India 1984 – when it backstabbed & betrayed with Sikh nation (Part 23)

Role of eminent Congress leaders in 1984 Sikh genocide, to-day you will read about Bhajan Lal, Lalit Maken and Arjan Das. To view previous post on Jagdish Tytler, kinly click open this link:

Bhajan Lal

                                         Bhajan Lal  

Bhajan Lal was the Chief Minister of Haryana state of India, he was sworn twice on this post, first from 28th June 1971 to 5th July 1985 and then again on 23rd July 1991 to 11th May 1996.

He was a opportunist politician of third grade in India. He was born on October 6, 1930 in Koranwali village of Bahawalpur district, now in Pakistan. A self-made man who once sold wares on his cycle, Bhajan Lal had a chequered career in politics which began as a “village Sarpanch.”

His defection from the Janata Party in 1979, along with a handful of MLAs, to the Congress with the blessings of the late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, is believed to have led to the coining of the expression “Aaya Ram and Gaya Ram.”

He also served as a Union Minister during Rajiv Gandhi’s stint as Prime Minister.

In 1991, he pipped the then Haryana Congress chief Birender Singh to the post to become the Chief Minister, allegedly through “manipulations.”

Political analysts say his proximity to the late Prime Minister, P.V. Narasimha Rao, ultimately proved to be his undoing. The Congress headed by Bhajan Lal suffered its worst-ever electoral debacle in Haryana in the 1996 polls. He was gradually sidelined in the Congress with the emergence of Bhupinder Singh Hooda in the post-1986 scenario.

However, he was appointed president of the Haryana unit of the Congress a few years later and the 2005 Assembly polls were fought under his leadership. Though the Congress won a sizeable number of seats, his hopes of becoming Chief Minister for a third term were dashed when the powers that be anointed Mr. Hooda as the Chief Minister.

His son Chander Mohan, is the former Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana state in India.

He was dismissed from the State Cabinet for his prolonged absence from the office and resurfaced after marrying Anuradha Bali alias Fiza, conversion was merely to facilitate a legal second marriage, as Hindus/Sikhs are not allowed multiple marriages in India. Some Muslim clerics protested the misuse of the tenets of Islam for “a marriage of convenience”.

On 29 January 2009, Mohan left Ms. Bali, claiming that he still loved his first wife and his children and wanted to reunite with them. He is believed to have moved to the Haryana city of Gurgaon at that time.

He converted back to Hinduism and was readmitted to the Bishnoi community at a brief ceremony held at the Bishnoi Mandir in Hisar on 28 July 2009 in presence of religious leaders.

Ms. Bali is a former Assistant Advocate General of Haryana who left her employment to marry Mohan in December 2008.She was found dead, apparently having committed suicide, on 6 August 2012. She was cremated on 7 August 2012 in Chandigarh according to Hindu rites by her relatives.

His second son was not liked by his own party and than he was seen only as a member of legislative assembly of Haryana. The Buta Singh, ex cabinet minister had alleged him on orchestrating the killings of 32 innocent Sikhs in Hondh-Chillad village near Riwari and then he used his influence to wipe it out.  The news of more killings in Pataudi were received and cases of rapes with Sikh girls were also reported from Pataudi but he never took any action against the guilty. Buta Singh ji also alleged that he (Bhajan Lal)  created enmity in Sikhs and the central govt. as it was noticed in Asiad games in 1982 when some Sikh youths got killed on his behest in a fake encounter by Haryana Police near Karnal  who were on the way from Punjab to Delhi for watching games.

During his rule in Haryana he carried atrocities on Sikhs and violated human rites. The Asiad games which were being held in Delhi in November 1982, Bhajan lal had announced that the Sikhs going to see these games and passing via haryana be searched thoroughly to make sure if they were terrorists or not? Sikhs were humiliated badly and they were harassed at every checkpost to be humiliated. The former foreign minister Swaran singh, Retired Chief Air Marshal Arjun Singh, Retired Lieutinent General Jagjit Singh Arora also had to face this humility. Even then it was never condemned by central govt or state govt or by journalists raised their voice against such humility.  No Sikh leader of Congress resigned in protest.  If a conclusion is made on this brutality and humility, it can be described in one line that the Sikhs are slaves in this nation and their voice of justice shall never be heard but ignored.

His own hands were also stained by blood as he himself had ordered to kill them in fake encounters. He had placed orders to his Police officers in Haryana to trim the beards of Sikh youths from one side. He is also alleged of attacking on several Gurudwaras by his men.

Bhajan Lal–he is the man who turned his loyalty to Indira with all his assembly members. He is only responsible person for massacre of Sikhs in running trains and buses in Haryana in 1984.

He sent the police recruits from Madhubani to kill Sikhs. These recruits were supplied equal size of Iron rods and the creamy fuel which is often used by the cooks to warm food dishes, it was to rub on bodies of Sikhs and set on fire. Once it’s ignited, it can’t be fused.

These recruits were then taken to Sikh localities by Haryana Roadways buses. In clashes with Sikhs some of these recruits too lost their lives but their dead bodies were frisked away by their colleagues as the instructions were their to not to leave any clue behind.

I was told by my Maasi ji (Aunty) who hide herself from these gangsters at Kirti Nagar-West Delhi. She told me that if any Hindu was killed or fell down, he was carried away in a hand pulled cart (Wheel barrow) to unknown place by their colleagues.

If an independent inquiry is held and number of recruits before and after the genocide is counted, many missing policemen can be traced. Those could never be deployed on duty but number of dead can be checked from records. Is there any such agency available…?


The valor of Sikhs when they were attacked at a Gurudwara in Haryana;

(As told by a sevadar from Gurdwara Nanaksar)

It was during the 1984 Sikh genocide.  I was at that time living in Gurdwara Nanaksar in Haryana. There were 7 other sewadars in the Gurdwara. Trouble started brewing early in the morning. We noticed about 50 young men gathering outside a few hundred metres away from the Gurdwara Sahib. We didn’t really pay too much attention to them.

By noon, the group had turned into a rowdy crowd of about 300. We became quite concerned at that point. Our telephone wires had been cut, so there really was not much we could do. But we were still in chardi kala.

At about 3 pm, a truck driven by a Singh was driving by the crowd when the crowd attacked it. The Singh gave up the truck and ran to the Gurdwara. Some gundas overtook him and injured him but he, being a strong man, managed to escape. Still, he was quite bloody/injured when he came in. That increased our number to 9. The number outside had increased to about 500 by evening. They were very loud and obnoxious by now.

We tried to ignore them and began our evening diwan at 6 pm. But as the darkness approached, the rabble become more and more bold. In fact, soon they started stoning the Gurdwara. We stopped the evening programme and placed all the Guru Granth Sahib jees in the safest place possible.

At 7.30 pm it was very dark and the rabble became so bold that they put fire to the Gurdwara’s gate. It hit us then how serious the situation was. We soon would be killed!

Our jathedar gathered us and said, “Khalsa jee, the Khalsa has faced worse situations then this. The Khalsa has gone through two holocasts but the Khalsa lives and will live in freedom forever! Khalsa jee, the Khalsa has never given up and will never give up. The enemy stands outside. There are 500 hundred, we are 9 but remember Guru Gobind Singh jee has made each of us equivalent to sava-lakh (125,000)! Khalsa jee, get prepared to fight!”

He said this with so much josh and bir ras that our body hair stood on their ends. Even though I had been seriously ill for the past 3 months, I too was ready to fight.The jathedar then told us that we must make two groups. The first group of five will go out first and fight the enemy. The the rest (4) can go later. Everybody agreed. Jathedar Sahib then chose 4 other pyares. I was not chosen, most probably due to my illness.

The five put on the uniform of the Khalsa. Then the jathedar sahib did ardas to Guru Gobind Singh jee saying, “Pita jee, dear father,, we are coming to your land. Please prepare for us!”

Then five of them took out their kirpans and with BOLE SO NEHAAL! SAT SRI AKAL! BOLE SO NEHAAL! SAT SRI AKAL! filling the air, came out the face the enemy. You will not believe what happened then. Seeing 5 Khalsa in the uniform of Guru Gobind Singh jee, the rabble of 500 ran away It was as if 5 lions were chasing 500 hyenas away!

One of the Singhs managed to cut off a running man’s ear. The Khalsa’s victory was sweet.”

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru…

Just as an epilogue, some police officers had the gall to come a few days later to investigate the ear injury!!!! But this was so ridiculous and the Singhs were in such high spirits that the police had to leave without even a bribe.


Lalit Maken

                                       Lalit Makan

             In the year of 1984, He was elected to the Lok Sabha, a directly elected member of the Parliament of India from south Delhi of India. He was a metropolitan councilor prior to his election to Parliament of India. He was an extremely promising young politician and a popular trade union leader.

Harjinder Singh “Jinda” and Sukhdev Singh Sukha along with Ranjit Singh Gill gunned down Congress (I) Member of Parliament Lalit Makan on 31 July 1985, when he was moving towards his car parked across the road from his house in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. The three assailants continued firing even as Maken ran towards his house for cover. Maken’s wife Geetanjali (who was the daughter of late President of India Sh. Shankar Dayal Sharma) and a visitor, Balkishan, were also caught in the firing. The assailants escaped on their scooters. Lalit Maken was considered to be involved in the killings of innocent Sikhs during 1984 Sikh genocide. In a 31-page booklet titled ‘“Who are the guilty”, People’s union for the Liberties (PUCL) listed 227 people who led the mobs, which killed up to 3,000 Sikhs over three days. Lalit Maken’s name was third on the list. A press report has indicated that someone named Bakshish Singh was also involved along with Jinda in this assassination. Ranjit Singh “Gill” was arrested by Interpol in New Jersey, USA on 14 May 1987, a federal magistrate approved his extradition on 6 February 1988 and he was deported back to India in February 2000 after lengthy legal cases and was sentenced to life imprisonment on 24 February 2003. Finally his life sentence was commuted on 20 May 2009.

His wife was killed in attempts to save her husband. Her wife Geetanjali was the daughter of late President of India Sh. Shankar Dayal Sharma.

He was seen in his Ambassador car  at Azadpur where he was leading a mob, he was inciting to  mob to set on fire the shops of Sikhs. (With kind courtesy from “Doshi Kaun” and in English “Who is guilty”]


Arjan Das

Arjan Das    

             We do not have much information on his role in Sikh genocide but he was certainly involved in it. He was shot dead to avenge killings of innocent Sikhs in Delhi. Arjan das was a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi. Arjan Dass’s name appeared in various affidavits submitted by innocent Sikh victims to Nanawati Commission which was headed by Justice G.T.Nanawati, retired Judge of the Supreme Court of India.

As per a news published in Gazette-Post on 5th September 1985, he was shot dead by three Sikh gumen in broad day light in Delhi. His bodyguard was also killed and six other wounded in this indiscriminate firing by Machine gun. Slain Arjan das was a prominent politician and a good friend of Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi. His name had appeared in 16 tainted leaders of Congress who actively played a key role in Sikh genocide in Delhi in 1984. This book was published by PUCL and PUDF soon after the pogrom of Delhi in 1984. The book ‘DOSHI KAUN’ in Hindi and ‘WHO ARE THE GUILTY’ published by these organizations were confiscated immediately by a govt. order but by then it had been sold in thousands. You can view it’s English version at  this website

The above picture is taken from a newspaper  ^ “Montreal Gazette Sept 5 1985”.


Dharmdas Shastri

             “….was a top politician of Indian National congress’. He was a member of Parliament from Karol bagh area of Delhi. He was seen carrying the list to identify homes of Sikhs in 1984 Skh genocide. He was seen along with Mahendra Kumar, Metropolitan member and Mangat Ram, a member of Municipal Council from ward no. 32. The Jain-Agrawal probe committee in 1993, had approved action against him on leading mob and incitation.

Note: We did try our best to find a picture of this sinner but we couldn’t avail it but if we find, we must paste in our next edition.

On November 5, Mr. Dharmadas Shastri went to the Karol Bagh police station to protest against police “misbehavior” with those who were found in possession of looted property as those were his people. (INDIAN EXPRESS, November 6, 1984). Mr. Shastri however dismissed the report as false.

But a journalist Sanjay Suri reported that he witnessed Dharmdas Shastri in a scuffle with Police commissioner Amod Kanth, Hukam Chand Jatav was accompanying him who was superior to Amod Kanth. He also writes that SHO of the said police station had come out by saying whenever the Police try to do some good work, these leaders do not allow. It was his compulsion.

At this Sanjay suri questioned Hukam Chand Jatav on this issue and inquired him about this incident happened in Police station but Jatav denied it whereas Sanjay suri himself witnessed it and heard their conversation.As per the govt. records, the toll of dead had crossed 3000.

The copy of affidavit submitted by Sardar Surjit Singh s/o Sardar Santokh Singh, age 46 years, r/o 16-B Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005……..

“On 5th November 1984, he went to Police station Karol Bagh along with his brothers Pritpal Singh and Jaswant Singh who are the residents of 8, Bhamri Mention. There he saw the MP Dharmdas Sahstri who was abusing the SHO and persuading him to release his party activists who were detained by him in said Police station. He shouted loudly and said that the Police officer should know that he was Dharam das Shastri.  When the SHO told him his compulsion in not release of those detained activists, the Shastri caught hold him of his neck and abused. He also saw several people who were detained in Police station”.

We have more faith on Sardar surjit Singh because he is victim of 1984, and whatever he watched in the Karol bagh police station by his own eyes is described in this affidavit, the same agony he said in his testimony before Misra commission.  Almost similar stories were published in the news papers on same day. Sanjay Suri was a good friend of Rajiv Gandhi but even then he reported truth.

 This post shall continue to reveal the truth of Sikh genocide 1984 on involvement of govt. machinary, its administration, ministers and the Prime Minister himself i.e from Bottom to Top, so please keep watching whole month of October or until it ends in November sometime.

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