Meet the alleged serial rapist monk of India.

Would you love to worship him and allow female members of your family to pay a visit to his Dera?


Meet the alleged serial rapist and killer, head of Dera Sirsa sect also known as Dera Saccha sauda, to which Sach (truth) is not visible to it’s blind followers. The report of such allegations were made before President of India, the PM, judges of Supreme court and High Courts etc. by a female disciple but even then this man roams free.

Note: He (Gurmeet Ram Rahim) is called serial rapist because a female disciple of her cult alleged rape of 50 female disciples by him in a written compliant.

Though a Court case is going on against him in a CBI Court which declared him guilty but he is never arrested as central and state govt. eye on his large vote bank of blind followers.

This must be noted that these allegations are not any gossips but made by female disciple of Dera. The smoke is visible so fire also would be there. see full report here;

The disclosure of rape of a female disciple was brought in notice of public by a news published in a news paper ‘PURA SACH’, in which the allegations were made by an anonymous letter written to the President, Prime Minister,Chief Ministers of Haryana and Punjab, Judges of high courts of Haryana and Punjab, Supreme court, DGP of Haryana by a female disciple that she and about 50 other females disciples were raped by Baba Ram Rahim Singh in premises of Dera Saccha Sauda, Hissar.

Soon after this news was published the journalist Ram Chandra Chatrapati was killed. The case was handed over to CBI,j ust by that time another follower of the Dera, Ranjit Singh was also killed. This aroused the suspense and the father of the deceased clearly raised his finger upon Baba Ram Rahim. He directly alleged him of murdering his son, CBI included this murder case also in it’s list.CBI did not give any clean chit to Baba means that they consider him guilty and have some proves against Baba.

A statement of Khatta Singh, (the driver of Baba Ram Rahim Singh)was recorded by a hidden camera, by the team of Tahalka and India TV in a sting operation for CBI which proves the allegations made by the female devotee and confirms the murders with the consent of Baba’s in the case.

After one year again on 20th June 08, one more Sikh devotee was killed in Bombay (Mumbai), in shoot out by body-guards of Baba, which paralyzed the normal life in Bombay and surrounding areas.

Akal Takhat had called for the social boycott of Dera chief and his followers after the said incidents stated above.


Picture courtesy: Dainik Bhaskar, Ambala, Haryana, India.

Commissioner of Police, Ambala, Panchkula, Haryana has confirmed arrest of a Sikh youth Amrinder Singh Khalsa for copy – paste of a picture of Gurmeet Ram Rahim of Dera Sirsa.


This is sheer injustice as copying or share a picture from net is not any offence, if offence is committed, then the police should go on source. Why to arrest Sikh youth, whether to pacify Gurmeet ram rahim? If so,this is most shameful act where a serial rapist and killer is allowed to raom free but the action is taken against those who expose it.

In the said picture Gurmeet Ram Rahim is shown bowing in feet of a great saint of 20th century Sant Jarnail Singh ji bhindranwala. Sant JSB was protector of honor of women of all faiths but this head of Dear Sirsa dishonors, molest, rape, kill her disciples in Dera and not arrested because he has large number of blind followers as vote bank.

I enlarged this picture to view clearly. Though i do not like to post any picture of any rapist as they always cause disrespect to honor of ladyship of a woman. They deserve to be scolded and arrested for their crime against humanity but in India they are worship by millions like we witnessed Asa Ram Bapu. the large vote bank protects them from clutches of law.

This man Gurmeet Ram Rahim who is seen bowing (imagination of artist) in the feet of great saint of 20th century Saint Jarnail Singh ji bhindranwala is shown at his true place because had Sant ji been alived, this man would have met his fate. Sant ji was very much against dishonoring a woman whereas this shit Gurmeet Ram Rahim is not only rapist but alleged of murder of those women who exposed him.

He is never arrested for his crime but whether by not his arrest the gravity of his crime reduces?


A Court case against him on rape and murder is already being heard in a Court of CBI. He was held guilty but not punished yet.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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