India 1984 – when it backstabbed & betrayed with Sikh nation (Part-19)

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Forget 1984

what a young army officer saw in ’84 riots (Colonel (retd) Bhupinder Malhi joined the army in 1983. He retired in 2009. He now runs a security agency in Delhi)

We, a group of young Army Officers of Armoured Corps, were on board the Jhelum Express to attend the Young Officers Course at Armoured Corps Centre and School (ACCS) at Ahmednagar and happened to witness the anti-Sikh riots at very close quarters.

I boarded the Jhelum Express at Ambala Cantt early morning on 01 Nov 1984 along with few other course-mates. By the time our train reached outer Delhi near the Sabji Mandi area, we could see that Delhi was burning. Lots of trucks were on fire and smoke could be seen rising from buildings.

When the train reached the New Delhi Railway Station, we got down to enquire about the situation. We spotted many Sikhs lying injured on the platform and no one was willing to provide any first aid or help. We tried to help a few of the injured but our train was immediately moved out of the station.

The train was forcibly stopped near the Nizammudin Railway Station by an unruly mob. They started pulling out Sikhs from the train and there was chaos all around. We all quickly put on our uniforms and got down to help the Sikhs. We could not help most, though we managed to save a few. Some Sikhs had been set on fire; cycle rubber tyres were placed around them.

Some of us tried calling the police using the railways phone but there was no response. We also tried calling the Army headquarters’ Duty Officer but could not reach them. We spotted an injured Sikh who was thrown on the railway track; two of us rushed to help him, but by the time we reached him, an approaching train over-ran him and we saw his body cut into pieces. We collected his body parts in a bed sheet and brought it to the railway platform to be handed over to police.

The train moved a bit and was again stopped near the Okhla slums. Another group of mob entered our AC 2 tier compartment by breaking the window glass as there are no iron grills in AC compartment. The mob systematically started searching the compartment and pulling Sikhs out of the train. We tried to reason with rioters and managed to save few fellow Sikhs. Unfortunately we could not save all. Capt Gill of 89 Armoured Regiment was stabbed at a distance of 1 ft from me. We requested rioters to spare his life as he was a soldier but the rioters argued that the person who killed Mrs Indira Gandhi was also a soldier.

We handed over Captain Gill’s body to Army authorities at the Mathura railway station at night. Another Sikh officer named Sahota from GREF (General Reserve Engineer Force) was made to hide under the berth in our compartment. He was spotted by the mob and was killed there itself after he was hit by iron rods.

We were lucky to save my course mate Harinder (86 Armoured Regiment) who was being pulled out of the train but some of us held on to him and managed to free him from the clutches of death.

Another newly-wedded young officer from Artillery who was travelling with his wife was saved by shaving his beard and cutting his hair.

We repeatedly requested railways authorities for help but no one was willing to oblige. On the contrary, one TTE was seen indicating to the mob about the location of Sikhs hiding in the compartments.

Two officers Yadav (75 Armoured Regiment) and AP Singh (9 Horse) managed to get hold of a 12 bore rifle which was being carried by a soldier proceeding on leave. They fired a few rounds at the mob and the mob retreated. They were awarded subsequently for this bravery.

It’s not like that Amitabh shouting hatred slogans is not watched by others? Hundreds of thousands would have watched him mostly who were residing outside Delhi  but to whom could they reveal?

 Hindus killing Sikhs in Trains

    The Hindus are seeing killing the innocent Sikhs in trains.

Any legal action against him is not possible in India. It took me 25 years to spread my voice. The credit of revolution in Indian struggle of freedom of 1957 goes to Mangal Pande … as he was the first person who dared to give a befitted reply to British —— it needs to ignite a single spark to revolt and when I myself has watched Amitabh LIVE on Door Darshan inciting Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs than I decided to knock the Court. I was hesitating to pay Court fee and litigation expenses. Therefore I filed a Public interest Litigation (PIL) in Delhi High Court on 19-09-2009.

PIL in High Court

 On 24-10-2009, it was refused to be heard by honorable judge Man Mohan Kumar with a remark as the case is filed after 25 years. Now I was again in need of money to file revision, no advocate came forward to fight this case without money, possibly they were frightened to appeal against a highly influential celebrity.


I demanded a copy of video clip from Door Darshan aftermath assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984 from 1st November to 3rd November but I was refused to provide the same and called vague. And when I became sure that I can’t get justice and can’t appeal in Court, I better decided to write on net and expose him. I learnt Internet and than all the material in relevance to this PIL and involvement of Amitabh in provocation and inciting Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs pasted on net. People were amazed, they had no such information. Though the Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad had revealed it on net before me but he was not having any witness. After my statement on net, this was proved a big support to their voice. Within last four years only, whole world is now aware of his involvement, his role in Sikh genocide is well informed. We have shown the real black face of him within this short period. Now wherever he goes in any part of world, Sikh youths protest against him and he is called MURDERER, MURDERER. The success which I would have not got by filing a legal case against him, I have got more than that on net. He didn’t pay a visit to Canada in fear of protest but resigned from Chairman post of AAIF.Kindly view this following picture, a photocopy of that memorandum.


Than he went to Oxford university, England and his interview was aired by BBC, TV ONE to promote his film ‘PAA’. There he had to face protest of Sikhs. After that he went to Queensland University, Australia where a law suit was filed against him on his involvement in 1984 Sikh genocide. He again visited London in 2012 to run with OLYMPIC TORCH, here again he faced Sikhs protesting against him and who shouted as MURDERER, MURDERER.  Than he was so frustrated that he sent an application at Sri Akal Takhat (the Supreme and temporal seat of Sikh faith) about his innocence, he tried to misguide the clergy whereas we are the eye witness and know the truth. Truth always prevail, one may try to cover it by his falsehood.

Sikhs for justice , an NGO gave a memorandum to President Barak Obama which includes his name as perpetrator.

Compliant to Obama

If there Hindus killing the innocent Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India under influence of Congress party, and were thankless to Sikh nation, thankless to Sikh gurus who sacrificed their lives to save Hindu religion and were marking a blackspot to their religion,  there were many savior Hindus too who risked their lives to save innocent Sikhs, gave them shelter, food and water despite opposed by Congress goons and the govt which was keen to eliminate Sikhs. We are thankful to all those known and unknown Hindu brothers and bow our heads in due respect before them. The brotherhood, harmony and love if still persists among these two communities is due to their selfless service. We the Sikhs shall always be grateful to them.

Now I would like to mention two Hindu families (whose references I got from newspapers and on net). One was Shri Bajrang Singh from central Delhi and the other is Mr. Ved Prakash Jaiswal who belongs to Shahdra, east Delhi).

Sh. Bajrang Singh

                                              Bajrang Singh               

Mr. Bajrang Singh was a rich person and was a transporter by profession. At that time he owned 19 buses. When he saw killing of innocent Sikhs on streets, and women crying with orphans on roads, his heart cried and this god fearing person immediately gave shelter to all Sikh women, children and youths who could be seen on road, provided them food and shelter to live in his own house. His wife and son in law, his daughters, every member of the family came forward to save the Sikhs from death squads of Congress. He dressed their wounds, provided available medicines means to say he and his family served the Sikhs by all means. How could the Congress top brass bear it when it had orchestrated the genocide itself? So it started harassing the honest and god fearing person by framing him in fabricated charges and harming him financially.                         

First it’s Jat driver left  their jobs, his son in laws came forward and drove the buses to search the Sikh families on roads to save their lives and bring them home. His buses were hypothecated from banks and thus govt gave him only one month’s time to pay back the loans. How could he pay back loans of his so many buses in just one month? Then his buses were confiscated by Banks and he was left alone to die with hunger but this angel didn’t lose his mission of service. Despite all odds, he continued. His wife sold her ornaments to feed the starving Sikh families. Great is the mother who gave birth to such a deity person.

To-day he is not in this materialistic world but his family feels proud of him, they do not regret though they were made penniless by congress govt. but none of his family member ever regrets. We should all learn a lesson from the life of  honorable Sh. Bajrang Singh ji. We should always remember preaching of Sikh gurus who gave us the message, “ MAANAS KEE JAAT SABHAI EK-E PAHICHANBO !!” MEANS ALL THE MANKIND SHOULD BE ACCEPTED AS ONE. We pray the almighty Waheguru to rest his soul in peace and give strength and prosperity to his family so that they may always live with pride and honor. We also pray the Lord to be kind upon us so that we may also be able to serve the mankind without any discrimination of religion, race, caste, color or creed.

The untold story of Sh. Ved Prakash Jaiswal of Shahdra is almost all the same. He too brought many Sikh families at his home and served them in need of hour at their critical time. His son Rajiv Jaiswal is a practicing Chartered Accountant and have good relations with Sikh families. We the whole Sikh community is grateful to Jaiswal family.


Sh. Ved Prakash Jaiswal                                

                                Mr. & Mrs. Ved Prakash Jaiswal

The only signs of courage and initiative in an otherwise ominous landscape were demonstrated by those Hindu and Muslim neighbors who helped Sikh families in the affected areas. We came across a large number of Sikh inmates in the relief Camps who told us repeatedly that but for these neighbors they would have been butchered.

In a makeshift camp opposite the Kalyanpuri police station on November 3, we met a Hindu family, whose house was burnt down by the miscreants because he had given shelter to his Sikh neighbors.

A postal employee living in Bhopal told us how his house was damaged and partly burnt because he helped two Sikhs. With army assistance he moved the Sikhs to his village in Faridabad.

Members of a voluntary organization traced two Sikh families who were given shelter by Hindus in Khichripur on November 3. Defying a belligerent mob that stood at the entrance of the lanes, a local Hindu youth led the members to the house and rescued the families who were being sheltered by a poor Hindu family. The next day, the volunteers following a request by a mother in a relief camp went to trace her daughter in Trilokpuri who was being looked after by a Hindu family. The latter restored the daughter to the volunteers, kept with them two other Sikh children whose parents were still traced.

“It is our responsibility to look after them”, they said.

Near Azadpur, a Hindu factory owner hid a Sikh inside the factory premises. When the Hindus surrounded the factory demanding that the Sikh be handed over to them, the factory owner persuaded the Sikh to shave his hair and beard have him a cycle which helped him to pass through the crowd and escape.

On the GT-Karnal Road, Hindus saved a Gurudwara and a Sikh doctor’s clinic from being burnt down. In the same area, from November 1 to 5, Delhi University teachers and students kept vigil around the entry point to lances where Sikhs lived.

Hindus from Munirka village and residing in Munirka colony provided protection in their own homes to ten Sikh families.

Thirty Sikh families residing in Mayur Vihar were guarded all through the period by young Hindi neighbors who resisted attempts by outsiders to raid the compound.

According to a rough estimate based on information gathered from different sources, at least 600 Sikhs were saved by Hindus of Trilokpuri. According to an army officer posted in Shahadara, of the Sikh families he rescued from different parts of the area, at least 70% were sheltered by Hindus.

It is these acts of courage, however, few they may be, which reassure us that sanity still prevails in our country.

This post shall continue to reveal the truth of Sikh genocide 1984 on involvement of govt. machinary, its administration, ministers and the Prime Minister himself i.e from Bottom to Top, so please keep watching whole month of October or until it ends in November sometime.

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