India 1984 – when it backstabbed & betrayed with Sikh nation (Part-13)

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Martyrs Satwant Singh, Beant singh and Kihar Singh ji.

Sonia Gandhi—daughter in law of Indira Gandhi revealed before Vir Sanghvi, editor Hindustan times in an interview that she (Indira) used to give instruction to Rajiv (her son) to what to do and how to do after her sudden death. It’s not difficult to assume after the massacre of innocent Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India why she chose a specific day to plan the killings of the innocent Sikhs both the times. Thanks to both the valiant martyrs who saved whole Sikh community from defamation by sacrifice of their own lives and saved thousands to be murdered brutally by Indira. Though they had to assassinate a brutal Prime Minister but in the interest of nation and the Sikh community from defamation—- the Sikh community shall always be obliged to both the martyrs Beant Singh and Satwant Singh.

[Shaheed Satwant Singh belonged to NO specific jathebandee (Organization). Here is his statement in the Supreme court of India when he was awarded the death sentence. ” “Let any part of my body, after my Shaheedi, be removed and used by anyone who may benefit from it . However if you need my eyes, let the authorities tell my parents. I have no hatred for any Hindu, Muslim, Christian, neither hatred for any religion. After my Shaheedi, let no Sikh throw even any rock at any Hindu. I am not in favour of any retaliation or bloodshed over my Shaheedi. If we do create bloodshed, then there is no difference between us and Rajiv Gandhi. I am Proud of the task that I did . I do ardas in front of Waheguru that If I am blessed with a human life again , then give me a death of the Brave. Forget one life, if I could I would give up a thousand lives to kill dushts like Indira Gandhi, and laugh as I become Shaheed by hanging….” ]

His lawyer, Sardar Bhupinder Singh Sodhi was the last to meet Satwant Singh in Tihar jail. Sodhi said, “Beloved Satwant, I am so sorry I was unable to save you from the death sentence. Now this is the last time we will ever meet.” The lawyer said as he became emotional.
Sardar Satwant Singh replied, “Vakeel Sahib, you should be making me strong. We will meet again. Promise me you will fight my case next time as well!”
Bhupinder Singh Sodhi replied, “Pyare Satwant, I do not understand what you are saying? All your appeals have failed. Tomorrow morning, 6th January, at 6 am, both you and Kehar Singh will be hanged.”
Satwant Singh replied, “Vakeel sahib, whenever Waheguru gives me a human life, I will once again destroy the enemies of the Sikh Nation like Indira Gandhi. The again you will come and fight my case. Those who believe in truth and human rights, will always have to fight these brutal regimes. I will keep taking births! I will keep killing dushts! You will keep meeting me!”
Seeing Satwant Singh in such Chardi kala, lawyer Bhupinder Singh Sodhi says, “Pyare Satwant, Great are you, Great is your Sikhi, so blessed am I who was able to fight a case of a Lionheart, brave warrior such as you. Waheguru ji has blessed me just to have the darshan of you. Any nation that has warriors like you, Satwant Singh, brave, mard, soormais. That Nation can never be controlled, intimidated or suppressed.”
On 6th January 1989, it was raining. Nature was giving Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh a blessing, like one gives a garland around a neck. The thoughts of the whole Sikh Nation were with Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh. They had taken this most important task, and with it all this heartache had come on them and their families. Both were in Chardi kala as they walked towards the noose. It was like the blessings of the whole Sikh Nation were with them as they walked.
In the end, on 6th January 1989, early at 4am, and the authorities walked them towards the noose, their voices could be heard from outside the jail, shouting, “Bole So Nihal ! Sat Siri Akaal !” Then a few moments silence……………As both of them stepped forward and kissed the hangmans noose, a very heavy rainfall started………
Just as the British had done with Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. Their bodies were taken to Ferozpur, and cremated on the banks of the Sutluj river. Similarly, the Indian Government did not hand over the bodies of Shaheed Satwant Singh and Shaheed Kehar Singh to their next of kin. Their bodies were cremated within Tihar jail. When the cruel authorities started cremating the bodies, the rain suddenly stopped. Nature was doing its bit to respect the Shaheeds. As the bodies burned, the authorities did not have the heart to hand them back to the families. The lawyer, Sardar Bhupinder Singh Sodhi said to the authorities, I can understand you have hatred for those spirits who killed Indira Gandhi, but how can you even have hatred for their corpses?
Then to further insult the Shaheeds, the authorities dreamed up another stunt. The last wish of both Shaheed Satwant Singh and Shaheed Kehar Singh was that their ashes be taken to Siri Kartarpur Sahib. However the Police forced the families of these two Shaheeds into jeeps and vans and drove them to Hardwar. Throughout the whole journey to Hardwar, it rained heavily. Then at gunpoint giving the families no choice, the final ardas for the Shaheeds was done. Just as the ardas began, the rain stopped. It was like nature was also paying respect to the Shaheeds. Bhai Satwant Singh`s father, Bapu Tarlok Singh, and the son of Bhai Kehar Singh, Sardar Rajinder Singh, poured the ashes in to the river at Hardwar.
The thoughts of the whole Sikh Nation are with Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh. The brutal Indian regime may have killed Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh, but in the hearts of all Sikhs, they will forever live. They are immortalised in paintings on the walls of Sikh Gurdwaras, and they have recorded their names in the Volumes of Sikh History. They were the modern day Bhai Sukha Singh and Bhai Mehtab Singh.
Bibi Bimal Kaur Khalsa w/o Beant Singh was interviewed, some extracts of her interview as follows;
Did you know that Bhai Beant Singh was going to assassinate Indira Gandhi?
No. He did not divulge this information with me. However looking back in hindsight, all the pieces of the jigsaw fit together. After the attack in June 84, as all Sikhs at that time, we were hurt, shocked and confused by the actions of the government.
Sardar ji took leave from work and we visited Sri Darbar Sahib. The extent of the devastation, the number of innocent Sikhs killed and atrocities committed was incomprehensible; it shook Sardar ji (Bibi ji referred to Bhai Beant Singh as Sardar ji throughout interview) to his core. He felt that it was done to suppress the Sikhs. He spent hours walking the Parikarma, through the blood soaked rubble, trying to absorb what happened that day.
He was inspired and in awe of the defence put up by the handful of Sikh Freedom Fighters who fought to protect the sanctity of Sri Darbar Sahib, and also evacuate as many pilgrims as possible. Inspired by how they stood up against oppression, later on when he became more religious, I would always note his voice tremble during his Ardaas, when he would come to the reference to the Shaheeds “Jehna ne Sikhi layee kurbanitaan dittiyaan” (blessed are those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the survival of Sikhi).
The earliest and most significant clue as to his later actions and intentions was when at Sri Darbar Sahib, he randomly stated “I want to become a Shaheed”. I asked him what would happen to our children, the youngest of whom was two at the time. He responded “what about the young children that were made Shaheed here, what about the children that lost their parents here, they will have to manage, and so would our kids”. He didn’t say much else, and I didn’t take it serious, for after all people say a lot in grief.
Now we shed some light on those traitors who either orchestrated this genocide or participated in it with their followers and govt. machinery (administration and Police) to kill the innocent Sikhs. They provoked, incited Hindu lumpens to kill Sikhs, distributed kerosene and other inflammable substances and made all attempts to kill Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India. Though whole of the govt machinery, it’s administration, police, congress activists, it’s leaders and political stalwarts were all involved but a few names which have come in light are as follows;                             

Shaitan PM Rajiv

The PM Rajiv Gandhi – alleged mass murderer of Sikhs and a chief organizer of Sikh genocide in 1984.

First of all in this list of perpetrators and chief organizers we find Rajiv Gandhi who was newly appointed as Prime Minister of India soon after the death of his mother Indira Gandhi. He was a pilot by profession but he was sworn in as PM just for promoting the descendency in ruling family and in sympathy by some flatters in Congress party. The declaration of his appointment was made on the same day on 31st October 1984 when her mother was assassinated in Delhi.

He was the sixth Prime Minister of India. Soon after he was sworn in as PM, he adviced the President Giani Zail Singh to dissolve the Parliament and to declare new elections in India. The Parliament had already completed it’s term.  The elections were held in month of December the same year in a hurry to get en-cashed sympathy of assassination of his mother. The Indian public gave him full support and the Congress party made the history by winning 411 seats out of total 543 seats. It was his destiny that how grand success he got to enter in Parliament, he had to face the same humiliation before end of the term of Parliament in 1989 in just five years only.  He was alleged of taking commission in Bofors gun deal by a close associate of him, )his finance minister) VP Singh who later on sworn in as next Prime minister.

Though he could not adorn the post of PM after 1989 but he remained  the General Secretary of Congress party in India until 1991. He first opened doors for training to LTTE (Tamil Elum Tigers of Sri Lanka) and then sent Indian army to Sri Lanka to curb these guirilla tigers and maintain peace there in 1985. This was finished only in Perumbudur with the end of life of Rajiv Gandhi. He had gone there to propagate in favor of the congress candidate on 21st May 1991 where he was killed in a Bomb blast.  It’s always to be remembered that on killing of innocent Sikhs in 1984, he had said at boat club in Delhi as; when a big tree falls, the earth shakes and insects die but it was strange to see on his death when neither the earth shook nor any insect died. He was considered an enemy of Tamils and they had sympathy to Tamil Tigers.

The innocent Sikhs were brutally killed with the consent of Rajiv Gandhi and his cabinet ministers. The preparations for this massacre was going on for a long time. A diabolical plan to kill the Sikhs was already designed by Congress and the code name to this plan was given as OPERATION SHANTI. We have already written in detail about it in our previous pages.  But we are compelled to write few lines while we discuss about the role of Rajiv Gandhi in Sikh genocide. The wife of Rajiv Gandhi is Sonia Gandhi who has her roots in Italy. The family friend of Gandhi family —— Amitabh Bacchan gave his live appearance on Indian govt owned TV Channel Door Darshan soon after the death of Indira Gandhi.  In this LIVE show, he shouted hatred slogans against Sikh community and incited the majority Hindu community to spill blood of Sikhs. His slogans were heard and he was seen  raising these slogans as “KHOON KA BADLA KHOON” MEANS blood for the blood” and “Indira ke khoon ke cheente unke gharon tak bhi pahunchne chahiyen” means the stains of blood should be found in their (Sikhs) homes also.

If we look upon pages of history of India, we will be proud of that the enemy running from battle field was never chased or killed. For evidence the exmple of brave Prithvi Raj Chauhan is there who defeated Mohammad gauri 17 times but never chased him or tried to kill him but when he was defeated by Gauri, he was arrested and blinded before he was taken to Kandhar where he was killed. Such brutality is not found in India but is visible on foreign soil only. Indians are generally passionate then how this brutality was noticed all of sudden?

The wars in different local tribes is witnessed in Italy and they have a custom to wash the stains of blood with blood only means the stain of blood is not washed until a life of enemy is not taken. It’s called as Lu sangu lava lu sangu in Italy. There is nothing to be amazed if this was disclosed by Sonia to Rajiv Gandhi who in turn ordered Door darshan to arrange a TV crew to shoot at Teen Murti Bhawan where the dead body of his mother was kept for last tributes to be paid by general public and distinguished visitors. This TV crew was waiting for Amitabh Bacchan — the Indian cine star famous for his angry image, he arrived and introduced the nation with this new custom, a new trend to avenge from enemies by shouting the hatred slogans stated in previous para. Thus Rajiv Gandhi en-cashed his angry image to avenge death of his mother from Sikh who was assassinated by Sikhs. The wide scale violence was spread throughout India but all these Sikhs killed were only the insects for Rajiv Gandhi.

A Sikh member of Parliament Sardar Trilochan Singh directly accused Rajiv Gandhi for this massacre of Sikhs on 14th December 2009 in his addressal to the speaker and the house. He accused both Rajiv Gandhi and Amitabh Bacchan for this massacre. No one opposed it though the congress members were also present there in the house. The opposition welcomed it by tapping their tables. Sardar Trilochan Singh is a former private secretary of late President Giani Zail Singh so he is aware of many secrets.

The Chief minister of Kerala Mr. V S Achutanandan alleged late Prime Minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi for orchestrating the genocide of Sikhs in 1984. The confssion by any Chief minister of Congress from any state of India was made first time since the massacre of Sikhs in 1984. It approves that the innocent Sikhs throughout India were killed on behest of newly appointed PM Rajiv Gandhi who was also son of late Prime minister Indira Gandhi. Nothing more to disclose about the massacre and it’s organizers remains to reveal. It’s a great shame on a nation where an elected Prime Minister himself  is responsible for a large scale genocide of a specific community, a murderer of his own citizens?


 Rajiv alleged on 1984

 With kind courtesy;

And while Delhi was burning in flames in the first week of November 1984, Rajiv Gandhi and his ministers, sat on their bums watching the whole show unfold. Senior leaders approached the government to call out the army on the streets. But nothing happened. As Singh writes “But the new Prime Minister did nothing. Not even when senior political leaders like Chandrashekar and Mahatma Gandhiji’s grandson, Rajmohan Gandhi, went to the home minister  (P V Narsimha Rao) personally to urge him to call out the army for help was anything done in those first three days of November to stop the violence.”

This is something that Guha also writes in India After Gandhi. “There is a large cantonment in Delhi itself, and several infantry divisions within a radius of fifty miles of the capital. The army was put on standby, despite repeated appeals to the prime minister and his home minster PV Narsimha Rao, they were not asked to move into action. A show of military strength in the city on the 1st and 2nd would have quelled the riots ­ yet the order never came.” Doordarshan, the only television channel in the country at that point of time, added fuel to fire by constantly showing crowds baying for the blood of the Sikhs.

A few week’s later in a public speech Rajiv Gandhi justified the pogrom (basically an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group) against Sikhswhen he said “When a big tree falls, the earth trembles!”. Years later Sher Singh Sher, a “Kriya pratikriya ki chain chal rahi hai. Hum chahte hain ki na kriya ho aur na pratikriya…Godhra main jo parson hua, jahan par chalees mahilaon aur bacchon ko zinda jala diya, issey desh main aur videsh main sadma pahunchna swabhavik tha. Godhra ke is ilake ke logon ki criminal tendencies rahi hain. In logon ne pehle mahila teachers ka khoon kiya. Aur ab yeh jaghanya apraadh kiya hai jiski pratikriya ho rahi hai.”

(A chain of action and reaction is being witnessed now. Day before yesterday in Godhra, the incident in which forty women and children were burnt alive had to naturally evoke a shocking response in the country and abroad. The people in this locality of Godhra have had criminal tendencies. They first killed the women teachers and now this horrifying crime the reaction to which is being witnessed.)

Guha finds man similarities between the two pogroms, the one against the Sikhs of Delhi in 1984, and the one against the Muslims of Gujarat in 2002. Both the cases started with stray acts of violence for which a generalised revenge was taken. “The Sikhs who were butchered were in no way connected to the Sikhs who killed Mrs Gandhi. The Muslims who were killed by the Hindu mobs were completely innocent of the Godhra crime,” writes Guha.

In both the cases there was a clear breakdown of law and order. More than that graceless statements justifying the riots, were made, one by a serving Prime Minister and another by a serving Chief Minister. And in both the cases, serving ministers, aided the rioters.

But its the final similarity between the two different sets of events that is the most telling, feels Guha. “Both parties, and leaders, reaped electoral rewards from the violence that they had legitimised and overseen. Rajiv Gandhi’s party won the 1984 general election by a large margin, and in December 2002, Narendra Modi was re-elected as the chief minister of Gujarat after his party won a two-thirds majority in the assembly polls,” Guha points out. Modi, the first RSS pracharak to become a chief minister, has won two more polls since then.

To conclude, if justice had been quickly delivered in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and the Congress leaders who instigated the violence had been jailed, chances are the 1993 Mumbai riots and 2002 Gujarat riots would never have happened. And if they had, they would have happened on a much smaller scale. The original maut ke saudagars of 1984 set the tone for much of what followed.

This post shall continue to reveal the truth of Sikh genocide 1984 on involvement of govt. machinary, its administration, ministers and the Prime Minister himself i.e from Bottom to Top, so please keep watching whole month of October or until it ends in November sometime.

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