India 1984 – when it backstabbed & betrayed with Sikh nation (Part-22)

Role of Jagdish tytler in Sikh genocide 1984 is revealed here, previous post revealed on Sajjan kumar. Readers may reat it at :

Jagdish Tytler

                                               JAGDISH TYTLER

Having grown up on a staple of bad Hindi cinema of the seventies and the eighties, I have always associated people with ‘French’ beards as being villanious. Indeed, this is a stereotype of the worst kind, which I have been unable to get rid off.

But now comes the news that a Delhi court has set aside the closure report of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Jagdish Tytler, in connection with the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 and ordered that the case against him be reopened. For those who don’t know, Tytler has had a rather impressive French beard, over the years.

Tytler along with many fellow Congressmen took an active part in inciting the anti-Sikh riots that happened in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of the country, being assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards on the morning of 31 October, 1984.

If accused Kamal Nath can not go to US in fear of his arrest, the Jagdish tytler didn’t dare to visit UK though he was head of Common wealth games held in Delhi as he could be arrested there, kindly see this evidence;

Rob Morris on Jagdish tytler

The Nanawati commission held him guilty in his report and suggested to frame charges against him. He remarked in his report that there are evidences of his involvement in killing of Sikhs but due to unknown reasons the govt. of India refused to arrest him or   take a legal action against him in lack of any concrete evidence.

CBI is still trying to shield Tytler and ignoring the pleas of California-based witnesses Resham Singh and Jasbir Singh who are available and ready to testify about the Congress leader’s role in leading death squads after the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

Tytler is being investigated by CBI for his role in leading squads that attacked gurdwara Pulbangash on November 1, 1984, in which three Sikhs were burned alive.

CBI has proved itself to be partisan and has acted like Tytler’s defence team because since the Nanavati Commission’s report in 2005 finding credible evidence of his involvement in the November 1984 killings, the agency has twice attempted to give clean chit to Tytler despite the fact that multiple witnesses are available

“In September 2007, CBI had claimed that Jasbir Singh was not traceable and submitted this claim even to the court after which we brought him out in public within a day and his address was also provided to court which then ordered the CBI to record his statement in US,”

Two other witnesses, now living in US, have already expressed their willingness to testify against him.

CBI, in an email to US based rights group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) on March 3 reads, “We are in the process of tracing the remaining 3 persons namely Chanchal Singh, Alam Singh and Santokh Singh, who are reportedly residing in US. As soon as we get their present whereabouts, the examination of all the including Resham Singh and Jasbir Singh would be undertaken on priority.”

The report submitted its final report consisting 185 pages to govt of India in 2004. The charges were fixed against many senior Congress leaders of Delhi like Jagdish Tytler who was later on sworn in as Union Cabinet Minister, MP Sajjan Kumar and Hari Kishan Lal Bhagat (Who is already passed away to hell). These charges were fixed after finding evidences against them.

The report was 185 pages long. The commission submitted its final report in February 2005 detailing accusations and evidence against senior members of the Delhi wing of the then ruling Congress Party, including Jagdish Tytler, later a Cabinet Minister, MP Sajjan Kumar and late minister HKL Bhagat. They were accused of instigating mobs to avenge the assassination of Indira Gandhi by killing Sikhs in their constituencies.

Jagidish Tytler represented Parliament from Sadar area of Delhi. The police Commissioner, S.C. Tandon was briefing the press (about 10 Indian reporters and five foreign journalists) in his office on November 6, 5 p.m. A reporter asked him to comment on the large number of complaints about local Congress MPs and light weights trying to pressure the police to get their men released. The police commissioner totally denied the allegation and when questioned further the categorically started that he has never received any calls or visits by any Congress for that matter, any political leader trying to influence him or his force. Just as he finished uttering these words, Jagdish Tytler, Congress MP from Sadar Constituency, barged of into the PC’s office along with three other followers and on the top of his voice demanded from the PC “What is this Mr. Tandon? You still have not done what I asked you to do? “

The reporters were amused, the Police Commissioner embarassed. Tytler kept on shouting and a reporter asked the PC to ask that ‘shouting man’ to wait outside since a press conference was on. Tytler shouted at the reporter :’this is more important’. However the reporter told the PC that if Tytler wanted to sit in the office he would be welcome, but a lot of questions regarding his involvement would also be asked and he was welcome to hear them. Tytler was fuming. Perhaps realizing the faux pas he sat down and said: ‘By holding my men you are hampering relief work’. Then he boasted to some foreign reporters that ‘There is not a single refugee in any camp in my constituency. I have made sure that they are given protection and sent back home’. However the incident left the PC speechless and the reporters convinced about the Congress (I) interference in police work.

But we were amazed to see that this mass murderer was given a clean chit by India’s top detective agency—the Central bureau of Intelligence. Whereas an eye witness Giani Surinder Singh had given his statement in USA against him.  He was afraid of his life in India and the same happened, he died in a Delhi hospital during his treatment. Now a Court case is again pending against Jagdish Tytler in Indian Court but even then he is given charge of Congress Party in Odissa state of India.

Architects of 1984 Sikh genocide

Tytler is accused of instigating a mob that led to the murder of three men who had taken shelter at a Gurdwara on 1 November 1984. The mob attack was part of violence against Sikhs after the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 31 October 1984. Three men Badal Singh, Thakur Singh and Gurcharan Singh were killed near Gurdwara Pul Bangash.

Jagdish Tytler was seen inciting one such mob around Gurdwara Pul Bangash near the Azad market in Delhi. Surinder Singh, the Head Granthi of the Gurdwara testified against Tytler on sworn affidavits.

“On 1st November 1984 in the morning at 9am a big mob which was carrying sticks, iron rods and kerosene oil attacked the Gurdwara. The crowd was being led by our area Member Parliament of Congress (I) Jagdish Tytler. He incited the crowd to set the Gurdwara on fire and to kill the Sikhs…Five to six policemen were also with the crowd. On incitement by Jagdish Tytler, they attacked the gurdwara and set it on fire.”

The witness Giani Surinder Singh was a head priest in the same Gurudwara which was attacked by mob lead by Jagdish Tytler in 1984.  The Nanavati commission report led to the resignation of Jagdish Tytler from the Union Cabinet. Few days after the report was tabled in the Parliament, The Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh also apologized to the Sikh community for Operation Bluestar and riots that followed. The report stated that Jagdish Tytler “very probably” had a hand in the riots.

As per his statement (Giani Surinder singh) Jagdish Tytler incited the mob to attack on Gurudwara and kill the Sikhs. The Gurudwara was soon after torched to flames, many Sikhs were killed. A Sikh named Badal Singh was burnt alive’ He also stated that Jagdish tyrtler contacted him on 10-11-84 and asked him to sign on two blank papers (But in another affidavit he denied to see Jagdish tytler on that spot).

In Tytler’s case, a week after changing his statement the prime witness went abroad for a year and the second witness is still in the US. There were threats to their lives as well and a prominent Sikh leader was involved in pressurizing the witness to say Tytler didn’t lead the mob.

Shri DK Singh of Indian Express writes that the role of Jagdish tytler raises several questions, whether the Congress gets paralyzed without support of this man who himself has no glorious past? There is not much to write in his praise which could oblige Congress party to realign it’s  organization or it’s administration. He himself has not any public support.  If this is the loyalty to Nehru family, than the question again raises on which grounds he earned this loyalty?

It was very unfortunate and discouraging that the CBI failed to find any evidence against this chief organizer of Sikh genocide since 1984 and than by taking the act of judiciary in it’s hands, it gives a clean chit to him. Now you may decide whether you call it inefficiency of this agency or you just feel pity on its failure.

PM Man Mohan on Tytler

Now just watch out the opinion of our Sikh Prime Minister of India on one of the chief organizers of Sikh genocide Jagdish tytler who actively orchestrated it:

The CBI closed its investigation against Jagdish tytler in 2007, the reason was very simple that it couldn’t find any evidence of his involvement/ inciting to mob/ to lead the mob or to get the Sikhs killed by mob lead by him. Therfore he was acquitted from all allegations whereas he regretted on killing of less Sikhs in his constituency in comparison to other Congress leaders of Delhi. He spoke to his followrs that this has damaged his image in Congress high command. Means who killed or got the Sikhs killed was a hero before Congress high command, even then he was acquitted from all charges.

 This post shall continue to reveal the truth of Sikh genocide 1984 on involvement of govt. machinary, its administration, ministers and the Prime Minister himself i.e from Bottom to Top, so please keep watching whole month of October or until it ends in November sometime.

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