India 1984 – when it backstabbed & betrayed with Sikh nation (Post-1).

Indira-the bitch dead

Assassination of Indira Gandhi


Radio BBC announced a news on 31st October 1984 that Indira was no more, she had been assassinated by her two Sikh body guards and a clean shaved person to-day in the morning in a shoot out at her residence.

It was easy to know that there were two Sikhs in her assassination but the Indian security agencies are silent till date about the identity of this third clean shaved person?

The Indian embassies all over the world were informed by a telex message at 11.00 am that two Sikhs and a clean shaved person was involved in assassination of Indira Gandhi. The identity of these two Sikh persons was disclosed but who was that third person? Why any official information of his identity is never revealed? This question  was raised at number one in its list of questionnaire, consisting 38 questions sent to Nanavati commission formed officially on 08-05-2000 to probe on Sikh riots by former justice R S Narula of Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Both these Sikh body guards were Beant Singh and Satwant Singh. Both were from Delhi police. Beant Singh was a Sub-Inspector and he was appointed in security staff of Indira Gandhi since 1980. Satwant Singh was a new recruit. And only a few days ago, he was transferred in the security staff of Indira Gandhi. Beant Singh shot from his service revolver whereas Satwant Singh fired from his carbine. There is not any oficial information available on this third person involved in assassination.

We have found another evidence in a website …….

 Assassination of Indira Gandhi

It also reveals that there were three assassins who killed Indira Gandhi and all these three were her bodyguards

After killing Indira Gandhi on the spot, both these assassins handed over themselves to other security staff personals on duty. They were then taken into custody by ITBP (INDO TIBETAN BORDER POLICE) personals. Without any protest, both of them surrendered and spoke in a loud voice …”we have done whatever we wanted to do, now you do whatever you want to do”. But the ITBP staff lost their patience on looking Indira fallen on ground and in a pool of blood, they opened fire on both of these unarmed men who were in their custody. Beant Singh was killed on the spot whereas Satwant Singh received bullets in his backbone and was seriously injured but alive. They were actually killed to wipe out the evidences of involvement of other influential persons in this assassination, the third clean shaved person was given the opportunity to run away from the spot.

So far his identity is not disclosed.

A former President of USA—the John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald arrested that evening, was accused of the crime but was shot and killed by Jack Ruby two days later, before a trial could take place. The FBI and the  Warren Commission officially concluded that Oswald was the lone assassin. However, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) concluded that those investigations were flawed and that Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. Thus all the hooks of the chain of evidences in assassination were wiped out.

Indira Gandhi was herself master to wipe out evidences. Once she called the main branch of State Bank of India at Parliament Street in Delhi. The call was made to the Chief cashier Mr. Malhotra. He was asked to pay Rs. 50 lacs (Five million) at once without completion of any formality. He was also informed of a person who was to visit there and to collect the money. He was Major Nagarwala. He arrived, collected the said amount and left.

Now this Major Nagarwala had disappeared. When Indira didn’t receive the cash, she called again and when she was informed of the person had collected money. She disconnected the phone. Now a FIR was lodged in police, when she was asked if she had demanded the money, as per the expectations, she refused of having any such information or of any such demand of money or to made any call to bank. Now police begun in search of Major Nagarwala.

It was propagated that somebody practiced to speak in her voice and he/she had cheated the bank.

After the search of few days, Major Nagarwala was arrested. He had hidden some money in a spare Tyre of a scooter whereas he had no scooter. He was tortured, ultimately due to torture of police one day he wished to record his statement in the Court next day but unfortunately he had a cardiac arrest on the same night and died. His statement could never be recorded. He was killed in Police Lock-up.

The investigation of this case was given to a Sub-inspector DD Kashyap. After a few days, his motor cycle was collided with his departmental jeep and he died in this accident.

The driver of this said police Jeep was also died after a few days, thus all the chain evidences were destroyed. Now there was nothing to held Indira guilty of her involvement in this scandal. So the Indian National Congress was fully aware of this game to wipe out chain of evidences.

Hence an attempt was made on lives of both assassinators of Indira Gandhi to wipe out the involvement of others or any influential person. Beant Singh was martyred on the spot but Satwant Singh was seriously injured but alive. Police couldn’t get much information from him as he was only provoked by Beant Singh and was not a main organizer in this assassination.

 Indira Gandhi was very upset in her last four days of her life. She was feared of her death. This is evident from her last speech given in Bhuvneshwar (Odissa). And then she feared the same with the Governer BN Pande in her supper hosted in her honor. All these thoughts kept on swirling in her mind until she didn’t come back to Delhi on 30th October. She was not a religious lady so she couldn’t regret on her wrong deeds.

She had appointed her loyal officers on higher posts in administration and in police. She prepared a diabolical plan to eliminate Sikhs in India with the help of these loyal officers appointed by her. She had come to know that Sikhs are very religious people and they give a higher importance to religion in their life. She had already experienced this by army attack on the sanctum sactorum place of Sikh religion in early June the same year on martyrdom day of fifth Guru of Sikh religion. She knew Sikhs pay a visit to Gurudwaras with their families on the important days of Sikh faith and are generally unarmed and negligent, careless of any attack upon them. They generally keep their traditional weapons at home and could easily be targeted and killed, they shall not be able to retaliate. So she drafted a dangerous plan (Code name-Operation Shanti) to kill Sikhs on coming birth day of founder of Sikh religion—Guru Nanak Dev ji which was falling on 8th November in 1984.

According to this plan, the border districts of Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Batala, Sri Ganganagar etc. the Sikh dominated areas were to be hit by air strikes of Indian Air Force and she could hit two targets with one arrow, the false propaganda department of India– the All India Radio and the Door Darshan TV Channel had to air the news of attack by Pakistan and then to provoke Hindus that Sikhs have supported Pakistan and are favoring this attack. And then the murders of Sikhs in every village and town of India were to be started.

Beant Singh, who was a sub-inspector in Delhi Police and was posted in security staff of Indira Gandhi, somehow came to know about this dangerous plan. To save the Sikhs from defamation and black-spot of treachery on the forehead of Sikh nation, he decided to destroy the root cause. To fail this plan, he took Satwant Singh in his plan.

On 31st October at 8.30 in the morning, Beant Singh pumped his all the six bullets in the abdomen of Indira Gandhi and then ordered Satwant Singh to open fire. He too emptied the magazine of his service weapon and pumped all the 28 bullets  in the chest and abdomen of Indira leaving no chance of her survival. Though only one bullet could be sufficient to take her life if aimed at her head but she was being followed by 5-6 persons and they didn’t want to take life of any other innocent person as the fire could miss the target and hit someone else. Therefore they pumped all the bullets in her chest and abdomen only. They were sure that Indira might be without her bullet proof jacket on that day. Satwant Singh had already been given instructions by Beant Singh to be careful as no bullet should hit Dhawan as he was his close friend. Dhawan was also walking with Indira on that day. This was the only reason as no other person was hit in this firing other then a police officer who received bullets as he tried to save Indira who was following her. This precaution was taken by both these brave men.

After firing on Indira and killing her, they threw away their empty weapons and shouted loudly, “we have done whatever we wanted to do, now you do whatever you want to”.

The BBC correspondent SatishJacob was on his way, it was only co-incidence that he passed though Safdarjang Road in front of Indira’s residence that day, he noticed some unfamiliar movements that day. He saw an Ambassador Car moved fast from the gate and he could only see the face of Indira lying in the Car and Sonia Gandhi holding her. He immediately turned his scooter and chased the car. The fast moving car then entered in All India Medical Institute. By the time Jacob could reach there, she had already been taken to operation theater. Now he used his sharp brain of an investigative reporter and shot an arrow in dark by asking the attendant there, “How is she now? Is she alright?” He got a prompt reply as expected, “ She is not fine, she has received bullets”.

By getting this news, he immediately booked a trunk call to his London office and requested the operator to connect soon. He also gave his identity as a Press reporter and requested for an urgent call. His request was accepted and connected to his London office. He forwarded the whole information to BBC office which immediately aired it on Radio and its TV Channels.

On that day, Peter Ustinov was there at 8.30 in the morning to shoot a documentary film on Indira Gandhi, he was given the time t 8.30 am. Indira had begun to dress up before his visit. Her hair designer Kishan Nigam was already present in her dressing room. But soon a message sent by Peter Ustinov was received that his time of appointment may be delayed as his staff had not arrived. It was re-scheduled to 9.20 am.

Now at this given time at 9.20 A M.

Indira moved out of her residence and walked towards her office in adjoining building 1, Akbar road which was connected through a small gate from her residence.  Satwant Singh was on guard duty (Saintry duty) at that gate on that day, Beant Singh too had managed to shift his duty at the same gate on that day. So both were on their duty there on that day.

As Indira Gandhi approached at the gate,  Beant Singh took out his service revolver and took her on it’s aim. She was amused and asked him, “Beant what are you doing?” instead of any answer Beant Singh fired from his service revolver and pumped all six bullets in her abdomen. Then he shout and ordered Satwant Singh to open fire. He too opened fire from his service weapon and pierced the abdomen and chest of Indira by inserting all the 28 bullets from his service weapon. It was like he was mesmerized and obeyed blindly the orders of Beant singh.

Here peter Ustinov also comes under doubts. Whether his request to postpone the time of shooting was just a co-incidence or preplanned as part of game? So far no evidence is found to establish his involvement.

Both the assassins then surrendered themselves to the other guards presented there on duty after they had killed Indira and threw away their empty weapons. An attempt on their lives was also made by security staff by firing on these unarmed captives who were already in their custody. Both of them received bullet shots. Beant Singh got martyred on the spot whereas Satwant Singh was seriously injured. Though he was treated at All India Medical Institute but doctors deliberately left a bullet in his back-bone which always teased him. Neither he could sleep well nor he could walk easily.

♣ One day when all his requests to remove the bullet were turned down and he couldn’t bear the pain. He inserted his finger in the wound and took out that bullet himself. Doctors were amazed to see his courage.

 Historical bulleof Satwant Singht

The bullet then was sent to his home by Satwant Singh which is kept as a memoire of brave man.

The brave Satwant Singh never pleaded mercy in any court of law or from President of India. In a statement given in court, he said valiantly that if he is given hundred more births, he will be happy to die gracefully by avenging the attack on sanctum sactorum of his Sikh religion by killing the person responsible for attack. He was executed on 6th January 1989 at Tihar jail along with another Sikh Inspector Kihar singh who was also executed on charges of conspiracy. In fact Kihar Singh was innocent and had no role in conspiracy or the assassination of Indira Gandhi. He was just framed on a fabricated story of conspiracy by Police. He was friend of Beant Singh and a religious Sikh. He encouraged Beant Singh to initiate into Khalsa by taking Amrit at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and he accompanied him in this ceremony. He was punished for encouraging Beant Singh to be a Khalsa.


Bhai Satwant Singh was kept in Tihar jail in Delhi. His family and his fiancée, Bibi Surinder kaur were only allowed to meet him 3 times. The bullet near his spine was still causing him great pain. The authorities would not allow doctors to see him. So one day he used his own finger nail to cut his skin and remove the bullet. After the bullet was removed, he regained his health and was in a state of Chardi Kala (High spirit).

The authorities witnessing his better health and shining face, thought of new methods to affect him and his family. They stopped his fiancée from visiting him, stating that she can only visit once they have married. Bibi Surinder Kaur decided she would marry a photo of Satwant Singh, so that they could not use this excuse. Their relatives were unhappy with this decision. Bhai Satwant Singh`s father, Sardar Tarlok Singh stated, “Dear daughter, we will marry you to our youngest son Swaran Singh. The Khalsa Panth has had to deal with this brutal Indian Government. How can you ever expect any justice from such a brutal regime? Even courts are just pawns in the hands of Rajiv Gandhi. There is no hope that Satwant Singh will ever be free!”

Bibi Surinder kaur replied, “Bapu ji, a woman only ever loves one man. I have already accepted Satwant Singh as my beloved husband. He is my husband, and I am his wife. That is how it shall remain. The brother of Satwant Singh, will be my brother.”

Bibi Surinder kaur`s father, Sardar Virsa Singh said, “Daughter, if you do not change your decision to marry the photo of Satwant Singh, then I will commit suicide by taking poison!”

Bibi Surinder Kaur replied, “Dear Father ji, Gurbani states, Marran Lekiaee Mandal Mae Ayee, every person has their death written by Akaal Purkh Waheguru before they are born on this earth. Waheguru has already written your last breath, and in the same way the decision on my marriage to Satwant Singh cannot change either. If it is written that he is going to die by hanging, then that will happen also. I am ready to face whatever comes my way in the future. Until my last breath, I will never let any stain come on respect due to the dastaar of Satwant Singh, your dastaar father, and the dastaar of my father-in-law.”

It was now the year 1988, the role of Siri Akal Thakht Jathedar was held by the dubious Jasvir Singh Rode. Due to the fact that Bibi Surinder Kaur would not change her mind to marry the photo of Satwant Singh, both families decided to take her to the Jathedar so he could convince her. Jasvir Singh said to her, “Bibi, do not rush to make such a big decision. There is no hope that the authorities will not give Satwant Singh a sentence of hanging. So do not make such a big life decision, without thinking it through…”

Bibi Surinder kaur replied, “Singh Sahib ji, you are right. The authorities will give Satwant Singh the hangmans noose. Both our families had decided to marry me and Satwant Singh. Due to Satwant Singh not getting holidays, the wedding was delayed at the last moment. However if Satwant Singh killed Indira Gandhi after our marriage, then he would have been sentenced to hanging as well. I, as Satwant Singhs wife would have had to see every hard time in the future. My husband, Satwant Singh did a Great and brave task! The integrity of the Sikh Nation, its dastaar, was ripped off by Indira Gandhi and she stamped on it with her feet in June 1984. My husband took the dastaar of the Sikh Nation and replaced it on its head. Even in my worst dreams, I could never turn my back on such a Great man. It can never happen! I have accepted Satwant Singh as my husband. I will never let a stain come on his Dastaar. I will spend my whole life as the widow of Satwant Singh!”

Bibi Surinder kaur wedding pic.

A historical picture of wedding ceremony of Surinder Kaur marrying with the picture of Satwant Singh as he was lodged in Jail.

Akal Thakht Jathedar Jasvir Singh Rode said to both fathers of Satwant Singh and Bibi Surinder Kaur, that due to the strength of will of Bibi Surinder kaur, we should allow her to marry the photo of Satwant Singh, in the presence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji. According to the hukam of Singh Sahib, on 2nd May 1988, Satwant Singhs father, Bapu Tarlok Singh, his mother, elder brother and wife, left their house with a picture of Satwant Singh for the house of Sardar Virsa Singh. In the presence of Sahib Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji, Bibi Surinder kaur married the photo of Satwant Singh. In the afternoon, the Doli of Bibi Surinder kaur left the residence of Sardar Virsa Singh for the house of Bhai Satwant Singh.

But the security agencies of India are tight lipped since then about this third clean shaved person. Possibly if it’s revealed in future but the chances are that the evidence of his involvement may be destroyed forever.

Post shall continue whole month of October, one post shall be published daily on Sikh genocide-1984.

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 Ajmer kesri

By:- Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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