiarism by lumpen elements organized by Youth Congress(I) activists. Elaborate preparations were made by Youth Congress (I) network all over India; they were to await a coded signal to start mayhem.

The plan was discussed with certain army generals who advised Indira against it. They pointed out that Nazis had used gas chambers to finish off the Jews, but had not been able to do so. And, her plan to finish off the Sikhs in one go would only club her name with that of Hitler. But she was unrel

 Rajni Kothari on 1984

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Historian Rajni kothari also revealed about this proposed massacre of Sikhs all over India.

Indira was not receptive. In view of her nefarious Sikh genocidal plan, she paid a sudden visit to Kashmir on October 27, when, however, she got the omen of her imminent death. Back in New Delhi, the following day, Nevertheless, one cannot lightly dismiss what P.C. Alexander, the principal secretary of Indira Gandhi, has written in ‘My Years with Indira Gandhi’. According to him,”she sent for Gen. Vaidya and asked him in my presence about the preparedness of the Indian army in J & K to meet any unexpected outbreak of trouble. General Vaidya assured her that the army was very well prepared for any eventuality and there was no danger of it being taken unaware by the Pakistanis.

After General Vaidya left, she asked me to remain in close contact with Vice-President Venktaraman and apprise him of her concern at the recent developments in Punjab and Kashmir. (Significantly the Sikh President was to be kept out). She said that it would be helpful to keep him fully informed of all the developments and get his views on them. I do not know what prompted her to give me these instructions at that time………”

Indira wanted to involve Vice President from that very stage, as he was to be the acting President once Operation Shanti was operative, and the inconvenient Zail Singh was bumped off.

How much substance was there in this rumor cannot be stated for sure, but as subsequent events have shown, there was certainly more to it than meets the eye. It is a pointed to the genocidal intention of a despot in a hurry

Significantly, Zia ul Haq stated at Indira’s funeral that it was with great difficulty that he had been able to avert a war with India. 


His then No. 2, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, after demitting the office of President of Pakistan in July 1993, stated that Indira had planned to attack Pakistan but was shot dead some ten days before the D-Day.

This post shall continue to reveal the truth of Sikh genocide 1984 on involvement of govt. machinary, its administration, ministers and the Prime Minister himself i.e from Bottom to Top, so please keep watching whole month of October or until it ends in November sometime.

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