Guru Nanak at Mecca and historical evidence on turning of Kaaba


Evidence from Bhai Gurdas ji di war, writer of Sri Guru granth Sahib ji.

Dr. Zakir Naik once questioned and objected on turning of Kaaba by Guru Nanak ji. (Many others also object and say that non Muslims could never enter Mecca but they forget in 16th century, it was a desrted town and Guru Nanak ji was in guise of Muslim.

I may clear his doubts and all other curios readers that Kaaba has also turned thrice not only once  before visit of Guru Nanak ji.

An eyewitness account based on the diary of an Arabic writer who accompanied him

 Babania Kahania – Translator’s Note

During Guru Nanak’s journeys in the Middle East, a local author, Taajudin Naqshabandhi, joined Guru Nanak and remained with him for roughly one-and-a-half to two years. Taajudin documented his time with Guru Nanak in great detail. Four centuries later, a young man from Kashmir, Syed Mushtaq Hussain, chanced upon Taajudin’s handwritten manuscript while studying to become an Islamic scholar. This manuscript changed Mushtaq’s life. He converted to Sikhism and went on to become the renowned Sant Syed Prithipal Singh.

 In the absence of any facility available for copying the book in facsimile, Mushtaq Hussain took notes from Taajudin’s manuscript. He also took notes from another book, Twarikh-e-Arab, written by Khwaja Jainul Abdin, a Muslim author who also accompanied Guru Nanak during his travels to Mecca. Mushtaq’s notes later formed the basis of the Punjabi book,

Khwaja Jainul Abdin, the author of Tarikhe Arab, wrote the first-person account of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Arabian journey. In his Arabic book, he writes, “I was with Guru Nanak Dev Ji when Guru Ji met Qazi (an Islamic religious judge) Rukn-ud-din.” As they came face-to-face, Rukn-ud-din offered his Salam, and the Guru replied, “Sat Shri Akal, Gurbar Akal” (The Lord immortal is the sole truth; the all-powerful timeless God). Rukn-ud-din asked, “Fala Alla Mazahbu,” meaning “which religion do you belong to?” The response was, “Abdulla Allah La Mazahabu,” meaning “I am God’s servant; I have no religion.”

Guru Nanak at Mekka

When Guru Nanak was sleeping near Kaaba, his feet were in direction to Kaaba. The attendents when noticed, they informed Qazi Rukunudin. He came there and pushed a kick in waste of Baba Nanak and asked, “who is this infidel (Kafir) sleeping by keeping his feet towards god’s home? At this the Guru replied,” I am an old man and tired. I do not know which side Alalh lives. kindly turn feet where Allah doesn’t reside.”

At this the Qazi hold his feet and turned his body but he was surprized to see that in whichever direction he turned feet of guru, the Kaaba was also turned.


Bhai Gurdas ji gives account of visit of Baba Nanak at Mecca.

His sixth sense immediately warned him that this man is no ordinary person. And then he bowed before Guru Nanak.

Guru Nanak at Mekka-1

Many Muslims take offense with the reference that Jeevan (Qazi Rukunudin) saw the Kaaba move as he moved Guru Nanak’s feet to point them in a direction away from Kaaba. They claim that this could not have happened. However, there are many famous references in Islam which talk about the Kaaba moving.

1*****Hazrat Iban writes in his book Fatuhat Makih that he saw the Kaaba rise to crush him when he thought inappropriate thoughts about the Kaaba during the Hajj (Israr Shariat, part 2, page 74)

2*****Rabia, when passing through a forest on her way to the Hajj for the second time, saw the Kaaba coming towards her to welcome her. Rabia said, I was hoping to see God. I have no need for God’s house. If he were to walk towards me a length of a hand, I will advance a yard towards him. What do I do with the Kaaba? This doesn’t please me.

3*****Hazrat Ibrahim Azam went to Mecca, and was surprised to see the Kaaba missing. He thought his eyesight was failing him. He heard a voice which said, “there is nothing wrong with your eyesight, the Kaaba has gone to welcome a lady who is too feeble to walk to the Hajj” (Tazkiratul Awliayah, page 62).

I may remind you that When Mohammad Sahib was proclaimed to be the last prophet, his wife Aisha protested and said to people, “say that he is the ‘seal of prophets’ but do not say there is no prophet after him.”

♣….About a  Hindu devotee Bhagat Namdev, it’s said that when he recited Lord’s name and turned his face in any direction, the DEODI, entrance of temple turned towards that direction wherever he turned his face.

A holy hymn in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji narrates this historical evidence as JION JION NAAMA HAR GUN UCHRE BHAGAT JNA KAO DEHURA PHIRE !!

♣…..AND IN RAMAYANA, THE MOTHER SITA WHEN CRIED AND PRAYED TO MOTHER EARTH, a gorge was suddenly appeared, Sita entered in it and then it disappeared. That also proves that the nature is under control of Prophets/devotees or the Godman and works at their will.

Presented by :-

Ajmer kesri

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


35 Responses to “Guru Nanak at Mecca and historical evidence on turning of Kaaba”

  1. manjitsingh matharoo Says:

    very fine work (sewa) done by you most respected and brave Sikh scholar !!

  2. Gurinderpal Singh Josan Says:

    Excellent work ji, Guru mehar kare…

  3. Gurpreet Singh Says:

    not only kabba move but also when Bhagat Naam devji was pushed out of the temple. The temple moved 180 degrees to face Bhagat Naam Devji

    • asrandhawa Says:

      Thanks for reminding me one more evidence from Gurbani that any such sacred place can move to welcome nirankaar.
      My regards and guru fateh!



  5. Jaspreet Singh Says:

    Very nicely understand in simple and easly way to read Punjabi THANKs…. For ur afforts …

  6. kskhu Says:

    Even Moslems can’t turn the Kaaba around

    • asrandhawa Says:

      This is not possible for an ordinary person but not impossible for a God’s man. Guru Nanak was himself almighty God. The Kaaba thus welcomed the master. But as you claim that Moslems can’t turn, it has already been explained in this blog as it already replaced from its original place thrice before visit of Guru Nanak ji.

    • faizan Says:

      *spelt Muslim and no we can’t we are only human but I respect all religions and I believe god can do anything for certain people

  7. Jas Johal Says:

    With all due respect.. Guru Nanak never once claimed .. in scholarly text or reference He was God. He was a Guru and a teacher of God’s name… The movement of the Kabba is what’s considered a Miracle which goes against the Sikh teaching of idolism and supernatural apparitions.. a lot of the early stories seem extremely hypocritical to me personally and I feel are metaphorical rather than Fact. Just my opinion, not to offend anyone.

    • asrandhawa Says:

      Agreed but where i or anybody calls Guru Nanak ji as God? but you are certainly wrong as life of Guru Nanak is full of miraclees, Just read any janamsakhi and see it yourself.
      In Islam the conditions to be called a Nabi or Paiganbar is defined as follows;
      1- Karamatun, means he should be able to do miracles,
      2- kitabun, means he should have a book of holy hymnes or the words of God, and
      3- Umatun, means he should have large number of believers in him.
      ਪੈਗੰਬਰ ਦੀ ਪਛਾਣ ਤਿੰਨ ਚੀਜ਼ਾਂ ਸਦਕਾ ਹੁੰਦੀ ਹੈ, ‘ਰੱਬੀ ਬਾਣੀ ਦੀ ਕਿਤਾਬ, ਚਮਤਕਾਰ ਕਰਣ ਦੀ ਤਾਕ਼ਤ ਅਤੇ ਚੇਲੇ!’
      Do the Guru Naanak not fulfill these conditions? It’s the reason he was honored by Peer Dastgir and a gurudwara is built in Baghdad (Iraq) o commemorate visit of Guru Nanak and his meeting with Peer Bahlol (Dastgeer).

  8. Raj. A. Pillai Says:

    Absolutely fascinating story. It says Mushtaq Hussain took notes from Taajudin’s original manuscript. I’d like to know if the notes have survived through time and whether they have been translated into English and if they’re available? Can anyone please enlighten me. Thank you.

  9. Karanjit Singh Says:

    Beautifully written, an amazing piece of history which will remain with me forever and a piece of history that will be taught to my children when they are older.

    • asrandhawa Says:

      Thanks karanjit Singh ji, my aim to translate it in punjabi was meant the same. It’s an eye witness recorded kept in Library of Medina University which takes me in lotus feet of nirankar. I find no words to express my gratitude, just amazed to read this article. Waheguru may always bless your family.

  10. Manjoat Says:

    Would you happen to know if the original manuscripts of Siyahto Baba Nanak Fakir and Twarikh-e-Arab, are still available and where. If the original are available have the been translated? Thank you.

    • asrandhawa Says:

      Thanks for your comment, as per this translation from the article written by Principal Syaed singh Bedi ji, the manuscripts were translated by him, i translated this from english to Punjab.But if you too have, please inform. Or please call me 0091-9818610698.(New Delhi).
      My regrads.

  11. Hash111 Says:

    The narrations you have taken such as that of raabia are totally false and it was more of sufism rather than islam no muslim believes in that what she said. Sufism has no place in islam. And brother what you are referring as famous references are not at all islam. Islam only teaches what the quran says and what the hadees of the prophet is. Anything which goes against these two have no place place in islam so brother kindly correct your knowledge about islam

  12. lakhbir Says:

    I love that t

  13. Very beautiful | Karma Lane Says:

    […] […]

  14. hardip singh badhan Says:

    Dhan dhan guru nanak dev ji ,naam japo kirat karo vandh shako

  15. Shamer Says:

    Guru nanak ask to move his feet were god is not there, so when his feet turn,kaaba also move. It shows that god is everywhere, we cannot limit god where He will not be somewhere or what. No big deal, eventhough the kaaba moved, its just a direction for us to pay. Seriously, no big deal.

    • asrandhawa Says:

      Through this incident of turning kaaba and the conversation in between Maulwis and Guru Nanak, Guru Nanak successfully gave this message that God is everywhere not sitting at one place.

  16. Haris Bin Ashraf Says:

    Sir, with all due respect.. You must know that the authentic sources of Islam are only Quran and Hadith (true narrations of sayings and acts of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The books you have mentioned i.e. Israr-e-shariyat and all have been written by common people and cannot be considered authentic with regards to religion.

    • asrandhawa Says:

      Dear Haris Bin Asraf; Hadiths and Qoran were written before 1200 years ago but Guru Nanak visite Mecca 550 years ago only. How could there be any mention of his visit in these religious books? This evidence from said book is historical evidence not the religious. For your kind information, authenticated evidences of his visit and turning of Kaaba to welcome him, are avilable in Sikh manuscripts.

    • Nur Says:

      You are so true sir…
      Out of sudden why now everyone is bringing up this issue.. ?it’s is clearly stated in Quran about Kaabah… as a muslim we must respect all the religions. But this statement given is purely false. No evidence.. just like a storybook.. enough of having alot of issue about religions globally… stop creating a new issue as it will course unnecessary debates n prob.. thank you

      • asrandhawa Says:

        Mr. Nur, I am a Sikh and whatever evidences provided in article are either provided from Sikh history through authanticated sources or revealed by Muslim scholars. I don’t mind if a debate starts. Every word written in this blog are written with utmost care and truthfully to the best of my knowledge. Foolish are those who are biased and wear glasses f relegion colored in fanatism
        Thanks for visiting the blog and for your valuable comment.

  17. Mohinder Singh Chana Says:

    Very instring research be good to have a documentary film on this subject

  18. Anilraj Singh Says:

    After doing some raincheck around with some very well versed souls (with all due respect to your effort veerji), probably the logical conclusion, whereby the point to be noted herr is those who heard Guru ji in their minds saw the move as a change of thought. If all had seen the Kaaba move, it wud have been the end of Islam, as all would have converted, no?

    • asrandhawa Says:

      Sorry for a late reply as i missed your comment. You might be aware of preaching of Gita at Kurukshetra where Sri Krishna preaches divine knowledge to Arjun in battlefield. Don’t forget they were standing in the middle of both armies. none heard Sri krishna other than Arjun only.
      Sanjay could hear it and described to Dhritrahtra sitting 100 miles away at Hastinapur.
      Sanjay was blessed so he could hear but why nobody else in battlefield hear the preaching of Gita? And nobody fought until the preaching was not over as time was made to hault? Is it possoble?
      So Mr. Anilraj Singh ji, had others also heard, the battle in Kauravas and Pandavas would have not fought, both could be blessed by this divine knowledge why only Arjun was benefitted? Why Lord Krishna was kind upon him?
      So whatever happened at Mecca and why islam not stopped, might be known to Guru Nanak. If he could turn the Kaaba, made the attackers statues or if he could go anywhere at his will,m he could end the Islam also but he preached Muslims also in Guru Granth sahib ji to be a true Muslim.
      Gurus were not against any race or religion but preached that almighty Akal Purakh or the Allah is not bound at one place only but he is everywhere so by turning kaaba, he proved it.

      • Ali Says:

        You have provided references as you have said that those reference are from Muslims scholar. …can you justify these references and please provide proof of references and proof of existence of Muslim scholar mentioned above.

      • asrandhawa Says:

        Mr. Ali, Either search the said documents in Medina university or go to heaven to meet the scholar there.The answer is already in the article, read it number of times and see yourself but can’t say if your biased mind will accept it.

  19. Jashan Says:

    Non-muslims were not allowed to enter in Mecca and also non-hindus were not allowed to enter Jagannath Temple.
    But Sarab-kala samrath Baba Nanak entered both the places.


    Yes no doubt others may not accept it but surely it’s a fact.

  21. Lucky Kaur Says:

    Amazing post! You have shared some wonderful information here. Guru Nanak ji was one of the most inspirational guru all over the world. Celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti is a day to honor him.
    Lucky Kaur

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