India 1984 – when it backstabbed & betrayed with Sikh nation (Post-3).


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Disgusting attempt by congress to avenge death of Indira from Sikhs:


There were headlines in newspaper next day on attack and death of Indira and then newly sworn in Prime Minister of India—the Rajiv Gandhi but there was not any news of any untoward incident of attack on any Sikh in any part of India. Though on the left first column of Hindi Hindustan, there was a short news of disturbance and some clashes with Sikhs in outer Delhi and Ghaziabad but no report of any killing of Sikhs.


Then what went wrong and the reason of pogrom in Delhi the next day which was organized by the then congress govt.?


The Delhi Door Darshan TV aired the news of arrival of congress leaders and workers from all parts of India to Delhi. In the evening, I noticed a news in which these congressmen were directed to go back to their constituencies and districts to maintain peace and harmony in both the communities.


I was amazed to see this news as I had not received any news of disturbance from anywhere. Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were roaming in markets without any fear. I didn’t see any feared person though I was moving in market in my hometown at Dehra Dun but it was all calm and quite. Markets got closed a bit early in the evening but people were still roaming in streets and markets and were trying to get more news. Late in the evening at 7 o’clock, I was going through a bye lane at Chakrata Road with my cousin when we noticed a gathering of about 200-250 people on busy road. Someone among the crowd threw a stone upon us, we stopped and watched towards crowd but nothing happened and we returned to our home safely.


Rajiv Gandhi had arrived in Delhi and President Giani Zail Singh was not in India. There was not any such leader to control the situation as there was no President and not the Prime Minister. People were confused and in suspense.


The hidden agenda behind the call to send back the leaders and workers of congress to their respected constituencies was revealed next day only when reports of attack on lives of Sikhs and loot of their property started to receive in. In fact these congressmen were directed to kill Sikhs mercilessly after their return to their constituencies, loot their houses and to set their moveable and immoveable properties on fire and to disrespect their women.


Statistics 1984 

                    The statistics of Sikh genocide in Delhi


Statics 1984 byNavkiran Singh

These statistics are provided by the famous advocate and activist of LFHRI Sardar Navkiran Singih ji.


 Statistics 1984-1

These are the statistics collected in between 1984-1994, these also proves the casualities of Sikhs massacred in genocide is disclosed to 20,000 which is found similar with other statistics.


 Data of states 1984

 False data on death toll of Sikhs in India was issued to show very less number of Sikhs killed in genocide of 1984. The evidence of its falseness proves from the death toll in Delhi which is now 2733 on govt. records is shown as only 1605.


 And the atrocities continued against Sikhs;


Though the sun was bright on 1st Nov of 1984 but it had brought the darkness with it. Whatever was going to be happened to-day, a blackspot on nation’s forehead none other then by it’s own children—the Indians who had the duty to protect it but today were going to dishonor it in streets.


It had happened centuries ago also when Taimur lang conquered Delhi and massacred all it’s residents. But to-day his descendent Rajiv Gandhi had organized massacre of only one community—the Sikh community whose two members assassinated his mother Indira Gandhi—former Prime minister of India responsible for invasion to Golden temple.


The day broke and the pet goons (miscreants) of Congress came out on streetsas death squads —they had been assured of their security. The Indian administration, Police, Council of Ministers, Parliamentarians, Ministry of Home Affairs all provided full help and co-operation to these goons. These goons who were Hindus by religion had been provided list of Sikh homes, their business establishment, taxi stand and their other business centers, by the Ministers and counselers of the area.


Now these death squads were on road to target Sikhs, wherever they found a Sikh, he was caught, poured kerosene or any inflammable substance before he was set on fire alive. Their vehicles were torched, their females were molested or raped too. Such tyrannies are done only by Hindus, earlier Muslims threatened and offered wealth, women for conversion to Islam but they never molested or raped women but the brave Aryans (so called Hindus) had crossed all limits to shame humanity. The dance of evil forces and death could be seen everywhere. The sobbing Sikh women were raped on dead bodies of their husbands, brothers or other male members of  their families killed. Such was neither heard before nor seen—I am sure the soul of Taimur Lung also must have ashamed upon himself  to see this but these Hindu goons were far ahead in humiliating humanity.


The dead body of Indira Gandhi was kept at Teen Moorti Bhawan to be paid last homage by public Which was also the official residence of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Now it’s a museum. People had made a long queue to pay tribute to their beloved leader. The newly sworn in Prime Minister of India shri Rajiv Gandhi who was also elder son of late PM Indira Gandhi was himself present there. And the cine star Amitabh Bacchan was also seen with him. He was a close friend of Gandhi family so there was nothing strange to see him present there. But the appeal he made to this nation was enough to stun everyone.


A team of Door Darshan had already been called there at Teen Murti Bhawan for him. When camera crew had finished all preparation, Amitabh was called and incited the Hindus of this nation in his famous angry image to spill blood of Sikhs. His appeal was like this ….KHOON KA BADLA KHOON means BLOOD IS AVENGED BY BLOOD and also said that the blood drops should reach to homes of those who killed mother Indira.


So Amitabh Bacchan was the first person to incite the Hindus of this nation against Sikhs on govt. owned and sponsored  the only TV Channel of India, the Door Darshan. He made a direct appeal of blood of Sikhs. The other Congress leaders of Delhi like Hari Kishan Lal Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish tytler, Kamal Nath, Dharm Daas Shastri, Lalit Makan etc were alike thos dogs who bark and bite in their own area, similarly these leaders too killed the Sikhs in their own constituencies only. These leaders killed the innocent Sikhs with the help of local Jaats, Gurjars and Balmikis community but the credit to spread violence throughout India goes to Amitabh Bacchan only.


The Amitabh Bacchan was alleged of provocation to kill the Sikhs publically by a senior judge, former Chief justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court Sardar RS Narula who in his complaint to Nanavati commission.

The Government of Delhi State has, by a Notification dated May 08, 2000, assigned to Justice Nanavati all matters relating to the 1984 massacre of Sikhs. Here are some key Questions for the Commission.


He asked the 4th & 5th question in his questionnaire of 38 questions as ;

  1. Who was the clearly visible and identifiable man who continued to be shown on the Doordarshan television throughout the first part of October 31-Nov. 1 night (standing at the threshold of the room where lay the dead body of Indira Gandhi for public view) shouting: “Sardar Qaum ke ghaddar” and “Khoon ka Badla Khoon” – openly inciting spilling of Sikh blood.


(Ans. It was Amitabh Bacchan)

  1. Why no action has been taken against that man, till date, for openly spreading disaffection between communities and provoking bloodshed of identifiable persons ?


We have explained it openly that this easily recognizable person was Amitabh Bacchan, a cine actor of Bollywood.  Justice Narula being a justice was abided by certain oaths so he directly couldn’t open his mouth to reveal his name but we clearly reveal his identity in public. Justice Narula ask in his 4th question (written above) alleging this person.


People may say that the maternal grand father of this Amitabh bacchan was also a Sikh and his mother Teji Bacchan was a lso belonged to a Sikh family but they forget that this lady Teji bacchan had left Sikh religion by violating 10th Guru’s order by marrying outside of her religion and since than she was a Kaystha lady. She had good friendship with Indira from Alahabad. Indira used her influence to get him (Amitabh) a role in a movie ‘Saat Hindustani” produced by Khwaza Ahmad Abbas. She herself wrote a letter approaching Abbas to give him a role.
Now the time was to re-pay debts of Indira family. Thus he (Amitabh) appeared live on TV Door Darshan and incited Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs. Due to his provocation, the violence was spread throughout India and more than 20,000 innocent Sikhs were butchered brutally on roads. All the evidences of his involvement were either removed or destroyed. The Door Darshan has it’s video clips but it refuse to give it’s copy. I tried to obtain but I was denied by Door Darshan.


appeal to DD

My application to demand the video clippings from Door Darshan-Delhi.



Reply from DD 

The reply from Door Darshan, in this reply Door Darshan has expressed my application as vague and that it could not trace. The said clippings were shown to prosecution in Jagdish Tytler case by order of Supreme Court of India. The prosecution demanded the same clippings to see the role of Jagdish tytler on 01-11-1984.


I myself filed a Public Interest Litigation in Delhi High court against Amitabh bacchan on his role of incitement  to Hindus against Sikhs, to create enmity in two peaceful communities, and to provoke Hindus by raising hatred slogans on Door Darshan aired intermittently for three days. I appealed to open the case but a Hindu judge Man Mohan Kumar refused it to be accepted. Then I pasted whole material relevant to this petition and allegations on Amitabh bacchans were pasted on net to expose his disgusting face in whole world. You can view whole Court proceeding in this blog at 


I have also pasted my statement on net so that in case of any attempt on my life through his influence or his approach in high ups if a get killed, even then the world may read the truth. Kindly read my statement at :


Sardar Tarlochan Sngh member Parliament had alleged in Parliament to the late Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and Amitabh bacchan of their role in orchestrating Sikh genocide 1984. It’s video clip can be seen at


This Post shall continue whole month of October, one post shall be published daily on Sikh genocide-1984. Next post will be published tomorrow on 3-10-14.

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Ajmer kesri

By:- Ajmer Singh Randhwa.




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