India 1984 – when it backstabbed & betrayed with Sikh nation (Part-14)

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Narsimha Rao —The then Home Minister of India

When we discuss about 1984 genocide, the name which appears next to Rajiv Gandhi—— appears as Narsimha Rao. He was the home minister of India in 1984 and he was responsible for the security of the nation and its citizens but  it will be more then enough to give his introduction in these words that he was proved a snake in armpit. He watched the massacre as a mute spectator of a specific community of this nation and did nothing to stop it, the massacre was planned with his consent and nod, and he played a key role in this holocaust by his indirect participation in it. Neither he ordered the Delhi Police commissioner to stop killings, nor he took any action on police failure. He didn’t order deployment of army for three days from 1st November to 3rd November and when it was called, it was too late without any coordination by Police, they were not deployed to stop killings of Sikhs but to provide security to distinguished guests visited Delhi for cremation of Indira Gandhi. After that they were deployed in various parts of Delhi for march past only. If army troops reached the spot of killings or arson, they reached only after the incident had happened and culprits fled away. When some eminent citizens and members of opposition approached him and ten army was called under pressure but when the information received that the army troops called from Meerut was having Sikh soldiers, these troops were stopped at Ghaziabad– 35 kms away from Delhi so that they may not open fire to kill the Hindu miscreants who were given assurances of their lives.  All the sufferings including arson, damage of property and killings of innocent Sikhs —- all the credit goes to this one man only. There is already enough is written about this person in this book.  Congress obliged him by awarding him with the post of Prime Minister in 1991.


 HKL Bhagat




Meet this personality—a name which glorify it’s name as devotee to Lord Krishna, but as the name is so impressive and appealing, he was totally against this name. A sinner behind the curtain of  a holy name . He is no more now. I dare to say in an authentic manner that the doors of hell would have not been opened for this sinner  and if there is any place far more beyond the hell, his soul must be rotting there. This man was one among the masterminds who planned and executed genocide of Sikhs in 1984.

Shoorveer Singh Tyagi who was posted as Station House Officer (SHO) of Kalyanpuri police Station who was arrested and then terminated on allegations of negligence in his duty and for not saving the precious lives of Sikhs, reveals that he was made a scapegoat . In his words the truth is  that a meeting was held at the residence of HKL Bhagat at his residence in Shahdra, East Delhi on 31st October 1984 in which all the top ranking police Officer (from bottom to Top) were present. According to that meeting all the police officers of all ranks were directed  if there are murders, let them be,  destroy the evidences. That’s why the evidences from all police station’s areas were destroyed. But in Trilokpuri the number of casualties was very high and the burnt bodies of Sikhs were scattered all around in every street. It was not possible to remove all of them so quickly to be viewed from journalists. Hence these murders became the headlines of newspapers.

An eye witness Ajay kaur had alleged in her testimony that she heard Hari Kishan Lal Bhagat addressing a mob near her home that the police was not to intervene for three days, therefore they have the liberty to kill Sikhs. Go and serve the mother India.

At about the same time H.K.L. Bhagat, another Congress (I) MP was reported to be trying to secure the release of several criminals who had been arrested by the Gandhinagar police station. Describing the dilemma before the police, a senior police official said to our team members: “Sher pinjre se nikal diya: phir kahte hain pakad ke le ao!” (First the tigers are let loose from their cages and then we are ordered to round them up). When asked who was releasing them, he gave a knowing smile.

 Darshan Kaur testimony against HKL Bhagat

The same official told us that when some Congress (I) leaders came to a police station seeking, the release of their followers, they were asked to accompany a police party in a raid on some houses for recovery of looted property. But these leaders refused when they were told that they would have to be witnesses.

Retd. Justice HS Narula had also asked the same questions from justice Nanavati commission in his list of questionnaire at question no. 6 & 7;

  1. Some police officers – above DSP level were called by wireless messages to attend a meeting at a Minister’s (H.K.L. Bhagat’s) house late on Oct. 31. Who ordered the meeting, how much time was spent in the meeting, who addressed the meeting, and for what purpose?
  2. Who accompanied Rajiv Gandhi on the night between 31.10.1984 and 1.11.1984 when he – admittedly – went around East Delhi with HKL Bhagat, and others, for a short time?

The information collected form the submitted affidavits, it’s revealed that Hari Kishan Lal Bhagat paid money to the leaders of local units of Congress. In many instances, he he himself lead the mob and incited  the miscreants to kill the Sikhs and attack thier homes.  He is also alleged of releasing the miscreants  arrested on allegations of murders of Sikhs from Shahdara jail by using his influence. This sinner was died in 2005.

 Satnami Bai

                                               Satnami Bai

During the anti-Sikh violence, the largest number of killings took place in Bhagat’s East Delhi constituency. One witness, Satnami Bai, said Bhagat had led the rioters. Later on, she turned hostile and failed to identify him. Another witness, Darshan Kaur, stuck to her deposition despite threats to her life and identified Bhagat. But the case collapsed in 1995 and Bhagat was acquitted on the ground that in a riot case, conviction cannot be based on the word of just one witness. Enquiries revealed that local Sikh leader and former DSGMC member Atma Singh Lubhana had struck a deal with Satnami Bai to change her statement. According to confidential documents of the Lubhana community, this deal was struck for Rs 12 lakh.

Darshan Kaur told Tehelka that Atma Singh Lubhana had offered her Rs 25 lakh to turn hostile and on her refusal was thrashed by him. For beating up Kaur, Lubhana was summoned by the Akal Takht on September 14, 1998. Takht Jathedar Ranjit Singh, after considering the apology tendered by Lubhana, had pronounced religious punishment. Darshan Kaur stated that he had threatened to burn her alive in Tilak Vihar. Earlier also, she was waylaid by some unidentified people and threatened. She had earlier told Tehelka that she was offered Rs 25 lakh in hard cash but she had sought the payment by cheque so as to expose them.


 Atma Singh Lubana

                                      Atma Singh Lubana


The Middleman: Atma Singh Lubhana worked on behalf of politicians rather than victims spycam grab.

According to a letter dated December 4, 1996, by Mohan Singh, president of the All-India Lubhana Sikh Sanstha to ‘mukhias’ of the Lubhana panchayats, “on November 17, 1996 a panchayat was organised at Gurdwara Shaheedgunj, Tilak Vihar, wherein Satnami Bai was questioned about changing her statement. In the presence of widows and riot victims, Satnami Bai swore by Guru Granth Sahib that it was Atma Singh Lubhana who was instrumental in her turning hostile. Satnami stated that a deal was struck for Rs 12 lakh and the rest is known to Atma Singh.” After this Lubhana was summoned by the panchayat but he failed to appear and was ostracised from the Lubhana community (Nikaali- Roti Beti ka rishta Khatam).

On December 2, 1996, Lubhana appeared before the panchayat and agreed to abide by its decision. The panchayat decided to continue with the boycott of Lubhana and a five-member committee was formed to inquire into this episode. The members included Inder Singh, Mohan Singh, Bhai Mohan Singh, Hari Singh and Babu Singh Dukhia. Subsequently, it was decided to summon a Sarva Panchayat to take a final decision on Lubhana. This Sarva Panchayat or Chauraasi Maha Panchayat gathered at Gurdwara Shaheedgunj on April 25, 1999 and included mukhias and panches of 84 villages of north India of the Lubhana community.

According to Babu Singh Dukhia, now president of the Shaheedgunj Gurdwara, Atma Singh Lubhana had confessed to his crime before the maha panchayat and was asked to pay a fine of Rs 5.28 lakh. This was recorded in the panchayat register and Lubhana had also signed it. A written undertaking by Dukhia revealed that Satnami Bai had also confessed before the panches that Atma Singh had deposited money in her Tilak Nagar postal account. All panches agreed that due to his lust for money, Lubhana had influenced Satnami to change her statement and had turned a traitor. Babu Singh Dukhia had recorded his dissenting note about pardoning after payment of Rs 5.28 lakh fine. Thereafter, this document was sealed and it was decided that it would not be made public.

When confronted, Lubhana admitted to paying the fine. He stated that the penalty was paid in instalments and spent on renovating various gurdwaras. As desired by the panchayat, he had also agreed to follow their directive. But he was evasive about the reasons behind his boycott and denied being instrumental in Satnami Bai turning hostile. “I had not committed any crime but had to put my signatures as everyone persuaded me to settle the matter once and for all.” Caught out, Lubhana denied threatening or offering any money to Darshan Kaur or Anwar Kaur but admitted to being summoned by the Akal Takht.

This post shall continue to reveal the truth of Sikh genocide 1984 on involvement of govt. machinary, its administration, ministers and the Prime Minister himself i.e from Bottom to Top, so please keep watching whole month of October or until it ends in November sometime.

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